Legal Terminology Glossary English / Arabic


Legal Terminology Glossary English / Arabic A
Abandonment of litigation Acceptance Access and security parameters Acceptance of service Acknowledge (serve) parties of submission of the expert’s report Acknowledge (serve) the indebted Acknowledge amendments to writ of demands Acknowledgement Acknowledgment of receipt Administer oath Administrative capacity Administrative guidelines Administrative judiciary Admission of Liability Adverse possession Advise committee Affirm cause of action Affirm judgment Aggravating factors Alternative analysis Alternative Dispute Resolution Ambit American judicial system Amicable settlement Annotation Anti-dumping duties Apparent ownership Appeal process Appealable Appealable case Appear before the court Appearance of parties Appraiser Arbitration Archives Department Articles of commercial and civil laws $%&'()* +,.&/0 1%2* 3454678* 9:;< ,=,>7)* ?@A&B C&'()* 9:;< CDEF)* 9:;< 34/EJ)* G=KL- $M6NH GHIB 9:;< 9:;< .&H&)* OE; 16F6)* PE8 QA*?R* QS4MT UA*?* G6)? UA*?* S4V0 1=K)* A*,0< W)4% X) Y6) A4>; QZ468 QA&[F)* $\]) U&;K)* .&/0 $6^D_ $F`N% 1% A?4H aB4b O`8 K6=IQ?K[% c@,d G^*K/)* G6EN34;Z4\F)* G8 G^*KB ?@K8 UK% ,e4Jf h`=,%2* S4V>)* C4if $=?@ $=&j,6jMe*,kR* $Nl4`% C&bA $L^4m $6`E% c4\n7b* 3*S*,_* c4\n7bR* D^4_ $MfI7j% $6V0 $F`NF)* C4%o ,V8 c*,52* A&V8 1Fp% O6`NqMN)* OE0 UA4]7)* @ hfKF)* 9&f4>)* ?*&%


Ascertainment of death, “Determination” Assault Assess Assessment and ratification of final fees Assisting agencies Associated degree Assume responsibilities Axiological method

Q4l&)* 34/u< S*K7;* O6>= $6^4v\)* C&b,)* ?4F7;* @ ,=K>$f@4L% 34v_ wb&7% Gxy% 346)&nj% @ C4vFB C460 |0:{o z&Ebo

Backlog Backlog reduction Balancing of cash drawers Bankruptcy Battery misdemeanor Benchbook Bibliography Bill Bill of exchange Binding force of a decision Blood heir Bond Bordereau Breach of contract Brief 4=4V>)* OT*,4=4V>)* OT*,- 1% KN)* $=K>\)* 34B4jN)* $fZ*&% ~:l* z,• $N\_ $jE])* S4\u* h•4>)* 4v%K(7j= h7)* €_*,F)* €_*,% •/u ‚-4T 34M)yFB 946B $)46/FT hfƒ* K\b O`N)* $6]8 CK)* h)@ $f4%* .4'=* (16%I7)*) $F^40 K>L)* ?&\B e,{ (S4V0 $v_ h)<) Q,T„%

Canceling partial circuit judgment Case delay Case disposition management Case fees assessment Case flow Case folder management Case indexing Case initiation Case Initiation and Receipting Network (CIRN) Case law system (precedents law) Case management Case Management Application (CMA) Case note recording Case roll Case study (training) 3 $6^D_ $F`N% 1% A?4H aB4b O`8 S4‰)* U&;K)* hl G'M)* hl ,6{IU&;K)* hl G'M)* QA*?* C&b,)* ,=K>$6V>)* 3*S*,_* z46jf* U&;K)* PE% QA*?* U&;K)* $)@K_ U&;K)* $%40* G6'N7)* .4F;* @ U&;K)* $%40* $`/m $6^4V>)* aB*&j)* 9&f40 U&;K)* QA*?* U&;K)* QA*?* C4if 4=4V>)* 34i8:% G6]j$jE])* .@A $6b*A? 3Š48

&'8 CKLB Q?4vm . Municipality Council Compensation Conciliation Conclusive oath.*D\)* .B .F)* Z4v])* &7j-@.&'8 CK. 16%* $F`N% Y6^A $F`NF)* Y6^A ?Š@2* $f4V8 $jE])* ..@4\.&'8 CKLB Q?4vm C&bA .6/T) $F`NF)* C4.? 34f46B Q?4vm $)*Z* A*._* $=A4]7)* @ $6fKF)* U&.K)* QA*?* UA4]7)* @ hfKF)* h•4>7)* hfKF)* 9&f4>)* $6fKF)* C4`82* $6fKF)* OT4NF)* C4if $6fKF)* 34.Z4\F)* $k46H .e*A@o 9&=A4]€^4VB hEN% YE]% 34V=&L”EH $Fb48 16F= 4 . Presiding Judge Chief justice Child custody Circuit clerk Circulars Civil (commercial) case processing Civil and commercial cases management Civil and commercial litigation Civil code (law) Civil court decisions Civil court system Civil litigation Codification Coherent and just basis Commercial code Commercial disputes procedures Commercial paper Commercials Commodities Community board.=K>.`b $=A*?* 3*A&[\% ($=A4]-) $6fK% U&. @ Wb4F7% ~4bo UA4]7)* 9&f4>)* $=A4]7)* 34.%o hl $•A4L% ’@K8 CKLB Q?4vm $6^D_ $F`NFB U&. decisive oath U&. 1L5 .Case termination Case type Caseload Central Auditing Organization Certificate for non-protest claims Certificate of a case in process Certificate of no objection to a demolition order Certificate of no objection to assessed fees Certificate that no appeals were filed for a case before a partial circuit within a certain period of time Certificate that there are no bankruptcy cases filed against a specified person within a certain period of time Certificate that there are no rent cases filed against a specified person Chain of title Chain of tasks Challenging a judge (Application to disqualify a judge) Cheque cashing privilege Chief clerk Chief Judge.Z4\% ?&_@ CKLB Q?4vm 16L% $6`EF)* GjEjC4vF)* 1% $EjEb Q4V>)* ?A 34`6[)* c.H 3*Z467%* (z47`)* .?4.K)* S4vf* U&.K)* ‘&f 4=4V>)* O]8 34/b4NFE) UDT.? 3*S*.:{ .:{ 16L% “(m K• ~:l* O`8 A@KH CKLB Q?4vm $\6L% Q.7l “(m K• $=A4]=* $6^4V0 34.0 hE.6-. Q?4vm $)@*K7% U&.? hl c4\n7b* .7l .@K])* 1% Q._* $=A4].3*S*.

