Pupils work in pairs.

They divide themselves according to the characters such as a fruit seller, customer. Steps to do the short role play.

Pupils ( in pairs ) have to act out a short role play of a scene where a customer wants to buy some fruits from a fruit seller at a market.

Dialogues/script will be given by the teacher in order to help them to act out the scene.

Examples : Fruit seller : Good morning, can I help you? Customers: Good morning, we would like to buy an apple, a guava, a pineapple and a mango. Fruit seller : Alright…here are the fruits. Customer : How much is it ? Fruit seller : RM6 only Customer : Here is the money. Fruit seller : Thank you and do come again. Customer : You are welcome.

This short role play can improve their speaking, reading and communication skills.

This activity is good to build up a good teamwork or cooperation among the pairs too.


FRUIT SALAD Realias ( real fruits ) Soya sauce Sesame seeds Bowl Spoon Plate

SHORT ROLE PLAY Sentence cards ( contain of the dialogues/scripts ) Small corner Fruits Table

# Word and picture cards of apple, guava, pineapple and mango.

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