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#Dys156 Chat

#Dys156 Chat

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Published by: dyscultured on Oct 20, 2011
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* acurrie has changed the topic to: #dys156 records.... NOW. <acurrie> heyo <anth> so...

considering Shane's away and Mike's on sabbatical, I'm hoping Andre w shows up on Skype instead of just the chat. <anth> :-P * acurrie nods at anth, cheryl, jeffg <acurrie> oh, right... <anth> Show notes here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/69509662/Dys156-Show-Notes * Bootprint (Mibbit@ZeroNode-pj8cg0.cable.teksavvy.com) has joined #dyscultured <Cheryl> heh. hey all. * AlexLinux (Mibbit@ZeroNode-q47.cpo.116.206.IP) has joined #dyscultured <AlexLinux> I'M USING XUBUNTU <AlexLinux> #openopenopen <acurrie> xubuntu? nice <AlexLinux> ^^ Good tag, eh? ;) * Bootprint has quit ([ZN] Quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") <acurrie> is we live? audio-wise? * Bootprint (Mibbit@ZeroNode-pj8cg0.cable.teksavvy.com) has joined #dyscultured <AlexLinux> Not yet...... <acurrie> hullo bootprint <acurrie> and alexlinux * wiseman (Adium@ZeroNode-lhekmg.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #dyscultured * ChanServ sets mode +q #dyscultured wiseman * ChanServ gives channel operator status to wiseman <acurrie> working on the live stream * Bootprint has quit ([ZN] Quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") <anth> stream's a-coming <anth> let us go * bootprint (Mibbit@ZeroNode-pj8cg0.cable.teksavvy.com) has joined #dyscultured <AlexLinux> I'm not using Virtualbox, either, acurrie. Partition all the way. :) <acurrie> better : P <jeffyG> :) <AlexLinux> 1 sec, switching to IRC * AlexLinux has quit ([ZN] Quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") <wiseman> we can be heard yes ? <jeffyG> i hear * toma (Mibbit@ZeroNode-big.j1l.205.74.IP) has joined #dyscultured <Cheryl> hear you :) * alex (alex@ZeroNode-q47.cpo.116.206.IP) has joined #dyscultured * Henshaw (Mibbit@ZeroNode-uqj57v.gv.shawcable.net) has joined #dyscultured <alex> There. in IRC client <Cheryl> I'll do my best. <anth> http://www.cbc.radio-canada.ca/media/facts/20111018.shtml <Henshaw> West Coast Representin!!! <Cheryl> Is wiseman joining in the chat too or is it the Anth and Andrew show to night? <acurrie> mr. wiseman is definitely there <acurrie> here <acurrie> man, already drunk <Cheryl> that crash was the definition of "gnarly" and not in a Bill & Ted way. <alex> Laptop harvesting <Cheryl> NOT HERE! <Cheryl> it's not even prime time on the West Coast. <alex> Lolz * alex is now known as Alex * realmichaelm (Mibbit@ZeroNode-d5nh20.dsl.teksavvy.com) has joined #dyscultured <jeffyG> at one of the 1% i did #occupycouch in the weekend <Cheryl> hehe <Alex> My inbox is always at zero because no one loves me <Cheryl> Alex your inbox is at zero because you are a spam ninja and you protect