ƒ< . 9&f40 D Daily posting Days of service Debriefing Decision on the merits Declaration of insolvency.KF)* Q4. ‘Z4\7% C4`8o UA4>)* 9&f4>)* 3*S4JL)* S4bA< K68&.K>.% / C*.Z4\F)* |l.VN% c4\n7bR* $F`N% ™>\)* $F`N% $6^*K7B* $F`N% $6^*K7B* OT4N% OT4NF)* š:H< $6^4\])* 34.'8 G54F% 1=K% ‚=?I7)* Y)4]% z47`)* 34>6>N- .=K>P6)4`7)* S*&78* $F`NF)* QA*?< OT4NF)* QA*?4B $>EL7% 16f*&0 $jE]F)* . $f*?< 34=.{* $6V0 OV) A*.›) $B&EJF)* C4=2* ?K.Confiscation Consolidated identification Consolidation date Construction of contract Consultant Contested decisions Continental law Contract awards Contract integration Contract of sale Conviction Cost and procurement projections Cost containment Court administration Court administration laws Court hearing agenda Court of Appeal (COA) Court of Cassation Court of First instance (Trial Court) Courts of First instance (Trial Court) Courts reform Criminal Prosecution Customary Law QA?4'% K8&% P=.4M0* 9:.6jMUA4[7b* 4v6E..hT.78* / 94. .@*KO6Ej.=.>.• ’AR* . h.'7(% .O=K>$6. €6/)* K>.b $)*Z* €^*?@ +:x* $uA&)* 166LA. notice of bankruptcy Defects Liability Period Defendant Deference Deliberation Delivering note Demolish Deposits Depreciation Determination of heis Detriment Devolution of estate Dilatory debtor Disciplinary boards Disciplinary measures 5 h%&= .LU.7[F)* @ P6)4`7E) 3*.*.0 ˜=A4K>L)* .&•&% C4`8o ~:l< A4vm< 94FV)* Q.7l X6E.

.K‘@.K)* hl G'M)* 34.‰)* 1% $)40* Z*.K)* CK>F)* U@4.6/()* $f4%o ?*Kb 94FV)* 3*?4vm $6`E% ‘Df 16%.. S4V>)* 1% “E(. P[T 16F'7(F)* K8* Q4l&) $%&'()* .pf .]F)* O6Ej.R* Q?4vm $%*.)* 34/)4J% „6M\K>L)* „6M\$F`NF)* O`8 „6M\S4M.6b ‘4J>f* $%&'()* .? hl G'M= / .Disclosure of proposal contents Discontinuation of case for death of one of the litigants Discontinuation of litigation Disinheritance Dismissal Display Dispose Disposition of a case Dispute management Disqualification Dissemination Dissipation Distribute case intake to multiple accounts District Court Docket Docket table Documentary credit Draft written order of payment Dumping ž.8 ‚Jm ž.6b ‘4J>f* ’AR* 1% 94%.%IB h)@2* $_AK)* $F`N% $%K>F)* U@4.[f K=K/$ME7(% 34B4j8 h)* ƒ&{IF)* K>\)* €=Z&4`=.QKx4L% F Face amount hFbR* ¢E/F)* 6 .4% 1.% $6^4v\)* C&b.*D\)* QA*?* DT. U&. .K)* .8* 16b.6vi?&>L)* $6]8 O6.* $)*&8 e*.@K_ UK\7j% ?4F7.Z4\U&.% @o Ÿm $bA4FF) $6Ex2* K>M= .F7% Q4V0 ./ c„8 $%4L)* $LM\FE) $6`EF)* ‘Df .L)* 34=&7N% 1.[% GFL)* ¡ƒ&Ff $L_*.k< E Eliminate legal impediments Elimination Eminent domain Endorsement Enforce binding contracts Enterprise Enterprise model revision Execution of a final fee claims Execution of contract Execution of judgment Exemption certificate Exemption of fine Exhibits Experienced judges Expert deposit payment Express warranties Expropriation Extradition treaty $6f&f4>)* 340&LF)* hE.

*&8o U@4.* 34jE])* ’A* I 7 .O.)* G6'Nh%&]v)* G{K7)* ObA U&.Facilitator Facilities and support Family cases Federation Internationale Des IngenieursConseils (FIDIC) Fees claims Fees Fees of intervention on either litigants side File a case Filing date Final court fees Final court hearing Final decision First court hearing First reference to expert Fluctuations Follow up execution Formation of contract Framing of the charge Fraudulence Free on board (F.%o $%4L)* 34%K()* QA*?< K)&= / ’KN= / ¨7\= .KE) $6^4vf C&bA (O`NE) U&.8 QA4]$6ET Q.K)* $%40* ˜=A4U&.o hE.6{2* $jE])* h^4v\)* O`N)* A@KH h)@2* $jE])* S*.VN% $jE])* .K)* $%40* U&.4F. D]N)4B ./{ $jE])* .B) Free trade Full court .@o 34/E>„6M\7)* $LB47% K>L)* $k46H $Fv7)* P66`Y6)KG>\)* ?&>.4'=R* 1% GH2* a/5 $(jf 3*A*„f* /A4J{* GF. ‘*&fo K8o Q.? 16=A4[7bR* 16bK\vFE) h)@K)* ?4N-R* 34/)4JF)* C&b./()* $NE'F) $)48< . Q. $f4F• ©$)4MT H Hallmark Hands-on experience Hearing or trial transcript Hearing procedures Hearings Heritage QD6F% $Fb $6EF.j6% $f&LF)* @ 3:6vj7)* $6'(m .^*? – $F`N% G Garnishment order General Services Administration (GSA) Generate Generate a copy receipt for any cash receipt Generate notices Guarantee ?&>f @o $)&>\% 946.K)* D]8) Q.

@K])* OE0 $=?.< S4V>)* Q?46b $6^4V>)* $\j)* $6^4V>)* $n6v)* S4V.b $jE_ $F.4N7f* 4 ¬ 6B46k $=./ C:L7b* a6>N7)* h•40 ®67M$670@ . $'7(F)* 34JEj)* -:B* GHI7% $u@A&F)* $Fif2* U?4L% .6jM9Z4(F)* QA*?< 34>6>N7)* ._2* $L6/5 hE.6k a^4u@ 4 ¬=A&V8 ”•4l GLl U.6‰)* $6'(m . execution of Judgment in absentia Judgment register Judicial control Judicial inspection Judicial Service Judicial sovereignty Judicial year Judiciary Jurisdictional statement Jurists’ opinions 346%&6)* . Individual justice Inform concerned authorities Inherent Inherited systems Inimical Inquiry Inquiry judge Inspection Interim orders International private law International Public law Interpretation of contracts Inventory management Investigations Invitation for Bid Irrevocable divorce S*.4F.*yb / a6>N.5 1^4B e:5 J Journal Joinder Judge of provisional matters Judge recusal Judges subject to challenge Judges training Judgment.{* $F`N% 1% $)4N% U&.* ¯4'7{* Q.o $'04\F)* š.l $)*K.7l? ?K_ C&'{ . c.%*@o ¯4()* |)@K)* 9&f4>)* C4L)* |)@K)* 9&f4>)* ?&>L)* .T„% S4v>M)* S*A* 8 .7l? $6^4V>)* $B40.K% .L.? K60 .Identify the nature of action Impersonation In absentia In camera session Incomplete documentation In presence Indecent Indexing a case from another court Indexing Dept.)* |^4V>)* ®67M7)* |^4V0 9:.4{?< $670&)* A&%2* h•40 h•4>)* hN\Ox?A z&EJF)* Q4V>)* Q4V>)* ‚=AKO`N)* „6M\hB46k O`8 C4`82* .

