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Interrobang issue for October 24th, 2011

Interrobang issue for October 24th, 2011

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The Halloween issue of the Interrobang features the top 10 scary movies, costume ideas for lazy people and a look at the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
The Halloween issue of the Interrobang features the top 10 scary movies, costume ideas for lazy people and a look at the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/



MONDAY 10-24
Forwell Hall – 7PM $2 ADVANCE

Call of Duty Tournament

FREE Comedy Nooner: Matt Baker
Forwell Hall – 12PM

FREE D1060 Theatre
D1060 – 8PM

Rocky Horror Picture Show

FREE OBS Comedy Night

Featuring: Derek Seguin & Jon Stienberg

First Run Film: Lyndsie McGregor
“Michael Myers from Halloween - the mask is the scariest part.”

Tony Lee gets set to hypnotize some volunteers during the XXX hypnotist's show on October 17th in Forwell Hall.

Paranormal Activity 3

10 Things I Know About You...
Quade Meloche
“Jeepers Creepers is the best movie. It’s so different; it’s more funny than scary.”

Rainbow Cinemas (in Citi Plaza) $3.50 STUDENTS | $5 GUESTS 2 Show Times

Jackson has a Simple Plan
Beth Jackson is in her first year of General Arts. “I’m me. I’m crazy, I’m loud and I’m a clown,” said Jackson. “I’ve taken all life has given me and done the best I could with it. I’m at Fanshawe to better myself and make my family proud, but mostly to prove that I can do it.” 1. Why are you here? To better myself for the future. 2. What was your life-changing moment? Being accepted to Fanshawe. I finally felt like I could be more than a high school drop out who got her grade 12 at 22.. 3. What music are you currently listening to? Simple Plan. 4. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Don’t do things for others, do them for yourself. 5. Who is your role model? My mom. She raised two kids on her own and proved that you can get back up no matter how many people push you down. 6. Where in the world have you travelled? Germany, France and England. 7. What was your first job? A booth wench at the Ontario Renaissance Faire. 8. What would your last meal be? Homemade mac and cheese. 9. What makes you uneasy? Tests and essays. 10. What is your passion? To become a high school history teacher and make kids love going to class again. Do you want Fanshawe to know 10 Things About You? Just head on over to fsu.ca/interrobang and click on the 10 Things I Know About You link at the top.

Forwell Hall – 12PM


FRIDAY 10-28
FREE New Music Night
Featuring: Searching for Satellites with Farewell to Freeway, Oceanborne & Ghostship Victoria
OBS – 9:30PM

Bill Kelly
“Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street - he’s the scariest one. He kinda looks like a scarecrow!”

Fanshawe at the Knights Knights vs. Attack
John Labatt Centre – 7:30PM $17 STUDENTS | $18 GUESTS




Daniel Perry
“The first Alien movie is the best. The amount of drama in it is really well done.”

Carolyn Wu
“I don’t watch scary movies because I don’t enjoy being scared.”

Drop by the Welco me Kiosk with your answer. Five win ners will be selected from correc t entries and we’ll notify winners by em ail. The Welcome Kio sk is open 8am – 4pm, Mond ay to Friday.




Beth Jackson gets skittish over tests and essays.

Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/



Student-area break and enters real cause for concern


Students from multiple Fanshawe programs worked side by side during Trauma and Treatment on October 13 at Easter Seals Woodeden Camp. The annual event provides valuable hands on experience for those who participate.

Trauma and Treatment a valuable learning experience

October 13: a call comes into the dispatch centre regarding an accident in the woods. A young male has had an accident involving a chainsaw. The paramedic team rushes out to the accident site and jumps out of the ambulance ready to treat the wounded man. The first thing they see is a grotesque sight: a man in a shed bleeding profusely, his leg on the ground nearly 20 feet away. The second thing they see is a film crew capturing the whole scene. This was how two solid days played out for the students of Fanshawe College’s Paramedic, Nursing, Police Foundations, TV Broadcasting, Theatre Arts and Advanced Filmmaking programs at the school’s annual Trauma and Treatment event. The event this year took place at the Easter Seals Woodeden Camp, just minutes outside the city. Similar to this past summer’s Exercise Peregrine event, Trauma and Treatment is a mock up designed to give students hands-on experience. In this case, the learning experience is largely focused on the Paramedic and Nursing students, as they receive calls to their dispatch centre of various traumas scattered around the campground. The Paramedic students must arrive on the scene as quickly as possible, treat the patient as well as they can and transport them to the “hospital” set up in one of the buildings on site where the Nursing students then take over. Students in the Theatre Arts program act out the traumas, and the Advanced Filmmaking students catch the action on film. For the AFM crew, the experience revolves around learning how to capture spontaneous moments as they occur. Advanced Filmmaking student John DuGray gave his thoughts on