your tweets <Alex> Nooo! I don't <Cheryl> you do not protect your tweets? <Alex> Nope <Cheryl> quel suprise! <anth> http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/web-links-dont-constitute-de famation-supreme-court-rules/article2206256/ <Cheryl> +1 Andrew for anthem <Alex> I am disappoint, supreme court <Cheryl> I just had the same thought. "Proud Hyperlinker" <Alex> GIMP pwns ass <Cheryl> Oooh, bumper sticker, "My kid is a hyperlinker" <Alex> Modest, acurrie <Cheryl> tame. * heywood (Mibbit@ZeroNode-sm1tjk.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #dyscultured <Alex> heywood - you're on Bell? My condolences. <jeffyG> brainless retweeting is what happens anytime @unmarketing tweets <wiseman> http://www.liberal.ca/newsroom/news-release/liberals-oppose-conservat ives-unbalanced-touch-copyright-legislation/, from the Timmy's at Rideau Mall. <Alex> It's probably a domain paid for by the government and free hosting. <Alex> :P <Cheryl> german cyber sausage is totally the show title. <Cheryl> also goes well with the hotlinked erect penis. <Alex> LOL <acurrie> i'm sorry but i can't take my eyes off of this... <acurrie> http://www.calgaryherald.com/entertainment/Selena+Gomez+performs+Saddl edome/5564409/story.html <acurrie> (thumbnailed in the story we're talking about) <Cheryl> sigh. <Alex> ... <wiseman> http://www.calgaryherald.com/entertainment/Score+Hockey+Musical+score s+film+fest+awards/5563801/story.html? That can't be right... * Shanebee (Mibbit@ZeroNode-c05.lcf.198.74.IP) has joined #dyscultured <Alex> Heyyyy <Cheryl> you din't owe that film bupkiss. <heywood> mmmmm....nice Mr. Wiseman <jeffyG> is it in 3D? <Alex> I damn hope so <Shanebee> Living it up at the #shatnertour, mofos! <Alex> Bragger <wiseman> Limp Bizkit frontman http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.ne t/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=164635&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed &utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blabbermouth+(Blabbermouth.net's+Daily+Headlines). Why not ? <Shanebee> Have no idea what your talking about but nothing is more important th an the #shatnertour!! <Cheryl> SHANE WHY U NOT SPEAKING? <anth> shane not here <wiseman> hey shane <wiseman> didnt see you ? <jeffyG> no mathew perry who sucks..cant act out of a paper bag <Cheryl> so who is shanebee? * bonghitter (Mibbit@ZeroNode-ct0cv5.cable.rogers.com) has joined #dyscultured <wiseman> or andrew as shane? <Alex> Shane's at some stupid concert thing of Shatner rapping. He's bragging ab out it <Alex> :P <Cheryl> ahhh <Cheryl> thanks Alex. <Alex> He's going to kill me for that

<heywood> hmmm...the shats...boobies....shats....boobies... ??? both are impo rtant but in different categories <anth> http://edit.hollywoodreporter.com/news/entertainment-one-developing-educa ted-pervert-248360 * ShatnerRules (Mibbit@ZeroNode-c05.lcf.198.74.IP) has joined #dyscultured <Alex> Pfft, shatnerrules <wiseman> Jesse Brown's http://www.tv-eh.com/2011/10/13/hbo-canada-developing-t he-educated-pervert/? <ShatnerRules> All hail, the Shatner! <heywood> We are not worthy! <ShatnerRules> And pox on mibbit dropping me! <bonghitter> pot calling the kettle black <bootprint> sun tv has viewers ? <ShatnerRules> His tshirt says "holy shat!" <heywood> the cart pulling the black horse a pot??? <anth> http://www.cbc.radio-canada.ca/media/facts/20111018.shtml * Shanebee has quit ([ZN] Quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") <Cheryl> I met shatner once. He's better than boobs... but it's a close call. <Alex> lol <heywood> @ShatnerRules.. you mean 'God's' T-shirt right? <ShatnerRules> Anyway have good show and see you all next week. Moobs! <ShatnerRules> Mr. Shatner Moobs! * ShatnerRules has quit ([ZN] Quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") <wiseman> Official Android app https://market.android.com/details?id=com.netfli x.mediaclient&feature=search_result! <heywood> @Cheryl... you bathed in his 'holy' light.. surly you are blessed.... <jeffyG> android apps will play on the new playbooks!!!!!!! i am just saying!! <Alex> Because RIM's technology fails!! so they have to support a real platform! ! <Alex> ;) <jeffyG> oh did i mention the kindle app plays in the new playbook 2? <Cheryl> @heywood yes, but I got chastised by friends for not checking out the C aptain's Log. :o <Cheryl> TMI acurrie!! <Cheryl> TMI TMI TIM * jpli18 (Mibbit@ZeroNode-lp84s3.cable.teksavvy.com) has joined #dyscultured <Cheryl> Netflix of the people! <wiseman> Much better than http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2394621,00.asp% 22%20%5Cl%20%22bid=a7nSB4Sk1XX, too... <jeffyG> you want to watch netfix on a 7" tablet? its barly ok my 51" 3D TV <heywood> haa!! Cheryl.. didn't get him out of his boots.. <Alex> acurrie -- want the password? ;) http://twitter.com/#!/flaccidpenis69 <wiseman> Zomg, http://www.mobilegazette.com/samsung-galaxy-nexus-11x10x19.htm! !1! <wiseman> An-droid... And-droid... <wiseman> Zomg, http://www.mobilegazette.com/samsung-galaxy-nexus-11x10x19.htm! !1! <wiseman> Mmm, http://www.techradar.com/news/mobile-computing/android-4-0-ice-c ream-sandwich-everything-you-need-to-know-954464... <wiseman> http://mobilesyrup.com/2011/10/18/googles-andy-rubin-says-canada-will -get-the-galaxy-nexus-in-november/, in all its (hopefully) unlocked glory. <heywood> hmm... 404 error on that link wiseman.. <wiseman> the nexus http://www.mobilegazette.com/samsung-galaxy-nexus-11x10x19.h tm <Alex> acurrie just made me hard. <Alex> I will look into that Nexus <jpli18> ew. :P <Alex> No offence, jpli18 <jpli18> haha... ;) <Alex> ;)