•* $6M'hM'% (C&'()*) 166•4>7% ž.>)* K>.[.[. ’A*&7% .3*@Kf $6L=. G7`- 9 .[\)* G6/jB c„0 UA4>.j)* 9&\_ L Labor cases Land transport Lapse of right Law and amendments Law enforcement Law of evidence Lawyers syndicate (Bar Association) Lease Legacy Legal parameters Legal precedents Legal references Legal research Legal status Legislation-laws Legislation or regulations Legislative Authority Legislative bodies Legislative judicial seminars Legislative modification Legislative proposals Legislators and judges Letter of guarantee Libel. defamation Lien Life span Limitation of actions or statute of limitation Liquidated damages and penalties Liquidation Liquidator Litigants Loan Loan contract Lobby .% |f&f40 ³NB |f&f40 €•@ 16f*&0 – 34L=.&J>% A*.>% @o $.? U.3:=KL$6L=.[.34n6x $6^4V0 $6L=.[.. U@4.@ 16f*&>)* 16f*&>)* „6M\34/uR* 9&f40 16%4NF)* $B4>f A4]=< K>.4F.0 ž.[$6L=.%) $0.348.K Kerb market Kill Kite Kleptomania $HA&/)* ¡A4{ $6)4F)* e*A@2* €6B G70 $=A&H $)46/FT (|jMf ž.[F)* 94F• z4J{ C&b.[”^*&) @o 34L=.[7)* $JEj)* $6L=.’*.$6f&f40 346JL% $6f&f40 aB*&b $6f&f40 €_*.)* @o $B47`)* @o .B G>f aN)* ²&>b 4v-:=KL.7>% Q4V>)* @ 9&. 1xA Q46N)* QK% C?4>QA.

$Ll*.% / OEL% Km.? hF6>)* ¯4'7{R* CK.NB G>f e&j)* $b*A? 9@ƒI% $54b@ w6b@ Km.4`[7b* „6M\7)* 3Š4`m* 34%*D7)* P0@ ?&_&)* OE.T„% O Objection Objection to execution of judgment Obligations Off the roll Ontology Open argument Oral evidence .$6)&nj% $)@*K7% $=A4].6k U@4.6'>.F)* z4B ”7l $6vMm $)?o 10 .&\)* ¯4'7{R* CK. Beyond reasonable doubt Notation for registration on case roll Note of protest 34=Š&)* OT4NF) |%&>)* DT.@K])4B K6>)4B .6mI7)* ¡4]78* Q. 34v/[)* SA? .B< U.F)* h•4>)* |F60 z4'f $)4bA PM(= "h%&`8" w6b&)* .O) 9IT $=A4/{* 3*. (h^Š@) h.? – $%4>% .[f $J04b U@4.M Making of contract Maritime transport Market research Marriage officer Mediation Mediator Mentor Mentor judge Minimum value Mission statement Mitigating conditions Monitoring Government registers K>L)* C*.F)* A4NB< $6/Eb Q?4vm $=.e*A@* ž@4MzA402* Q4B4N% 1`. hENF)* ¯4'7{R* CK.\lK)* $LB47% N National Centre of State Courts (NCSC) Navigation Negative Certificate Negligence Negotiable commercial paper Negotiation Nepotism Never filed Newsletter Non-suited cases Non-case value jurisdiction Non-specialty jurisdiction Non-territorial jurisdiction No-penalty-on-suspicion.

^*? @o $F`N% zD8 / PE8 zD8 / PENE) W6EF.&lK% ‚-*@.eZI% Ov7F)* €% $6^4\])* $•@4MF)* @o $%@4jF)* ($6B*&_ @* $6.‚EJB 1=.i\)4B 34.S*.)* $b46b K\)* .R G6_ Ic4>=R4B G6]L7)4B 9:.›) G6_I- 11 .Order an investigation Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Original writ of summons Ownership a6>N._< $=?4'70R* $6F\7)* @ 9@4L7)* $Fi\% U&.^*@? Q4V0 $u:u 1% $n6x $6^D_ $F`N% $6^D_ Q.0 34.6i\)* S*.R G6_I‚J[)* 1% K=K]7)4B 9:.4F7_* +AK= .K)* 4 ¬ 6%&]x G{K7F)* 34/EJB C&'()* 9:.=A4>|NJb A@Z Q?4vm 16E%4L)* 9&nm QA*?* 16E%4L)* 9&nm $b46b ‘&•&F)4B $E')* a6u@ $\H.>)* .K\b O=.•4N)* .6k C&'()* 9:.4l?) Q.|L= $=A@? .R G6_IU&.E) $J{ ‚-*@.T„% O=K>7) C&'()* ‚EJT G6_I1% ¡A4(.J{ .T„% $6b46j)* Q?46j)* $6B4]=* Q?4vm ”)4'7E) C&'()* ‚EJT G6_I3*K\7j% / 3*. trial court Partial court (circuit) Party Party dispositions Paying fines Payment Payroll plan Payroll policy Peer Peer groups meetings Perceive Periodic reports Peripheral Perjury Personnel department Personnel policy Pertinent Piracy Pitfall Plea bargaining Pleading brief Political sovereignty Positive certificate Postponement as a request by litigants for conciliation Postponement as a request by litigants to submit documents / brief Postponement for acknowledging absent litigants with a demand for exclusion from case Postponement for acknowledging litigants with demands of intervening party Postponement for acknowledgment of enhancement of case processing Postponement for acknowledgment of renewing case processing 16MEN% $n6x $n6x – $F`N% – .K)* $M6NH GH* $6`E% P Panel Panels Panels of three Partial court.‰..A*.OvM= .

KF)* 34/E5 G=KL7) G6_Ih/=.F)* 9&f40 $6^*.=.=@D7)4B 1LJ)* 3*S*._* K.=.HR* a/b €% G70 3*D6v]¯4()* ‘4J>)* 4vE8 @ $E`[F)* K=KN4=4V>)* .7)* @ A*.[)* Oj0 A4J{¶B 34=.6/()* ._< 3*K=A&._R* |l š:H< $6^*.4{?* 3*?.>.›) G6_I?&v[)* 9:.MFE) G6_I$5.C4`8o KH.[)* ‚J)*.*&0 3*S*.R G6_IG6_I$JEj)* $jE])* G/0 4% .6/()* $f4%* ?*Kj) G6_I4 ¬6%&]x G{K7)* ObA ?*Kj) G6_I$B46\)* Uo.>.._* 3:=KL$6^*.V)* PEF)* OV) G6_IU„6M\7)* K\j)4B CD7EF)* C4'7{R G6_I.N7E) G6_IO`NE) G_* K% U.Postponement for administrative reasons as hearing was not held for some reason Postponement for allegation of forgery Postponement for amending plaintiff’s demands Postponement for attachment of tax file Postponement for complaint against responsible for writ of execution Postponement for expert report Postponement for final judgment Postponement for forensic medicine report Postponement for including new litigants Postponement for including other items Postponement for more investigation by police station Postponement for more time for judgment Postponement for other reasons Postponement for paying expert deposit money Postponement for paying fees of intervention on either litigants’ side Postponement for prosecution opinion Postponement for re-acknowledgment of writ of demands amendments Postponement for review Postponement for service Postponement for summoning witnesses Postponement for._< GT4[% 3*S*.o $LM[)* a8 $=K6vF.7[% 12 .?@A@ CKL) G6_I?K_ C&'{ .Š G6_I‘:5›) G6_I9:. 1% 1`F7)* CKL) UA*?* G6_I._< 34Ll*._< G6'N7)* S*.{o z4/b2 G6_I.R* Q?4.) G6_I34/EJ)* G=KL7B 9:.?@A@ CKL) G6_IO`N)* D]8 h.@ 34=.6{I7B $>EL7% GT4[% h^*.4F. continuance Power Pre-trial procedures Pre-emption Preliminary judgments Premeditated murder Preparations Private sector Problem identification and solving Problems related or leading to case delay Procedural Procedural Law Procedural modification Procedural problems Procedural reform Procedural rules Procedures Process cash receipt Procurement ‚/b U2 $jE])* K>._* ƒ4N-R G6_Ih.