the experience: “Trauma and Treatment is an excellent exercise that is beneficial for not only Advanced Filmmaking students, but also those training to be paramedics and police officers, as well as our Theatre Arts students … Not only do these emergency workers gain valuable experience dealing with crisis situations, the AFM students learn how to capture spontaneous moments without the safety net of another take.” “The Trauma and Treatment event is an incredible inter-disciplinary event that brings together students from Emergency Management, Emergency Telecommunications, Filmmaking, Television, Theatre Arts, Police Foundations, Health Sciences – Paramedics, Nursing and Office Administration,” explained Romy Goulem, a Trauma and Treatment coordinator and AFM Professor. “The simulated emergencies that these students encounter, no matter what field they are studying, are invaluable learning experiences.” Great measures are taken to keep the traumas under wraps so the Paramedic and Nursing students can react without prior knowledge of the incident, but they range from the everyday accident to the gruesomely unthinkable to a multi-casualty incident at the end of the second day. The victims of these incidents are Theatre Arts students completed with costumes, make-up and any bodily fluids that would go along with their trauma in a reallife situation. The sights, the smells and the screams are all brutally realistic. All of the students involved have certainly gained invaluable experience from this event, and for many it is not something they will soon forget. So, if you’re walking down the hall and hear someone talking about the guy who cut his leg off with a chainsaw in the woods, don’t worry!

A recent trend of residential break and enters is of particular concern to students in London. According to a media release sent out by the London Police Service, there have been numerous break and enters in areas mainly occupied by students, including the area around the University of Western Ontario as well as neighbourhoods near Fanshawe College. According to Fanshawe’s Security Supervisor Bob Earle, the only specific pattern of these break and enters is that they are occurring in student areas and many involve patio doors. “They’re cutting the screen out of the patio doors and entering that way. What’s happening is that the victims are securing their sliding screen door but not the glass door behind it, so (the thieves) just cut open the screen, reach in, slide the door across and they’re in.” Earle highlighted that there is also no particular time of day when these incidents are occurring. The London Police Service media release emphasized that the offender(s) have entered houses while occupants were home, and are mainly stealing electronics such as laptops and cell phones. Both Earle and the London Police urge students to lock their windows and doors, regardless of

whether or not they are home. Earle even suggested taking it one step further by getting a rod or stick to put in the track of sliding patio doors to further deter any break-ins. At the time of print, there were no suspects, but the London Police have found some forensic evidence that will help their investigation. One graduate of Fanshawe College had his apartment broken into on September 4, 2010. While attending Fanshawe, Alex Crocker was living in a threestorey apartment building on Langton Road near the college when his apartment was broken into. “We figure (but we don’t entirely know for sure) that we left the deadbolt unlocked and only locked the door handle, so they broke in that way.” While Crocker and some friends were out for dinner, the thief stole his 18.4-inch gaming laptop and his friend’s laptop, from his bedroom and living room respectively. “The really confusing thing about this is the hundreds of dollars of video games, three Xbox 360s, a Wii, a PS2, several other laptops and a Macbook that were sitting in the room (that weren’t stolen),” said Crocker. Though this incident occurred a year ago and is most likely not linked to the recent break and enters, the circumstances are very similar. “I definitely think students should

be more concerned about their stuff, make sure their doors are locked and do not leave things sitting in the open.” If you suspect that someone has entered your house while you’re home, Earle suggested leaving immediately, going to a neighbour’s house and calling the police. He offered similar advice for anyone who comes home to find their house has been forcibly entered, cautioning that someone may still be in the house so it is vital that the police are called before entering the house. “Don’t feel like you’re interrupting the police or inconveniencing them because your safety is paramount and that’s what they’re there for,” said Earle. If you suspect that someone has entered your home, or see a person in your neighbourhood who seems out of place or is acting suspiciously, call 911. For help with break and enter prevention, review Project Safeguard, a program implemented by the London Police to help people secure their homes, at tinyurl.com/LPSprojectsafeguard. If you have any information regarding the break and enters, call the London Police Service at 519-661-5670 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Information can also been sent in online anonymously at londoncrimestoppers.com.

Contest Ends November 30, 2011

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Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/

Fanshawe student diagnosed with meningococcal disease

Look into your future in November

On October 17, the MiddlesexLondon Health Unit advised Fanshawe College that a Fanshawe student had been diagnosed with meningococcal disease. A notice from the Health Unit has been posted on the My Fanshawe staff and student portal. Meningococcal disease is passed by nose and throat secretions and is not airborne. The disease is a strain of bacteria that consists of two conditions: meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord) and meningococcemia (infection of the bloodstream). Some symptoms include high fever, vomiting, sensitivity to bright lights, neck stiffness, joint pain, confusion and coma. Fanshawe’s Manager of

Corporate Communications, Leanne Perrault, advised students not to share lipstick, straws, water bottles, food or anything else that could transfer saliva. Students should read the notice posted on My Fanshawe or visit healthunit.com for more information on meningococcal disease symptoms. “If anybody’s feeling like they may have any of the symptoms, are feeling anxious or want more information … they could certainly go to the clinic here, they could go to their own health care provider or they could go to the Health Unit,” said Perrault. The Fanshawe College Health Services Medical Clinic is located in SC1001 and can be reached at 519-452-4230. To contact the Middlesex-London Health Unit, call 519-663-5317.

