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U4 Ar ti-Corruption Resc:jrce Centre


addition to the aforesaid organszatxons. foior -etworks were organized to assist the ob)ectrovs . '.ations Convention Against Corruption (UNC.AC) Camden Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network 2. Commonwealth Network of Contact Persons
3. Corruption H unters N ork etw

= tionally- desigene e b th h i d y e =
nvention w so as
front agai nst the

4. European Judicial Network S. Hemispheric Information Exchange Netw 4

Assistance in Criminal Matters and Extrac
Organization of American States

'here-.Ameriican !egai Assistance h__,'.cr►
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countries and stashed in banking sectors of th

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repared under the aegis -f Stolen A ssets Recce

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