$%4L)* 34%K()* QA*?* $6\E.c4>=* Q Quality Qualification Quarterly Quest Quittance Quota system Quorum Q?&_ QS4MT ©Gxy% $\b €BA GT ©|.B (e*.K)* .b 3:]b G]b ¹&.4F_ – $%4.? 34/)4JF)* $b.4bA< (O`NE) QK=yF)* 3*K\7jF)* @ C4`82*) a^4u&)* . @o ©?KN% z4'f R Rationale Ready for reform Reappraisal Receipt Receiving documents (judgment and supporting documents) Receiving note Record books Record invitation Recording and indexing claims Recording documents of acknowledgment Recording objections to execution Recording service result Records management Recreation rooms h>J\F)* ~4b2* .7b* 13 . $%4.&T&-@.7>% $Nm.©a6>N$')4(% ©S*.m $)@4\F)* @ . Public session Publications Punitive arrestment Purchase order Purchase tickets Purging and handling Putting case on hold $6%K0o $6`EF)* e&>8 9&f4>)* hl $6F6i\7)* 348:HR* 348.% ./()* ‚7`F) U&.&E8 QK8*@ $T.Q?4.m .Promotion line number Property rights Proposed regulatory reforms in law Proposed solutions Proprietary system Prosperity Protest Protocols Provisional measures Public justice Public relations Public services dept._* $6. 340:.vl @ K60 $\ELF)* e*A@2* K60 „6M\7)* |l .N.[B ¯4{ – aE‰% C4if S4{A O`N)* $•A4L% $604M-* – .%* .&/0 C:7b* hT. @o wjB š:H›) K6_ ?*KL7b* O66>. $jE_ 3*A*KH* h^*D_ c4>=* S*.6vJ7)* h>6EL.4BA ³NB ©.T*„7)* S*. $)*K..z4/b¸) ž.4'=< S*.4`mR* G6]j9:.B< “'N)* C4if 16L% ?K.< .kR*) $70y% 3*S*.R* $]67f G6]j3:]j)* QA*?< $8*.

Re-filed cases Reform Refuse cause of action. ‚E5 .1% KN)* $•A4LF)* G6E>$6\%D)* Q.< 9&f4>)* |l |F6i\.Recusal (judge disqualifying himself) Reduce case delay Reduce opposition Reduce time Re-engineered procedures Refer to a partial circuit for non-case value jurisdiction Refer to another circuit or non-specialty jurisdiction Refer to another circuit for non-territorial jurisdiction Refer to expert dept.o 4=4V0 š:H< U&.< (S4V>)* C4%* U&.7M)* .{o $6^*K7B* $F`NF) $)48< S*. ‚E5 34%&EL% ‚E5 $8&7M% ž@.< ¯4'7{R* CKL) $'7(F)* $6^D])* $F`NFE) $)48< hF6>)* (h^Š&)*) |.:8< ./()* h)< $)48< 4v7%40< K6.=.=@D7)4B 1L5 .=A4>9D(% / ‘?&7j% / AK'% $'04\% ž@. G'M% ._R* O6i\.K)* K=K]³N/)* ¨^47f 14 .š:H< $)4FL)* .=A4>7)* C4if G[l .>(+&EF% .'B G]j= $T.6'>3*S*.&\)* ¯4'7{Š* CKL) U.4% hE.Q?4.* ‚J[)* 1% U&.‚E5 34/EJ7% 34/EJ7F)* G6ENaB4j)* 1.6/{ 166L.6k .^*K) $)48< hENF)* ¯4'7{Š* CKL) U.K)* ™lA .=. O6i\..i\)* c.Q?4..? €lA) 9&f4>E) S&]E)* K=K]3*A4]=* 3*A4]=* 4=4V0 3*A4]=* 9&L5 3*A4]=Š* 9&f40 A4]=Š* K>. Rejection Regardless Register Register of action Regulations Rehabilitation Remedy at law Reinstating cases Rent Rent cases Rent contest Rent law Rental contract or lease Reorganization Re-organizational reform in law Replacement of employees Report Reporting system breakdowns Reports on allegation of forgery Repository Request for bid (RFB) Request for information Request for proposal (RFP) Request the appointments of experts Requirements Requirements analysis Requirements report Res nellius Res nullius Reschedule Rescheduling the case Research results XjM\) h•4>)* ?A 4=4V>)* .{I. K6)* €•@) S:67b* QA&]v% $6`E% $)@K_ Q?4.8 G]b ”^*&E)* G6xI.>.{o Q.Q?4.

* 9:. QA4F7b* 34jE])* K=KN.* CDEF)* 9:.$L_*.VNF)* 1=.*&0 ™>\)* $F`N% C4`8o 46EL)* $=A&7bK)* $F`NF)* C4`8o S Sales tax exemption Sample form Schedules court hearings Scheduling management information Scope of work Securities Senior judges Sentence. execution of Sequestration Serve parties of submission of the expert’s report Serve the indebted Service Service data Service department Service dept.< / $j6EM- .>F)* ¡A4{ K>L.=* $6^4V>)* 3*S*.% hL_A e:5 $_@D)* $L_*.Resources Responsibilities Responsive Restrictions Restructure Retreats Retrieve Revenues Review judicial procedures Review procedural processes Revision of collection of case filing fees Revision on fees estimation Revocable divorce Revoke the divorce Rewrite RFP business requirements RFP administrative requirements Right to vote Role Rule of law Rules Rulings of court cassation Rulings of high constitutional courts ?A*&% 346)&nj% $B4]7bR* €=.L7b* $6^*.6l&7) ž.@K])* QA*?< 34%&EL% .4F7_* ?K]= / €_.* $M6N')* GH4B 9:.% $k46H Q?4.VNF)* OE0 €60&7)* $NH 4=4V0 €0&F)* 3*D6v]$6>0&F)* Q?46>)* c„0 A4j.o A45< 3*K\b 9&`\N% Q4V0 $6LJ>)* C4`82* „6M\$b*.* $\6.‚6]% ?&60 $E`6x Q?4.% C&b.LB CK>7)* ‚E5 $=A*?< 34%DE7j% .=.LB CK>7)* ‚E5 •=&'7)* a8 A@? 9&f4>)* Q?46b K.>7)* ?@A&B C&'()* 9:.4F.~4j8 .% U&.6l&7) ž.7j= / ?.l .‚6]7j% ._R* ž*.• 1% S4M.R* ˜=A41=.)* $L_*.< ._R* ²*&J()* $L_*.* GFL)* 34%DE7j% .34.N)* ž. Signature case Site preparation Situational leadership Slander Solvency 15 34L6/F)* $/=.7j= 3*?*.b .K)* €lA C&bA G6'N.

