why not?
L&M energy plan to use fracking to extract gas from inland Canterbury. Internationally fracking has caused severe environmental damage and with our pristine drinking water, the stakes are high. We must prevent fracking.

1. Fluid is pumped down a well 98% water / 2% chemicals

2. Fluid passes through small holes, breaking and fracturing the rock

3. Gas is released from the rock and is collected up the well

Why not?
       Canterbury’s stretched water resource cannot sustain the 10 million litres required per well Millions of litres of toxic wastewater could contaminate streams and rivers Well pipes can get damaged, leaking toxic chemicals into our aquifers (drinking water) Earthquakes are still happening - earthquakes greatly increase the risk of well damage and leaks Both the British and American geological surveys agree fracking can cause earthquakes New Zealand’s 100% pure image would be poured even further down the drain Others agree fracking is not worth it - France, New South Wales and New Jersey have banned it

why not?

What must happen
 Our Government should put a moratorium on fracking - effectively banning it  Public consultation should be mandatory before permits can be granted to explore and prospect for gas, oil and other resources

why not?

What you can do
    Ring, e-mail or write to your local MPs and councillors Vote against parties that will allow fracking Attend protests or rallies against fracking Write an opinion piece to your local paper

why not?

 For more information or to get more involved Join the facebook group “Say No to Fracking and Drilling South Island”

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