American Slang/Idioms ● 9:00 ○ ○ 9:05 ○ ○ 9:10 ○

Welcome Take Attendance Distribute Handout 1 Explain that students will listen for each idiom as they watch the show and try to figure out what it means based on the context in the show

● ● ●

Show Andy Griffith Show “Farmer Takes a Wife” ■ Help students understand what’s happening in the show. ■ Try asking questions every 5 minutes or so to see how well they’re understanding. ■ Try asking “why”, “what”, or “how” questions. ■ Each time you come across an idiom (they’re already in order): ● Pause the show ● Ask students what they think the idiom means ● Read them the example sentences and have them guess what it means ● If students still can’t figure it out, read them the definition ● Then have students try to use the idiom in a role-play with a partner ● Then go on to the next idiom 10:30 - Give students a 15 minute break 10:45 - End of break ○ Give students Handout 2 10:50 ○ Show Andy Griffith Show “Farmer Takes a Wife” a second time straight through without stopping ○ Have students call out each idiom whenever they hear it in the show 11:15 ○ Divide students into groups of 2-4 (If there are enough students) and have them create a skit/role-play/tv show in which they use all 10 idioms. ○ Students will collaborate in writing the skit and practicing acting it out ○ Then have students perform their skits for each other or (if you only have one group) for you. ○ Optional: Use Handout 2 (don’t give it to the students) to quiz students on the idioms by reading them sentences but inserting the word “blank” where the idiom would be. Students try to guess which idiom would fit in the blank (you can do this in teams as a game if you like) ○ Optional: If you don’t fill all the time, you can give each student a National Geographic magazine and have them try to find pictures to go with each idiom or phrase

Pronunciation Call me if you have any questions! : ) 302-233-0395 .

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