b $\vF)* K6)4>QA4]7)4B $>EL7F)* $=.%IB 46EL)* $F`NF)* S4V>E) hE.-&6/F`)* C*K(7b* hl 16Md&F)* 3*A4v% O66>$6M6d&)* GT46v)* G>7j% S4'8R* OE0 K..? 16 . Statutes Sub-cases Suborn a witness Subscription Subsequent court hearing Subsidy Substantive Substantive improvement Summary jurisdiction and procedure in matters of special urgency Summons Supporting register for accounts Supreme Court Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) Survey Syndic.7l Q?4v[)* z4'f 4=4V>)* hl G'M)* $.7l? 4`=..x&_ º.% ”)4'% $E]L7j% U&.l U@4.=&JG]L7j% S4V0 A&VNB P6E`QKHA2* z4jN) K.%2* $n6v)* $Eb.`M)* $6`EF)* e&>8 $604M-* $FT4NF)* ˜=A*&Q?4=D)* .6k $6`E% $6)@K)* $6F\7E) $6`=. Joint ownership United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Unprescribed (public) interest Urgent cases QoD]% .*&0 $6.'7(% T Take testimony of witness Targeted beneficiaries Task Termination of contract Test period Testimony quorum Timely disposition of cases Trade customs Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Trial dates Trip schedule itinerary ?&v[)* z*&]7b* 9@K6M7j% $Fv% K>L)* ˜jl A4/7{R* Q.? Kx4[)* 16>Ez477T* $6)47)* $F`NF)* 34jE_ O.? hb4bo / U.@K_ U Undivided ownership.Staff computer literacy skills assessment Staffing patterns Standalone Statistics dept.4j% .2* YE]F)* ”j% h^4V0 ~A48 D_&% / .x&_ . Trustee Synopsis .

|\]% ‚6L= ©GJ/= |‰E% ©G54B |04M-* c4>=< Oj0 ©Kv. „{o •=&'- W Waiting period Warranty for hidden defects Wasting rights Whitepaper Wife’s proxy Win win situation.[Ov/% ƒ4Mf ©94=.K)* hl C4`82* $B47T 17 .>$_@D)* G6T@ c*.K)* $M6NH D]8 .7)* @ A*.F)*) QK.=.52* €6F_ $NE'% a>N7KH.0 ‚f*&])* ?KL7% / ‚E>7% $6N• ©X6E.%o 4 ¬ 6%&]x G{K7% 34/E5 $M6NH ‚J[)* 1% K=K]. Wintwin With malice aforethought Witness for the prosecution World Trade Organization (WTO) World health Organization (WHO) World Intellectual property Organization (WIPO) World Customs Organization (WCO) World Bank Writ Writ of attachment Writ of Debt Writ of demands for person intervening on either litigant’s side Wirt of proceeding with case after being dismissed Writ of summons Writing judgments in case (Q¾.V Vagrancy Vague Validity Vendor Vendue Verdict Versatile Victim Vitiate Void Voluntarily postponement Vow Vote ?.`M)* $6`EFE) $6F)4L)* $Fi\F)* $6F)4L)* +A4F])* $Fi\% |)@K)* W\/)* U&.HR* a/b 34/u* Kx4m $6F)4L)* QA4]7)* $Fi\% $6F)4L)* $N')* $Fi\% $=.b €^4B |^4V0 €6B 16MENF)* $n6x A*.K)* $M6NH U@4.$M6NH U&.%o S*?o . z&6L)* 94F• e&>N)* A*Kx< hFbA h%&`8 .

CMA Terminology Glossary 18 .

* “(m $J/-.O0A ‚j8 U&.QK% ‚j8 .QK% ‚j8 U&.6{2* ’KN)* ‘&f @ U&.KE) Q.F)* U@4.K)* P0&% Q.K)* 34f46B QK._R* Z4]f< QK% B Bankruptcy By Age and Circuit By Age and Event type By Case number By Circuit By Parties by ID/Number By Parties by Name By Subject ~:l< Q.40 34V=&L?K. ºA4/7.K)* hl C&'(E) $6'([)* a6>N.{* Q.K)* K\7j% O• O`N)* O• QA&H O• . $F`NF)* QA*?* .@*K.^*? 166LU.CMA Terminology Glossary A Address Administration Age Alternative title Annex Appealed civil Appealed commercial Appealed labor Legal Personality Associated cases Attach document Attach judgment Attach transcript Average duration 9*&\.@*K.^*K)* O0A ‚j8 U&.K)* .K)* 3*K\7j% U&.v[)* Obo aNEF)* h\/F)* PfI7j% hfK% PfI7j% UA4]PfI7j% .K)* 19 .4F. $6^D_ $F`N% U&.*K)* S*.K)* $%40* $\b ‚j8 $)@*K7F)* U@4.^*? h)< $)48R* hET hfK% U&.K)* O0A ‚j8 Q.K)* .K)* ‘&•&% ‚j8 C Capacity Case document Case status Circuit allocation Circuit reassignment Civil general CMA Cases Compensation Count Courts below Current Cases by Year Filed $M')* U&.K)* hl C&'()* S4Fb* ‚j8 U&.@*K7)* 1%Z U&.^*K)* O0A @ U&.

KF)* U&.b 16%* K.*K)* S*._R* P0&% $)*K)* 3*S*.4F.K)* $%40* „\% ‘4lK)* GpF% ‚7`% Ob* $jE_ .@K_ .J)* O`N)* A@KH h78 @ U&.>7)* ?@A@ h78 @.{¾ 3*S*._* „6M\.*K)* S*.*K)* S*._R* 1% $6.k . H 20 .D Date commenced Date of decision Decision Defendant Deleted documents Deliberation room Deputy Details Document Due date U&.@* h78 @ U&.4j% G6H4MK\7j% ._R* $L6/5 Q4l4L% . h.R* C4F.K)* PE% 94`% $%4>% ‚EJB CK>7)* ˜=A4‚EJB CK>7F)* c.K)* $%40* „\% 9:.$]67f 3*S*.*K)* S*._R* S4v7f* ˜=A4$jE_ .l ‘*&f* .K)* $%40* „\% $jE_ .6k 3*K\7jF)* $)@*KF)* $l..=.K)4B $>EL7F)* .0 X6E._›)* .K)* $%40* „\% .)* U&.h78 @ U&.@* G General commercial General labor hET UA4]hET .K)* $%40* ˜=A4O`N)* A@KH ˜=A4A*.6/()* h)< $)48R* „\% F Fees File Location Filed Filing date Filing party Filing to Decision Filing to First Expert Referral Filing to First Hearing Filing to Service acknowledgment Firm First hearing C&b._R* Z4]fR €0&7F)* ˜=A47)* E End date Event results Events Schedule Event status Event subtype Event type Exemption Expert Request to Expert Opinion .@* h78 @ U&.6/(E) $)48* .