<jpli18> i logged in when all this penis talk started... <Alex> OH GOD NERD GASM FLC <Alex> FLAC <Alex> FLAC <Alex> Haha <jpli18> hai. <jpli18> i love it. :) muiu <jpli18> no no, miui <Alex> FLAC ROM MOD <jpli18> Pretty. <jpli18> i dunno, im a girl. <Alex> Loll <Alex> How much is the Nexus running for? <Alex> Something unlocked sounds nice. <Cheryl> (brb) <wiseman> throwing Andrew a bone â ¦ http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/dogs-protesting-ag ainst-wall-street <heywood> isn't it kinda pricy?? <jeffyG> i cant wait to run all those android apps on my playbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <Alex> Apple products are idiot-proof. Android is more for the power-user. <heywood> sorry jeffyG... so so sorry... <realmichaelm> i don't have time to tincker any more, i love apple <Henshaw> I want Vardy to phone in and yell "Linux-Linux-Linux" <heywood> i'm an Apple fan boy but i do really appreciate the Android stuff.. <wiseman> "http://www.businessweek.com/news/2011-10-18/rim-unveils-new-operatin g-system-to-challenge-apple-google.html..." <jpli18> .................... oh anthony. <acurrie> get ready to correct me, jeff <wiseman> So http://www.engadget.com/2011/10/18/research-in-motion-announces-bb x-combines-the-best-of-blackber/, then? <jeffyG> BBX FTW!!!1 <jeffyG> so what...apple did the same thing <heywood> POSIX was old when i was young.... and i'm old.. <jeffyG> so apple can release an dev only product but RIM can't? <Alex> Yes. <Alex> :P <jpli18> i can live without my bb. :) i can say that now, @acurrie <acurrie> dev only product...? <jeffyG> the playbook had great hardware..doesn't need a refresh <bonghitter> dont count rim out just yet <jeffyG> apple stock dropped too..only the beginning under tim cook <bonghitter> playbook is great, just no native email and lack of apps <heywood> that's why i've heard of it from my distant past.. it's a Stallman cal led it POSIX.. it'sIEEE-IX <jeffyG> with the new OS there will be tons of new apps including all android ap ps <heywood> that post didn't sound coherent.. i mean Stallman called IEEE-IX POSI X... <jeffyG> so that lack of app myth is no longer <heywood> i can feel eye's glazing over can't I? <wiseman> http://mobilesyrup.com/2011/10/14/video-iphone-4s-lineups-in-canada/? <heywood> 'S's' are cool.. <jpli18> resell. <jeffyG> lines up yes..but they didnt sell as many as they wanted...stock droppe d <heywood> line-up's are cool... kinda like 'Wrath of Kahan' line-up in 1984.. or 'The Empire Strikes Back' line-up in 1982.. :) <wiseman> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1382396/Workers-Chinese-Applefactories-forced-sign-pledges-commit-suicide.html <heywood> i think i got those line-ups backward..