Hundreds of Language and Liberal Studies students received an email flyer for the University of Western Ontario information sessions being held this November. As students we could easily come up with a hundred reasons not to go, and that’s probably because most of us don’t know what we would be missing. Unless you’ve already been thinking about your future after Fanshawe, going to an hour-long information session for Western probably doesn’t seem as urgent as the endless number of projects due and midterms you have to prepare for in the next couple of weeks. Fanshawe College and UWO work together work on many programs offered at Fanshawe College such as Nursing, Media Theory and Production, Business Accounting and more. The information sessions are a great opportunity to find out what you need to know about collaborative programs if you think your future includes higher education. Even if you haven’t started to think about a

future after Fanshawe, taking advantage of the sessions could expand your possibilities beyond what you even thought was available to you. Every Tuesday at noon in November there is a different information session for each part of the university. Starting off on November 1 is the UWO main campus session that gives you an opportunity to learn more about a broad range of programs offered, ask questions and gain resources to find detailed information about the programs that might interest you. The next three weeks are devoted to presenting the opportunities available to you through Brescia, Huron or King’s University College. The last session is for the many Fanshawe students interested in the Music Industry Arts program. If you can’t attend your session, you can still find out tons of information by searching the Fanshawe College website for “degree pathways” or contacting Counseling and Accessibility Services in Room F2010. For more information on post-

secondary information sessions, contact Jan Robblee: 519-4524176. For information on ESL information sessions, contact Monica Venegas: 519-452-4430 ext. 4426 or Corrine Marshall 519452-4430 ext. 4358.

Fall 2011 Information Sessions
University of Western Ontario (Main Campus) Tuesday, November 1, 12 to 1 p.m. Room: D1041 Brescia University College Tuesday, November 8, 12 to 1 p.m. Room: Alumni Lecture Theatre - D1060 Huron University College Tuesday, November 15, 12 1 p.m. Room: D1041 King’s University College Tuesday, November 22, 12 to 1 p.m. Room: Alumni Lecture Theatre - D1060 Music Industry Arts Tuesday, November 29, 12 to 1 p.m. Room: D1041

New copyright bill may have negative impact

WATERLOO (CUP) — On September 29, Bill C-11 was introduced in the House of Commons, marking the fourth attempt to amend copyright legislation by the Government of Canada. The Copyright Modernization Act seeks to bring copyright law in line with technology, an important task given the vast amount of material available online. However, the Executive Director of Campus Stores Canada, Wayne Amundson, believes that it is “the exact same legislation as the last attempt” and will face many of the same challenges as its predecessor, C-32 of June 2010. Most specifically, he felt that its provisions will have a negative impact on Canadian students, who acquire much of their academic material online. The bill claims to offer absolute protection of copyrighted material through “digital locks,” while simultaneously offering a “fair dealing exemption” on material acquired for non-infringing purposes. For Amundson, it’s the unison of these two provisions that act as a barrier to progress. “I think that the absolute protection for digital locks undermine some of the positive steps in the proposed legislation; in particular, the fair dealings exemption for education,” he said. “This is an important academic right, and those in an academic institution should be able to use what they need without constant worry of violating copyright laws. However, the digital locks have the potential to remove the fair dealing provi-

sion altogether. “Many fail to address that there is a direct impact on textbook prices as a result of these digital locks,” he added. Under these locks, certain materials may be inaccessible as they will fall under different jurisdictions — blurring the distinction between what is or is not being used for infringement. Digital locks are not the only aspect that could pose a negative effect on access to materials for students. Brian Henderson, Director of Wilfrid Laurier University Press, noted that the education exemption itself can be problematic for the publishers and creators of materials used in classrooms. “There are millions and millions of pages that are copied and used for educational purposes every year in the country,” he said. “What happens is there would be no remuneration back to the rights holder.” Henderson added that the exemption would prevent further publications if writers and creators have no financial incentive to support their efforts when the main market — educational institutions — are exempt from copyright policies or tariffs. “It would impoverish the already narrow margin world of educational and scholarly publishing whose value added transforms raw material into something students can actually make use of,” he explained. The lack of specificity in the education exemption, according to Henderson, is due to the failure of finding common ground among all the stakeholders, from representatives of the education sector to

publishing and writing associations. “It’s a question of trying to get the sides to actually talk,” he said. Among the creators, distributors and users of copyright materials, support for Bill C-11 doesn’t appear to be mounting. Reiterating the problems with the provisions against breaking digital locks, Amundson concluded, “The general view within the

Campus Store community is that from a consumer point of view, specifically students, the digital lock provision goes too far. I think that maybe the act would be better received if these were not included.” Looking ahead with similar concerns about the bill’s effect on academic publishing, Henderson said, “Somebody is going to be able to fund scholarship and its development and its publication. If we

can’t collect any compensation by the sale of it then it’s either not going to happen or it’s going to have to be funded elsewhere.” “Looking for a business model here is going to be extremely interesting,” he added. Changes have yet to be made, as debate over Bill C-11 continues in the House of Commons.



