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Brief Introduction to Sikhism

Brief Introduction to Sikhism

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Published by: toshaak on Oct 20, 2011
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Answer: - The human soul is a part of the universal all-embracing
soul or consciousness. Like sparks arising from the fire or the
waves arising from the ocean, the human soul emanates from God
at His Will and after serving its assigned duty merges back into
Him. As water in the well, in the ocean or in the clouds has the
same composition and the same properties so have all souls the
same attributes. Having assumed the material body, the soul has
got unduly attached to the pleasures of the flesh and thus
developed different likes, dislikes, failings and propensities
connected with the flesh. This accounts for the perceptible human
differences and the universality of the human soul remains
clouded from the human eye.

When human beings learn to serve God and always keep His
presence in mind, act in His Will and to His glory, then they
develop the Godly traits of love, service, humility, gentleness,
courage and honesty. Having developed these qualities, the
devotee yearns and deserves His Grace, which unites him with
God. This process becomes very simple and easy under the expert
guidance of the Guru who, by example and precept, awakens true
spiritual vision in the heart of the devotee, frees him from ego,
dispels his ignorance and unites him with the Lord.

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