Scope and Limitations of the Study

The scope of the study involves the time & money spent, the tools/materials and techniques used, and the number of personnel needed for the experiment to be completed. The estimated time range of the experiment from the extraction of the peelings of Dayap to the final outcome of the product ranges from a minimum time of 4 hours to 48 hours depending on the quantity of the oil extracted. (Maximum of 100 liters) The general budget for this experiment ranges from a minimum amount of 500 pesos (includes raw materials and equipments) to a maximum amount of 1500 pesos which depends on the amount of oil to be extracted. Equipments can be made from other recyclable materials which can be found on homes or to the international grade of equipments. The tools needed for this experiment are source of flame (gas burners, alcohol burners, etc.), beaker, stirring rod, tongs, wire gauze, graduated measuring cups or graduated cylinder, pipette, stand for the beaker, spatulas, manual or mechanical grinder, large Petri dish, evaporating dishes, funnel, tongs, and wide mouth bottle. The general materials needed are peelings of dayap and water. Techniques involve performing the correct method in order for the laboratory apparatuses to work according to their use and common techniques like grinding, transferring, measuring, etc. This experiment needs human force from a minimum number of 2 – 10 personnel.

Limitations of the Study
The study is limited only to the extraction of dayap peelings as an additive in perfume making. Its limitations are those events, things, etc. that are outside of the scope of this study.

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