Positions Available:
Rep for School of Information Technology Rep for School of Motive Power Rep for School of Health Sciences Come to SC 2001 for more details or email fsupres@fanshawec.ca The next SAC meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 24th at 6:00pm in SC2016. Please plan to attend if interested.

In an article in Volume 44 Issue 8 dated October 17, 2011 in Interrobang titled Substance abuse outreach on campus, incorrect information was printed about the Campus Recovery club at Fanshawe. The club is not currently active at time of print. Counseling and Accessibility Services meets with students and decides the best course of action on a case-by-case basis, often making use of community resources. To selfrefer for help with an addiction, contact the Thames Valley Addiction Services at adstv.on.ca or 519-673-3242.

5Questions for the School of Morgan Harris, SAC Rep
Language and Liberal Studies

1. What’s your perfect day like?

My perfect day would star t off by sleeping until 11 a.m., then having a nice bowl of Dino Egg Oatmeal. And then after playing a few hours of Harry Potter Lego on my PS3, I would have pizza for lunch, and then lounge on a hammock all afternoon while sipping piña coladas. In the evening, I would play an exciting game of softball, and finish the game off with a grand slam. As a peaceful end to my day, I would host a BBQ/bonfire on the beach where everyone is invited. And then I win a billion dollars. WOOHOO.

2. If you could switch places with anyone in the world, who would it be & why?

I have a few people in mind, such as Tyra Banks (because she’s beautiful), Morgan Freeman (because he’s awesome) or Francis Chan (because he’s so insightful), but I think I would most likely switch places with Buddy Valastro, also known as the Cake Boss. I love decorating cakes. And he decorates cakes, like a boss. And I like being on TV, and he’s on TV like, every day, because he’s a boss.

3. What’s your favourite word & why?

My favourite word would definitely be shenanigans. I first heard it when I was little on Scooby-Doo. Ever since then, it’s been getting a fair bit of usage in my daily vocabulary.

4. Where is the best place to eat on campus?

Well, since I’m a college student, sans job, my wallet constricts me to eat as a pauper. However, the Oasis has some pretty decent chicken fingers. (They also sell Nutella at the Oasis, too!)

5. Who was your favourite professor?

Professor Dumbledore. Hands down. Oh, you mean from Fanshawe? Well, Professor Jones and Professor Cunningham are pretty awesome, too.



Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/

En Garde! More on the art of fighting fair
Rose Cora Perry www.rosecoraperry.com

As our discussion of “dissociative anonymity” proved, having a disagreement with a stranger, even if it leads to verbal abuse, is an entirely different ballgame than arguing with someone with whom you have personal ties, either professionally or personally. Unfortunately, no matter how much you love or respect someone (and vise versa), sometimes things are still said and done that really can’t be taken back. Unlike what the childhood rhyme would suggest, words can AND do cause considerable pain. Emotions can be both wonderful and debilitating sensations, often simultaneously. As Courtney Love so eloquently put it, “I love so much I hate.” Because emotions, like psychoactive substances, can become overwhelming to one’s being (mentally, physically and spiritually), developing self-control, learning coping strategies and importantly, mature conflict resolution is essential to one’s very survival. In fact, as a course in criminology I once took taught me, the number one type of homicide occurs between two males, aged 18 to 24, fighting over the same female mate. Love can kill. In any argument, you will find yourself in one of two roles: that of the instigator or that of the retaliator. While both terms conjure up negative connotations, it’s important to understand that conflict in itself is NOT necessarily a bad thing. Rather, it’s how you deal with it that determines whether the outcome is positive or negative. In fact, many psychologists argue that conflict can be the breeding ground for both self and relationship growth. For example, though initiating emotional discussions is not anyone’s particular cup of tea, dealing with issues when they occur (as opposed to bottling up one’s feelings) is a more mature and healthy response in that it prevents resentment, which can lead to subconscious attempts to sabotage the offender, from building up. Likewise, while it may not be a pleasant experience to hear someone out in terms of how you’ve hurt or offended them (it bruises one’s ego, after all), allowing yourself to get defensive and failing to validate the other party’s feelings only ever makes small conflicts turn into maelstroms. With this said, if you’ve got to tango, you need to learn the moves. In any conflict: 1. It’s important to talk openly, calmly and honestly: If you don’t feel comfortable in expressing yourself candidly, you may want to contemplate what the relationship in question actually means to you. Those who love, respect and value you will accept you, warts