Clerk Litigant request Litigant request decision Long title .* “(m 3:6_I7)* ?K. O Order Original Case Court Overdue .{I7F)* .^*K)* K=K])* A*.0 h•4>)* Ob* ‚j8 C4`82* UA4/7.%o Q.@2 U&.0 $6u:p)* 166j6^.4NF)* Q.*K)* S*.K)* 4v%4%o •F60o |7)* $F`NF)* .)* 16F'()* S4Fb* M Management Miscellaneous QA*?* ‘&\7% N Natural person Negative Certificate New Circuit New Status Non person Number of times postponed |>6>8 “(m $6/Eb Q?4vm 4v6)< ._R* P 21 .Hearing Hearing Roll Hearing Room $jE_ 34jE])* .@A $F`NF)* $.b 16%* h•4>7F)* 1% ‚E5 h•4>7F)* 1% ‚E5 hl A*.* “(m K Keywords $)*K)* 34FE`)* L Lead .40 I Identity Card Improving $6'([)* $04J/)* O0A 16jN- J Judgment Judgment decision Judgments by judge Judicial (juridical) person O`8 h^4V0 A*.>)* UA4/7.% .

)* 4v\% .^*@K)* hE.>)* R Reference Rent Rent contest Representative details ‘4lK)* ‚7`FB $J6-.‚E5 T Taxes Time since last step Transfer case ‚^*._* ƒ4(-* „\% QKF)* U&.@*K7% U&.% 34f46B 3*A4]=* 3*A4]=* 9&L5 h%4NF)* 34f46B S Sequential party number Service Requests Short title Signature Start date State Status change O'()* GjEj% O0A 9:.4% ?KjF)* .K)* $)48* W Writ of service 9:._R* SKB ˜=A4$il4NF)* ”6N'.^*K)* 34jE])* @ ./)* O0.^*K)* aB4j)* A*.KF)* $6B4]=* Q?4vm ºK=.K)* 4v//jB $>ELF)* 3*S*.* $M6NH 22 .*K)* S*.)* 16F'(E) K])* Ob* €60&.Panel Panel and Circuit keywords Party details Past events Payer Pending Pending Events Plaintiff Positive Certificate Postcode Previous circuit Previous status Q.4N% Q.• 9À* h78 S*._R* h.R* 34/E5 166j6^. $)*K)* 34FE`)* O'()* 34f46B $)*? 3*S*.$NH ._* 1% O.

Types of Cases Glossary 23 .

4F.R* $6'([)* B Bail Bankruptcy Bankruptcy procedures Banks Benefits Brokerage $)4MT ~:l* ~:l* 3*S*.jFb C Capacity Cemetery Cassation Cessation Civil (government) Civil (old) Commercial papers Commercial place Commercial work Common property Companies Compensation Conciliation Contract Criticism Custody Customs $6Exo 34f4/_ ™>f P0@ ($%&`8) |fK% (O=K0) |fK% $=A4]7)* e*A@2* UA4]7)* GNF)* $=A4].% 24 .>)* 346LF_ $)4T@ h._* +&\B K^*&l Q.* ‘&6m 34T.Types of Cases Glossary A Adjoining Administrative decision Affiliations Agency Agricultural reform Appeal Arbitration Legal Personality e4'7)* UA*?R* A*..m ™=&La6l&K>. K>f D]8 +A4F_ D Terminal sickness 3&F)* ž.*AZ š:H* c4\n7b* O6`N$=A4/7.

`8 $=4H@ ©$b*.* O6j>$/x E Education Employees Enjoy a usufruct Evidence Execution Expertise Export O6EL9&Md&% e4M-A* 34/uR* „6M\Q./{ ?*.=@D- G General System Grung rent.x40 Q&0 ‚f4_* .% $6'(m .*&8* C&bA $=A&H Q. long term lease Guardianship C4.8 H Heritage High Court Home land ’AR* 46EL)* $F`NF)* 15&% I Illicit enrichment Improvement In specie insurance Insurance Investment Irrigation ‚/b :B S*.Declaration Division Donation 9:. C4if . 34\6%I16%IA4Fp7b* UA 25 .67b* F Facilities Family cases Fees Fictitious Force majeure Foreigners Forgery al*.u* 16jN$6\6.

deprivation of C*D7)* QZ468 $•A4L% S*?o ... .%o 34jby% O6i\$6`EF)* ‘Df P 26 .%*@o . C4`8o $=. hE.%o $V=.`j.*&%o A4uÀ* 1xA N Nationality Nationalization Nullity $6j\_ O6%I9:J/)* O Obligation Occupation Opposition Order of performance Order on a petition Organizations Organizing Ownership. .J Judgment Judges Jurisdiction. competence O`8 Q4V0 ¯4'7{* L Labor Law Lawyers Limitations GFL)* 9&f40 Q4%4N% C?4>- M Material laws Military orders Money Monuments Mortgage $6l.

B $LMm C?4>€=A ‘&l? $6`E% . „6M\G6]jA4]=* aN7jF)* .Partition Patrimony Post Preemption Prescription Profits Proofs Property Proscription Public entities Public prosecution $^D]$T.* ~4F7)* $)4Vl $6)&nj% S Sale Seizure Social insurance Solidarity Subject matter court Successor Supply Syndicates €6B S:67b* $6..6k ?A .• hV>F)* . 34n6x $%4.i8 ©€\% $%4. UA4>.i\)* Q?4. $B46f Q Qualification $6Ex* R Real estate Real estate execution Registration Rents Replevin Requiring reconsideration Residue Responsibility A4>.4F7_* 34\6%I1%4V‘&•&F)* $F`N% PE{ 1=&F34B4>f T Taxes The final judgement Tradition Transfer ‚^*.K=.%2* Q&0 c. G>f 27 .

6k W Will $6H@ 28 .Treaties Trial Tribunals 3*Kx4L% $FT4N% $F`N% U Unconstitutional ºA&7b? .

Computer and training Glossary 29 .