<jeffyG> i gotta run. nice apple bashing and RIM loving with you all :) <jeffyG> see you all next week!! <acurrie> peace out jeff <wiseman> Let's all take a moment to remember http://techcrunch.com/2011/10/13/ father-of-c-and-unix-dennis-ritchie-passes-away-at-age-70/. <heywood> RIP Mr.Ritchie... <Alex> Let's see, what <Alex> Hmm, what's built with C.... Oh yeah, EVERYTHING. <heywood> didn't he write 'The C programming language' book? <heywood> www = unix <bonghitter> cheers <heywood> I think Bill Gates has a first edition of his works.. <Alex> cheers <heywood> cheers! <jpli18> *aaaaah* <jpli18> pewpew! <wiseman> Pew Pew! <wiseman> Because we're still not over http://www.geekwire.com/2011/bill-gatesdue-testify. <wiseman> "http://www.torontosun.com/2011/10/18/iphone-leads-to-idivorce..." <wiseman> Abu Dhabians can't drive http://www.bgr.com/2011/10/17/traffic-accide nts-plunged-during-blackberry-outage/. <wiseman> http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2011/10/12/bc-nd p-privacy-breach.html... <wiseman> http://techcrunch.com/2011/10/15/are-facebook-id-cards-in-our-future/ ? No thanks. <wiseman> This week's obligatory http://www.joblo.com/movie-news/transformers-4 -and-5-to-shoot-back-to-back-jason-statham-sought-for-lead. <heywood> what? Gates! lawsuit? Gates? <Alex> At least the political system is quick to respond to these cases. * jeffyG has quit ([ZN] Quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") <Cheryl> gotta bolt guys... thanks for the giggles :) <Alex> Shits and giggles <heywood> aren't the 'Gulf States' the road skating centres of the world? <wiseman> http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2011/10/12/bc-nd p-privacy-breach.html... <acurrie> see ya cheryl! <acurrie> too late..? <heywood> bye Cheryl! <wiseman> we are like â ¦ on time for us <wiseman> http://techcrunch.com/2011/10/15/are-facebook-id-cards-in-our-future/ ? No thanks. <heywood> i'm surprised they actually haven't done that before.. it is a giant c ompany after all.. <Alex> Pew pew <Alex> Facebook sucks balls <heywood> no... please.. no more Transformers... <Henshaw> They want Jason Statham because there's too much film of Shia LeBoeuf getting his ass kicked by bar patrons in Vancouver. <heywood> Transformers = CGI nightmare.. * Cheryl has quit ([ZN] Quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") <heywood> that was the problem with Transformers since the 2nd movie.. you could n't care less about the story or characters .. they need writers if they want to make another movie <jpli18> <... pretends to listen to vardy's vent.. > <acurrie> w00t chatters! <jpli18> hai. :) <jpli18> west-side! <bonghitter> clapclap <heywood> Yea Wiseman!!

<jpli18> Go Ryan! <wiseman> thanks all <realmichaelm> Later all <jpli18> Go acurrie! * realmichaelm has quit ([ZN] Quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") <heywood> awesome Mr.Currie! <jpli18> ??? <jpli18> go anthony! <heywood> all praise the Shats! <acurrie> I think i just shats... <jpli18> ew <jpli18> you shats and you have a cat! (i rhyme!) <heywood> nobody 'just shats' <jpli18> ... RYGUY! <wiseman> the MIndy <Alex> acurrie - gPodder or CastRoller? <acurrie> gpodder!!! <Alex> THANS <Alex> THNKS <Alex> Already installed. gotta love Ubuntu Software Centre <heywood> good show guys.. * acurrie bows <wiseman> thanks all <heywood> night all <jpli18> bye guys! <Henshaw> Thanks guys! <bonghitter> later all * bonghitter has quit ([ZN] Quit: "http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") <anth> night all <Alex> as he picked up his hammer and saw <heywood> next week.. same 'bat' time... same 'bat' channel... <Alex> 'Night

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