and all. That’s their job as is yours to reciprocate. Accordingly, if you’ve done something stupid, wrong, hurtful, whathaveyou, be mature and own up to it. Accepting responsibility for your actions is one of the first major steps to growing up. 2. To avoid defensive reactions that bar communications, learn to preface your complaints with statements of care: For example, before launching into how the offender has hurt you, say something gentle along the following lines: “I’d really like us to be able to have an open and mature relationship with each other so that we can better understand each other’s perspectives. With that said, I’d like to speak with you about what happened the other day. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but (this) and (this action) really hurt my feelings.” I know this may seem like a bunch of gobbledegook, but honestly, just making a few statements such as those above before participating in a full-on emotional discourse can save you from getting into a further conflict about the argument itself! There are a few important aspects of the above preface worth mentioning: a) the emphasis on what you desire in your relationship with the other person. By stating outright how much you value the other person, their perspective and what ideally you’d like to work toward with them relationshipwise, it minimizes the chance of a defensive reaction by reaffirming your words are coming from a place of care and a desire to fix issues, rather than create them. b) the emphasis on ‘speaking with’ the individual, rather than ‘speaking to’ them. Subtle changes in word phrasing can result in dramatic effects, both for the better or worse. By using the expression ‘speak with’ in this context rather than ‘speak to,’ it illustrates your desire for cooperative non-confrontational discussion as opposed to lecturing or belittling, which again, for obvious reasons, will minimize the chance of a defensive reaction. c) the emphasis on owning your feelings. Again, though subtle, stating that you felt hurt (i.e.: an ‘I statement’) as opposed to “YOU HURT ME” (i.e.: a ‘You statement’) makes a world of difference in terms of the reaction it’ll merit. By owning your feelings in discussions, it allows you to explain your point of view, while at the same time compelling the offender to validate your feelings by demonstrating empathy. 3. If there’s a chance things will get heated, set ground rules for discussion, such as allotting each speaker a time limit to express their concerns, while making it clear that personal attacks will not be tolerated: If one or both parties begins to “brickwall” (i.e.: gets so emotional that there’s no logic in their words and they’re effectively only spewing fire from a defensive stance), it

may be best to leave the “scene of the crime” until you’ve both had a chance to cool down. Note, however, that it’s important to not leave the discussion hanging in limbo for too long as that too could breed further problems. 4. Avoid both saying and accepting the “I’m fine” statement: In a word, it’s b.s. If there’s a distinct frustration, anger, annoyance, etc. in someone’s tone of voice and they tell you “I’m fine,” don’t buy it. That’s not license to poke and prod them, however, as this will likely only piss them off further. A more successful approach would be stating something along the lines of, “I don’t wish to irritate you, but it seems to me there is something on your mind. If you’d like to speak about it, I’d be happy to listen. I’m just concerned.” As with the last suggested phrasing, there are some key aspects to point out here: a) the emphasis on not wishing to create further problems and a genuine concern for the individual’s wellbeing. By including both of these considerations in your approach, it should help the individual feel “safe” in expressing their concerns as well as calm any anger that may be brewing, even if what has gotten them riled up in the first place directly involved something you said or did. b) the use of “it seems to me” and “I’m concerned”: Again, both of these phrasings indicate an owning of your emotions without putting words into the other party’s mouth. If the individual is using the “I’m fine” statement, the last thing you want to do is assume you know what’s bothering them. NEVER assume anything in a conflict – people will and do surprise you. c) the emphasis on when THEY’D like to speak about what’s ailing them. You’ve effectively put the ball in the other person’s court, BUT, IMPORTANTLY, ALSO indicated you’d like to resolve the issue. This demonstrates a mature approach and again should help the individual open up in a more timely and calm manner. 5. ALWAYS avoid childish “I told you so”-like remarks as well as passive aggressiveness (i.e.: acting like everything is fine, only to turn around seemingly out of nowhere and explode): I believe this is self-explanatory. 6. Learn the art of forgiving and letting go: You’ve heard the expression, “focus on the task at hand.” While usually uttered in reference to the workplace, it would do you a great service to also employ this when it comes to conflict resolution. Ongoing guilttripping is psychological abuse intended to manipulate and establish unfair power dynamics in a relationship. It’s a low move and accomplishes nothing ... nothing positive, anyway. Conflicts, as I stated near the beginning of

this piece, can serve as a tremendous source of growth, but that’s only if you allow yourself and others to move forward, learn from your mistakes and let go. As for forgiving others, set limits and know them. Some acts are altogether unforgiveable – that’s a given – but remember, forgiveness benefits you just as much as the offender. Studies have proven that maintaining grudges not only affects individuals on an emotional level, but further can affect one’s physical health. The same goes for living with guilt. And finally… 7. Remember, there is a HUGE difference from the listener’s perspective in terms of being outright called a derogatory comment VERSUS having one’s actions labelled as symptomatic of that derogatory comment (i.e.: “You are a bitch” vs. “You are being a bitch”): Yes, that’s right, folks, for clarity purposes, I’m referencing yet again the concept of the “personal attack.” The former statement above implies a permanent character trait that one cannot change, while the latter points out that while you are clearly displeased with the individual’s current choices/behaviour, you still love/respect them. Criticize actions, not individuals. In other words, this week’s lesson: fight fair.