B) .B PEF)* 1% $654678* $(jf GF. h)@2* A4/7{Š* .$m4m $)KL% ¨%*.6/L.$7F-o $7F-2* 34>6/J$=A4]7)* @ $6fKF)* 4=4V>E) |•4>7)* 3*S*._< $7F-o .Computer and training Glossary A Access points Access protocols Accessories (Computer) Accommodator (Training) Anticipatory set (training) Application of software Applications Acceptance Testing (AAT) Approval and priority setting Arabic hyper text Assimilator (training) Assistance of automation Attitudinal training Audiences training Audiences expansion Audiovisual equipment Automate and streamline procedures Automation Automation applications Automation of the civil and commercial case litigation procedures B Backup computer Beta testing C Change agent Classroom facilitator Classroom norms Client / server Communication method test model Computer Literacy Laboratory (CLL) Constituency building Control panel (computer) Converger (training) Court automation CPU Create docket entries Criminal Justice Integrated System (CJIS) CRT Customized software D 30 .{Á) K.[FE) QK=y% $v/_ 1=&`O`N7)* $8&) €F]% OT4NF)* $7F-* $=DT._R* $7F-o $\`6% .&7j% $7F-2* hl QK.@K]) 3:{K% GF. $6L_.% ¯&'f ‚. G%4`7% |^4\_ |^4V0 34%&EL% C4if O=K0 .66‰7)* ’*K8< a=.4>B $6T&Ej)* ²4Ff2* C?4{ / G6F..4'-Š* G^4b@ $>NE% ¨%*.4'-Š* G^4b@ A4/7{* ¡ƒ&Ff .l QA@K)* aj\% ‚=AK7)* $.@ 3*S*.K)* .4'-Š* w^4b@ (.-&6/F`)* O6EL.4j% hT&Ej)* ‚=AK7)* 9@K6M7j% X\% 1=K6M7jF)* e4Jf €6b&$=.F$6>6/J.B 34/EJ)* G/>.A4/7{* $=&)@2* @ $>l*&F)* w/• $6B.B 1=.4'-Š* 3Š&T&-@.GFL% ‘@.% $])4L% ¹K8@ CK>F)* U@4. .4j% 34L0&7)* 1=.¨%*.'B @ $6LFb QDv_o 4vJ6j/.

@ G%4`7% z&Ebo |l.Data Management Systems (DMS) Data server Data transformation Draft enterprise model Dumb terminal E Enhance knowledge and skills En banc End outputs Entrenched attitudes Entries Established practice External demands outstrip data availability Extractor fan F Flip chart Flowchart Friendly interface (computer) G Group activities Group dynamics Group training technique H Hardware and software Hierarchical or one-to-many relationships Html hypertext markup language I Improve access to legal information Industrial management Information dissemination Information Resource Management (IRM) Information Systems Install computer equipment Install programs Instrumental Integrated and gradual phase-in K Knowledge evaluation L 31 34f46/)* QA*?* Oif 34%&ELF)* C?4{ / $`/[)* C?4{ 34f46/)* G=&NGFLE) ¡ƒ&Ff €•@ S4FH $6l.)* 3*K>7LF)* 3:{K% (X6)< 4% @o S*.$6_A4()* 34_4678Š* ²4Mm $60A@ QA&/b alK7)* wJ(% $Evb a6/J.&'N)* .LF)* Q?4=Z 9&LF7]= $6^4v\)* ¨^47\)* .4\')* QA*?R* 34%&ELF)* .4F])* Y=AK7)* z&Ebo (¨%*.66‰7E) $=?4LF)* $(b*.$‰) $6f&f4>)* 34%&ELF)* hE.6j6$6. ._< |l) GH* Q./)* G6FNK6M% K.¨%*.$v_*@ Q.[f 34%&ELF)* A?4'% QA*?* 34%&ELF)* Oif .6‰')* 34.=&J.5 $=4vf 3*A4vF)* @ $l.LF)* O66>7)* . h)< K8*@ 1% @o $EjEj% $0:.4j% |]=AK.-&6/F`)* QDv_* ‚6T./)* @ 3*KLF)*) 34>6/J7)* @ QDv_2* 34x4]-* QK.4F])* GFL)* 346`6%4\=? |.F)* ¯&'\)* .&F]F)* 1=A4F|.l&7F)* 34%&ELF)* e&M. $6L_.

=&'wb&7% ‚b48 |j6^.Z4v_) C?&% $m4[)* ž.6‰7F)* / .66‰7)* QA*?< 34L0&7)* QA*?< ¯4(mo QA*?< 34. „6M\16%K(7jF)* ?KL7% C4if $6%&>)* 34f46/)* K.B QK. 34/b4N)* G6H&.C4if •0&)* YMf |l ¨%*.*&0 34_4678Š* K=KN..@ .QA@? O6F'3*.[F)* QA*?< X=A467{* GB4>% $=A4/_< 34/EJ7% $L0&7F)* 3*Z4]f›) $J=./.5 $=4vf (P-4v)* ²&J{ .6‰H ‚b48 ®6l@.LAN LAN application Learner circle Learning Assessment (for pre and post tests) Local Area Network (LAN) Local Cost Financing Local travel / in-country Locally hired Logistical requirements M Mainframe Manage assigned caseload Management Information System (MIS) Management of training process Management training design Managing change Managing expectations Managing people Managing projects Mandatory versus desirable requirements Map for anticipated achievements Microcomputer Microfiches indexes Microfilming documents Minicomputer Mock-up Mock-up system Mock-up terminal Modems Monitor resolution (computer) Multiple operating systems Multi-tasking Multi-user N National database Needs assessment studies Network server O OAE specs Observational Study Tour (OST) Off the Shelf (OTS) Office automation Office policy and rules Office renovation $6ENF)* 34%&ELF)* $`/m $6ENF)* $`/[)* 34>6/JOEL7)* $%&i\% OEL7)* A*K>% $6EN% 34%&EL% $`/m $6ENF)* P6)4`7)* G=&F$)@K)* ?@K8 G{*? .@.6/`)* |f@.7`)R* ‚b4N)* $ET&F)* 4=4V>)* O]8 QA*?< 34%&ELF)* QA*?< Oif $6F6EL7)* $6EFL)* QA*?< $=A*?< ‚=AK.-&6/F`)* Q4T4N% C4i\E) ¡ƒ&Ff $6T4N% $6l.`6% ~A4vl OE6l@.B ‚-4`F)* $7F-o ‚7`F)* ”^*&) @ $b46b ‚7`F)* K=K]- 32 .Mb 4 ¬ 6EN% 166\6L% ?*K.)* . $l4pT ?KL7% G6‰[.R* 34/EJ7% |j6^A ‚b48 .'8 34b*A? $`/[)* C?4{ $7F-¸) |F6i\7)* Â4\F)* 34MH*&% $6b*A? $)&_ 4 ¬ >/j% QKL% ¨%*.{ .`6F)* |l e*A@2* .

