Hi my name is Yolanda Romero Joaqui!

I’m going to talk about my life and my experiences in these 12 years old My father was living here in Bogotá, but my mother was traveling since Popayan to Bogotá, she was living in the house where my father was living too. My first sister was born; my parents decided the perfect moment (when, where and how?) and 9 months after in a day beautiful with sun, my little sister was born. I was born in the 29 September 1998 at 6:45 p.m, I was a short, fat and precious baby every one said”oh my god that baby more precious! “. My father and my mother were taking care of me every day. They were playing with me; they were special but the most important for them loved me. When I was 4 months old I was sitting up, then I began to walk when I was 8 months old but my mother said that in my life was not crawling because I want to walk fast. Then I was growing, my parents went to swimming pool and this was my first time that I swam pool to my first years old. Then every years celebrated my birthday and my sister birthday when pass my first travel to the grandfather’s farm this was a new experience for me. At 3 years old my parents baptized me this day was very happy for everyone in my family because I was with God. At 4 years old my father was giving my first bike I was very happy and this day I learnt to ride my bike too this year I was going to the garden but I was sad because I was not with my mother.

At 5 years old I was going to my first class in the Gimnasio los Sauces School very good school where I learnt enough with all my teachers, and 7 years after I still studying and I have many experiences every day. The last year I did my first communion, my father bought a new bike in Christmas and my family was giving many presents too. This year my sister was with me always my father and my mother too.