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Letters to the Editor

How the Copyright Modernization Act will affect Canadians
Dear Editor: My name is Devon Reese and I am going to discuss what is on every Canadian’s mind: the C-11 Bill to amend the Copyright Modernization Act. This bill’s main purpose is to enforce the concept of Digital Locks, which can be stamped on products consumers buy. If the lock is broken, the infringer is subject to criminal charges. In other words, if a product has a digital lock, the consumer cannot, for example, send a song from a hard copy CD that was purchased to a multimedia device such as an iPod, rendering it illegal. The bill is currently in the process of the Second Reading in the House of Commons, or the debate whether to pass the bill or reject it. The NDP – specifically in British Columbia, who debated on October 18 – believe if the bill should be passed, it must be strongly modified to justify both the corporation and their consumers. The NDP, like every other federal party, wants a balance between both the consumer and the corporation in the market and service industry. Initially when the bill was first issued to the House of Commons, Heritage Minister James Moore mentioned that bill is to adjust Canadian Copyright Laws so they “are flexible, modern and in line with current international standards.” The problem is the bill is being structured based on America’s Copyright Laws, which have failed to point out that offenders of copyright who pirate on the web have methods to back-door these laws in the country. This will lead to acting like America’s standards of copyright in the grounds that it would benefit corporations and hinder consumers should the bill be passed. Furthermore, Canada’s current copyright laws allow consumers who have legitimately purchased a product, be it a video game or song, to create a backup or copy it to a multimedia device, but if C-11 CMA is passed, this process would be considered illegal. Therefore the bill does help corporations; however, they, like the creators of the product in the business, make enough money as it is: an average revenue between $1 to 2 billion a year. Their consumer line is being affected since a major part of our technological society is to use various media or methods to ensure we have use of the product we purchased. Tacking on a bill that forbids this process to either back-up what we purchased online or copy a file from one medium to another would disrupt the way we work in everyday life, business or personal. In a nutshell, if the bill is passed with no modifications, corporations would get what they want: money and more of it, and we, the consumers, would lose more money. So to all the people here in London: talk with the MP in your riding and say NO to this bill before it gets passed to the next level of debate in the House of Commons! Sources: tinyurl.com/bsookmanCMA tinyurl.com/cdngovCMA Legislation/House of Commons Channel (Rogers Cable Channel 97) Devon Reese

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“Evolution” in politics

OccupyLondon, etc.: What if it fizzles?

Students have been joining Occupy events around the world these past few weeks, including in London. The OccupyLondon Facebook page claims solidarity with OccupyWallStreet, OccupyToronto, and protests in other cities. Some are drawing comparisons with other protest movements, especially the student protests in the U.S. and Canada in the 1960s. American students had a lot more to worry them than we did in Canada: they feared being drafted into the army to fight in Vietnam. As with protests of that time, the Occupy movement has become a catalyst for concern about a number of important stress points. Perhaps it started with the observation that a number of leaders of major financial institutions – the now infamous “one per cent” – are making a killing while companies shut down and unemployment rises. But other concerns are being brought into the mix. These include concerns over poverty, militarization, access to education and the global environmental crisis. There are, however, differences between 1960s movement and the Occupy protests. Most notably there is not a collection of impressive poets, songwriters (such as Bob Dylan), political activists, social activists, philosophers and lawyers gathering to support the movement we are seeing today. This is one big reason the movement could fizzle quickly. A look at web postings and Occupy videos shows crowds of (sort of) enthusiastic people, but, as yet, no narrative or rhetoric to give the movement much forward motion. If it fizzles, does that mean that the concerns raised have been revealed as of no consequence and that everyone can carry on as


if nothing has happened? My understanding is that we have all been created by God to be concerned for our neighbours – including those who are far removed from where we live and study – and to care for the planetary home that is a gift from him. Christian faith, a Christian understanding of the world, is thus a catalyst for protest and activism. We are called to be active in pursuit of good for all persons and the world. That calling is not dependent on the work of artists or the megaphoneannouncements made at rallies. It is inherent in our being persons. So, if the Occupy movement goes nowhere, that’s not the end. We can still be active in pursuit of fairness for people on the margins such as youth at risk and students dealing with learning disabilities. We can still speak out when industries pollute the Thames River and the western breezes that drift over London. We can still ask of political leaders and college administration that they serve well. If the movement goes nowhere we can still ask of educators that they pay much more attention to ethics than they may be used to. In a recent online article by Craig and Marc Kielberger, called Occupy the next

generation of Wall Street, they claim that business ethics is the answer. They comment on a program called Transcendent Leadership offered at the University of Western Ontario’s Richard Ivey School of Business. “It’s designed to teach future business leaders to make strategic decisions that align with personal values. These values are refined through self-reflection and the study of core virtues: humanity, justice and courage, along with accounting and economics.” The Kielbergers state, “While the Occupy protesters rally on Bay Street ... to oust the old guard, Canada’s next generation of corporate leaders are developing responsible business ethics.” That sounds simplistic and over-confident. Nevertheless, the ethics education provided for business leaders (at the Ivey School of Business and other business schools) hopefully will be one of the pieces that makes a positive contribution to the future. On a micro scale, we can all renew our efforts to live in ways that reduce our impact on the environment and that emphasise local production and local community building. And that’s where I have to leave it for today.