B |F6i\7)* G`6vE) |^K/% O66>34_4678:) |^K/% O66>|^4V>)* š:HR* Â4\F)* $n6vA4`lo ž.-&6/FT $6]=AK7)* $7F-2* QK^*A OT4N% QK^*.Â4\% $7F-2* $6EFL) $6F6i\.my% $6T4NF)* $6l.J)* ¡ƒ&Ff S*?* A4/7{* Q.4j% 3*K8@ a60? G6]j|'(m .R* ¨%4f.)* OT4NF)* Q4V0 $J()* 34f&`% $J{ €•@ w6J(w6J(.l@o) |bo.(% QK^*Z 34.GT46x $7F-¸) O^:% |F6i\.7l (|^&• ”b4% / $LB45) QK.B K6x..=&J3*Z4]fR* 3*.B ¨x4\F)* $B47`) Ybo @ 346)¾ €•@ 34_. |)48 C4if ž.L)* Z4v_ $B4]7bŠ* 34%&EL% $6`E% ¨%*.$\]) Oi\E) .@* . Yby% $6pN/)* X7M6d&B C46>)* S*?2* O66>S*?2* ./\% / $'\% |^4>E7)* A&vi)* $F^40 Q?4=D)* G/0 4F) ?*K.B $%D8 |'([)* ‚b4N)* hE..On screen inquiries On-site system technician Operating system Organization charts Organizational Automation Environment (OAE) Organizational backup for automation Orientation program Outlines written for various courses Outputs Over payment Overextended staff Overhead projector Ownership of response information P Package (computer) PC based Perform its research function Performance appraisal Performance development Performance indicators Performance of mock-up terminal Period of test Peripherals Permanent record Personal computer Phased-in automation Pilot courts Pilot site judges Plan components Plan development Planning Planning committee Platform Pop-up menu Pre-visit orientation Preliminary evaluation of organizational structure Preliminary needs assessment Prepare environment for judicial reform Present ideas Present system Presentation Prime contractor Print server $m4[)* hE. / O=K>h)@o KvL7% / .&lK% 16Md&F)* ?4v_< (A&7`6_@.QKf4j% |v6_&. 34%:L7b* €0&F)* |l GFL= |\l G6‰[7)* C4if $6F6i\.)* ž.4/J)* C?4{ 33 .@4>% $.¨%4f.

&/J% Q?4% 34=&)@o 34/EJ7F)* 34=&)@o ¨%4f.B ‘@.< š:H›) ¨%4f.v`)* 3*A4vF)* .4LmR* 1% X6FN= G`[B w\‰F% GB4T $6j6J\k4%@.a^*&.< 9@.< 34f46/)* K.7b* A*@?2* ‚L) |]6-*.Q?4.Printed material Priorities Priority requirements Program jurist Programming Programs Project description Promote reform Q Quality of education and training R Receptive Recycle bin (computer) Redesign Redesign database Reengineering Reform program model Regular communication model Regulatory impediments Regulatory reform Regulatory reform plan Retrieval of basic information Role to play Round-table seminar on strategic planning S Sample court software Scanner Screen layouts Search and find Search capabilities Search database Search parameters Select and Monitor trainees Selection procedure Share information Shielded cable Skills development Skills evaluation Software design Space management Speakers Special mailings Specific description of result $.7bR* w6J(7)* 1.H4\. c. |F6i\.< O6F'.B $Fifo O6F'3484jF)* C*K(7b* Q?4. C4. Ov7LB47% @ QA@K)* |l 9&TA4[F)* A467{* A467{Š* 3*S*._< 34%&ELF)* $TA4[% 34.B ¡ƒ&Ff ºA@K)* .4'-:) ¡ƒ&Ff $6F6i\.š:H< |F6i\7)* š:H›) $J{ $6b4b2* 34%&ELF)* ‘4_.*&0 hl ³NB ³N/)* 34%&>% @ .4_.Q?4. D=DL‚=AK7)* @ O6EL7)* $6.•4N% /9&uKN7% Q4V>)4B $H4{ 3*A*KH< ¨^47\E) ?KN% P6H&- 34 .[F)* P6H&š:HR* $6EF.&f QK=K])* A4`l¸) G/>7% 34l@„NF)* $Eb O6F'.B ¨%*.Q?4.=&JUA4vF)* O66>7)* ¨%*. $8&7M% ¹@Kf $F`NFE) ¨%4f. 3*K\7jFE) |^&• ”b4% $m4[)* G`m @o $n6x 4v.B $\6.[% $]%.*&0 O6F'.7b* @ ¯&'\)* |l ³NB ³NB 3*AK0 34f46/)* K./)* hE.

? $6T4N% $6l. (16L% ž.QDv_o C4i\)* .@ O6i\.l ¨%*.6j6.&\'% ¨%*.$%:.A4/7{* ‚=&/.&/0 3*A4/7{* $Fif¸) G6ENC4i\)* ‚6T._R* .< 1=K=yF)* 1% QK.$>=..l S4\B 166\l 9&=A4[7b* $6\M)* 34_4678Š* .4]F)* *„x |l ?A@ 4% ’K8o .B 4 C4vF)* w=.$b*A? $6\l $f&L% |\M)* O66>7)* .'8 @ K=KN...Q?4.=A4>|\l ž.40 aE{ |F6i\7)* G`6vE) O6.JB GFL)* $670@ .m GFL)* e.4j% $6F6EL.‰) ¬>l@ $M6`%) $.6=4L% •0&)* 34L6V% 16BAK7F)* 9&nm 35 .Specifications Spreadsheet program Staff training Standardized curricula State-of-the-art Stimulate thinking Storage Strategic plan Strategy mission Streamline Streamline procedures Strong base of support Structural support Structure Sub-programs Sub-objectives Supporting educational material Supporting equipment System Acceptance Testing (SAT) System analysis System installation System maintenance System model System software System specs and limits Systems Integration Testing (SIT) T Tab (dialog box) Tab (keyboard) Tailor-made software Taskbar Team building Technical advisors Technical assessment Technical assistance Technical evaluation report Technical proposal Technical support Terminal emulation Tickler system Time management Time sharing Time standards Time wasters Trainees’ affairs 34MH*&% QK7FF)* O^*&>E) ¨%4f.B 16Md&F)* ‚=AKQK8&% $6/=AK.B $6.?*&% $6E6F`.7b* $J{ $6]6-*.C4if $f46H C4i\)* ¡ƒ&Ff G6‰[7)* ¨%*./ $fD{ $6]6-*.l c*Kxo QK.5 $=4vf $LB47% C4if •0&)* QA*?* •0&)* O6j>.7bR* $FvF)* |B46jf* w{ 3*S*.6`M7)* e4l* 1=D(. |\l O. $)@K_ $%:.KS4\B – G`6x $6.¨x4\% .B $Fif2* 34MH*&% @ ?@K8 $Fif2* G%4`.

technology and curricula Training technologies Transaction log Twisted pair cable U Unix Update Upgrade User interface User profiles Utilities V Variety Vision W Wallpaper (computer) WAN Word processor Work flow Work-plan Workshop $6/=AK. $mA@ 36 .Training curriculum. materials and concepts Training of Trainers (TOT) Training requirements Training techniques.% ‘&\$=ÃA $6ME{ $6EN% 34`/m 1% $f&`% UKF)* $Lb*@ $`/m ¯&'\)* $])4L% ¨%4f.O6x4M% @ Q?4% @ ¨x4\% 16BAKF)* ‚=AK‚=AK7)* 34/EJ7% ¨x4\F)* @ 46_&)&\`7)* @ ‚=AK7)* ‚6)4bo ‚=AK7)* 346_&)&\`$T. $J{ GF.N)* @ GFL)* G]b 16-?.B GFL)* z46jf* GF.=&Ja6/J7)* $v_*@ CK(7jF)* $=&x al*.l 1% 9&`% +:b2* 1% ‘&f G6‰[7)* C4if 34‰) K8* ³=KN346f4`%< .

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