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Name: Seventh Semester B.Tech. Degree Examination, October 2011 (2008 Scheme) 08.701: COMPUTER GRAPHICS (R) Time : 3 Hours PART - A Answer all questions 1. Distinguish between Raster scan display and Random scan display. 2. Define the following terms : i) .Resolution iii) Gray level value ii) Pixel iv) Interlaced scanning. Max. Marks 100

3. Mention the output primitives and their attributes which are used as building blocks of a picture. 4. How scanline algorithm are used for area filling ? 5. Define window to viewport transformation. 6. Draw the schematic of general 2-D transformation pipeline from modeling coordinates to final device coordinates. 7. Discuss about the techniques used for text clipping. 8. Define the following terms : i) Centre of projection iii) Isometric projection ii) Vanishing point iv) Oblique projection

9. What are the advantages of z-buffer algorithm ? Also discuss what is its major drawback. 10. What is meant by equalization in Image processing ? (10x4=40 Marks)

6233 PART - B 11.a) Explain briefly the working principle of various interactive graphics input devices. b) Explain DDA line drawing algorithm with example. OR 12. Explain the midpoint circle drawing algorithm. Find the pixel location approximating the first octant of a circle having a centre (10, 13) and a radius of 5 units using this algorithm. 13. a) Prove that the multiplication of 3-D transformation matrices for each of the following sequence of operations is commutative. i) Any two successive translations, ii) Any two successive scaling operations iii) Any two successive rotations about any one of the coordinate axes. b) What is meant by homogenous coordinate system ? OR

14. Why line clipping algorithms are not used for clipping polygons ? Explain Southerland Hodgeman Polygon clipping algorithm with an example. 15, a) Explain how scanline algorithm is used for visible surface detection, b) Discuss the back-face detection procedure. OR 16. a) Explain any two edge detectors in detail. b) Explain how scene segmentation and labeling are used with examples.

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