Now that all of the election fun is behind us, the time has come to see if Dalton McGuinty will follow up on his campaign promises. The unfortunate truth? They may never happen. Yes, he promised $1,600 applied against university tuition in January with $730 for college students, but will we ever see that money? The answer is not as readily available as one would hope. In terms of law, there is nothing that states that candidates are required to follow through with promises made during the election campaign. In short, they can say anything they want to get your vote and are not obligated to act on it if elected. Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when Canadian Supreme Court Justice Paul Rouleau has said that anyone who believes a campaign promise is “naïve?” This evolution in politics, where leaders now appear to the public as hypocritical, is driving a wedge between Canadians and our government. It seems that the government is less and less interested in representing the opinions of its constituency, but is instead catering exclusively to the popular vote. So what was Justice Paul Rouleau’s advice for holding Ontario politicians, in this case Dalton McGuinty, to their election promises? Wait till the next election. It is the responsibility of the people to make their opinion heard by not electing or re-electing a known promise-breaker. So in the province of Ontario, this means four years of breathing room before the next provincial election brings another round of promises. But a lot can happen in four years; the Liberals might want to lower the legal drinking age to 12. Obviously this is not in the best interest of the province, but how do you remove a Canadian politician when they’re obviously unfit to be in a position of power? You don’t. Seriously. In the United States there’s a process known as impeaching, in which a public official can be charged with misconduct and removed from office. No such provision exists in Canada. The closest thing we have is recall legislation in British Columbia. Said provision is exclusive to the province but entails that if a petition gains enough signatures from residents of an individual riding, the position becomes vacant and a re-election is declared. Until now, Ontarians were helpless to overthrow our Premier. The Liberals only managed to achieve a minority government. Missing just one seat that would have given them a majority has left the party vulnerable. It is now in McGuinty’s best interest to cater to the opposition, and as unwieldy as it may sound, this method is used widely by the international community. In the North American and British parliamentary systems for some reason it’s considered wrong to work with a spirit of cooperation. If McGuinty can take a hint and try to work with the other parties instead of against them, the next four years should be ones where Ontario’s government finally delivers.

Great issue
Dear Editor: I have been extremely impressed with Interrobang this year. Your latest edition spotlighting various addictions was informative. I’m quite proud to be an Interrobang reader. K. Faye

Gesture praised
Dear Editor: I’d like to thank the gentleman who took the time to help me out during a moment of frustration in Oasis. Your kindness and words helped put things in perspective. J. Bugel



Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/

Advantages tax-free savings accounts offer students

We’re nearing the halfway point of first semester. Hopefully things are going well for you thus far both in class and in managing your money. For some of us with student loans, this is the first time we’ve handled such a large sum of money and it can be difficult to know what kind of account you should deposit that huge OSAP cheque into. A few weeks back I went over budgeting tips for the school year. The Fanshawe Financial Society was also stationed in the Student Centre building the week of October 17 to offer budgeting advice to other students and to talk to students generally about saving money while in college. This week, I’m going to focus on where your money ought to be sitting during the school year: a tax-free savings account. A TFSA is exactly as it describes: a savings account where interest accumulates tax free. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a savings account; it could also include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and term deposits such as GICs. If you are at least 18 years old, you can open one and deposit up to $5,000 per year. Placing any unused student loan money into a TFSA is a great idea because a TFSA will allow you to earn interest that will not be taxed. TFSAs are also fairly liquid, meaning you can get access to them at any time once you need to. They’re not locked in, like RRSPs. Putting some of your loan in a TFSA is a much better idea than keeping the entire amount in your chequing account, because chequing accounts usually cost money. You shouldn’t be paying the bank to hold your money, the bank should


be paying you for the privilege. A TFSA is one way you can make them do that. Also, if you don’t have a student chequing account set up, talk to your bank right away. You may even be able to get any fees incurred discounted back to the beginning of the school year. You also shouldn’t pay more in taxes than you need to. You can withdraw any amount from a TFSA at any time totally tax free, so you can put up to $5,000 in per year and take it out whenever you want to without being taxed. Make sure to check with your bank, though, to see if there are banking fees associated with withdrawals. If you want to have the money available to you as quickly as possible during the school year and avoid a term deposit, just open a standard savings account as a TFSA so that you are less likely to be penalized by the bank for withdrawing. If you received a lump sum of, say, $3,000 from OSAP, you might

want to keep about $1,000 in your chequing account (some banks require at least $1,000 to maintain fee-free status) and put the $2,000 in a TFSA where it will accumulate interest. The interest it generates will only be a few bucks, but it is tax free. Also, understanding how a TFSA works early in your life will be of great benefit to you when you’ve graduated and are working full-time and fortunate to be earning enough to be able to contribute the $5,000 annual max. You’ll already have a head start against your peers in understanding how TFSAs work, and you’ll be able to put that knowledge to its full advantage. More info can be found at tfsa.gc.ca. Jeremy Wall is studying Professional Financial Services at Fanshawe College. He holds an Honour’s Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario.


