B. E. VIDth Semester Computer Engineering Examination VISUAL PROGRAMMING TECHNIQUES Paper-CSE456-C

Time allowed: 3 hours Note: Attempt any five questions. 1. (a)
(b) 2. (a)

Maximum Marks: 100

Discuss various tools ~'V:>ihj-,lC i:~ I'!)I: f~' VB dliO YC++. 10 Discuss about various components ofYC ++. 10 What are MFCs ? Justify their need. Write name of some of MFC alongwith their purpose. 10 What is device content? How you can create a device content? Also discuss role of device content in YC++.



10 What do you understand by Application window, main window object, view object and document object ? Also discuss their significance. Also write a program in YC++ to create Multiple views of a document object. 20

4. (a)
(b )

What is dialog box ? Discuss its function. Write steps to create a Dialog Box with Button :001 in VC++. 15 What are menus? Discuss their rf"[' if!. Gt~I applications. Write a YC++ program to handle mouse event. Also discuss event handler mechanism in YC++ . Discuss the purpose of Check Box, Radio Button and Combo bOx. 20


5. (a)


644-700 P-2 (Q-8) (04)

(2) 6.


Discuss File handling Mechanism supported by Visual C++. lllustrate it with the help of example. 20 Discuss Database connectivity in Visual Basic. 10 What is OLE? Justify its significance. How we can create a VC++Program with OLE item? Discuss the mechanism with the help of example. 10 Write a VC++ Program to create Active X Control. Also discuss the steps. 10

7. (a) (b)

8. {a}

(b) How we can write Internet Program using Visual Basic? 10 Discuss.


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