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Published by: Tara Bradley on Oct 20, 2011
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travel scents


Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils; whether breathed in or applied directly to the skin, the extracts can be used to address all manner of everyday ailments, including travel-related stressors from jet lag to digestive trouble. Here, two experts offer their advice on great solutions for common traveler concerns. by amy WeSterveLt
Jet Lag: Laurie Tarquati, aromatherapy expert at The Well Spa at the Miramonte Resort & Spa in Indian Wells, California, suggests 2 bringing along peppermint or lavender essential oil (or a combination of both) to inhale prior to and during your flight, train ride or boat trip, a trick she swears will keep jet lag at bay. StreSS: Run into a travel snag? “Ylang ylang is one of my favorite euphoric oils to slow down the heart rate and help to alleviate anxiety, nervousness, anger, tension and fear,” says Tara Grodjesk, 4 president and founder of


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TARA Spa Therapy. “I often put a drop or two on a tissue and wave it under my nose to breathe it in.” SLeep: Falling asleep in a strange place is rarely easy. To quiet the mind and get the body ready for bed, Grodjesk recommends an ayurvedic trick: massaging the feet with warm sesame oil. She suggests adding a few drops each of chamomile, marjoram and lavender as well, all of which are helpful for sleep. If a foot massage is not an option, Tarquati recommends dropping lavender and marjoram in a diffuser by the bed, or adding the oils to a warm bath. energy: To wake up in the morning and for a continued boost throughout the day, Grodjesk says, “a combination of lemongrass with rosemary will be stimulating and energizing. Breathe in the scent, then apply the oil to your pulse points and temples.” DigeStion: “Fennel or ginger essential oils rubbed right onto the stomach and abdomen work wonders,” Tarquati says. “I don’t need Pepto anymore!” Grodjesk adds peppermint to the mix, noting that a peppermint or fennel tea can also help.

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carefree carry-ons

5 1 h.WooD.beauty melt t glow lotion candle this organic candleturned-lotion has 100% natural soy, shea butter and coconut oil and burns for 70 hours. $44 2 narS the multiple shimmer up eyes, cheeks, lips or decolletage in one of 13 cream-to-powder, oilfree shades. $39 3 JoSie maran argan color stick infused with vitamin e and argan oil, this power stick clears complexions and adds color to cheeks and lips. $22 4 coLoreScience pro illuminating cleanser add water to this preservative-free mineral powder to create a foaming, makeupremoving cleanser. $37.50 5 eminence sun defense minerals spf 30 the six mineral powder shades are water-resistant with vitamins and minerals. $58 6 6 meLange perfumeS solid perfume blending palettes the four solid perfumes can be worn alone or blended; choose from five collections. $28

TSA screening is trouble-free with solids, sticks and powders.


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