Rex Crain’s inspirational novel Life Lift.

Life coach reaches out to London and Fanshawe

Fanshawe Pioneer Village gives a hauntingly good performance

Fraud. Murder. Mistaken identities. These are the elements that set the scene for this year’s Haunted Village Hayrides at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. Each year the historic village puts on a play of sorts; tractors pull spectators around the village on large carts full of hay to various locations where scenes are played out by actors. The story is told in quick moments until all the tractors converge for the play’s grand finale. This year, The Cultured Criminal penned by local writer Robyn Israel, will be performed. Based on the true story of the Birchall-Benwell Affair, the play revolves around a couple who has recently moved from England to a farm in Oxford county in 1890. The wife, Florence, is troubled by the fact that her husband Rex seems to have a dual identity. Rex

tells his fellow Oxford county residents that he is in fact Lord Birchall, a member of the English aristocracy, when he is merely a scam artist. Rex convinces a pair of his fellow Englishmen that he owns a farm in Oxford County that will make them all rich, if only they buy into his business. One flees in terror after Rex turns violent during a trip to Niagara Falls, and the other is found dead in the Blenheim swamp. The play’s finale brings the audience to the Birchall’s murder trial. The actors, who are largely local London talent, vary from scene to scene, and work on alternating nights, making a solid cast list impossible. Multiple actors play the roles of Rex and Florence as multiple scenes play out simultaneously for the various tractor groups. The best part of the Haunted Village Hayrides is the interactive element. Tour guides ride along on

the hay carts, giving the audience information about the village buildings vast history. The actors interact freely with the audience, and replica newspapers are distributed during the trial. More than just live theatre, the Haunted Village Hayrides offer a truly entertaining experience for those who brave the weather to watch the show. The plays run, rain or shine, October 21 to 23 and 27 to 29 with hour-long performances at 7, 8 and 9 p.m. on Thursday and Sunday nights and 7, 8, 9 and 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Tickets go for $11 per person, and are more than worth the cost for the experience you will get. So bundle up (it gets cold on the hay carts) and head on out the Fanshawe Pioneer Village’s Haunted Village Hayrides. You don’t want to miss this. For more information, visit fanshawepioneervillage.ca.

Motivational speaker Rex Crain took the stage on October 15 to speak to business owners at the Ukrainian Reception Centre in London. Crain delivered a lively performance to a passionate crowd of over 100 people. He began his presentation by identifying the goals and dreams of his audience. He continually asked the audience to complete the phrase: “My name is... and my life is about...” Crain believes that you have to know who you are and what your life is about before you can achieve your ambitions. The energetic man then shared the inspirational stories of Stevie Wonder, Socrates and Walt Disney in an attempt to both entertain and connect with the crowd. He also included his own personal stories of struggle and success in his career, relationships and education. Crain has been a motivational speaker and life coach for more than 14 years. He travels more than 250 days of the year to reach out to over 30 nations. Crain’s emotional performance brought many of the audience members to tears. One older woman stated that Crain made her feel like she wanted to “run out into the world and make a difference.” Others said that he was captivating, inspiring and overwhelming. Many of these audience members were already familiar with Crain’s history and motivational techniques. Among these techniques is his 90-Day Life Lift Challenge. The campaign’s slogan, “Do Different,” summarizes Crain’s key principle of changing

to be a better person. He helps the participants to develop the tools needed to overcome fears and challenges, envision and achieve a rewarding life and make lifechanging decisions. Crain has also released an inspirational book titled Life Lift, which is based on the same principles as the 90-Day Challenge. His book features quick, easy-toread chapters and bits of advice for the busy reader. While much of his message is spiritual in nature and his audience of an older age group, Crain is still able to connect to younger, less religious individuals as well. He says he is able to help people from all walks of life because everyone wants to make changes in their life. The life coach has worked with entertainers, musicians and athletes and says that this is where the real heroes are. “These teenagers have the courage to break away from the crowd and do something with their talent that has never been seen before,” he said. And he is no novice to the idea of turning away from the crowd. At the age of 18, Crain turned down a second season with the Boston Red Sox to pursue his dream of life coaching. He managed to break into the field, even without completing an education in public speaking. Crain explained that it is not your education that makes you who you are; it is your dreams and achievements. He wished to leave Fanshawe students with this piece of advice: “Not everyone will understand the dreamer in you. Refuse to live the way everyone else wants you to live.”



Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/

Musician taking the alternate route
When music doesn’t cut it as a career, many musicians are thinking of postsecondary as a back-up plan

Zenith Myth on top of the world

Most of us have dreamed of the rock star lifestyle at some point or another; to join a band, write some hits, get signed to a record label, drop out of school and make a living rocking out. For some of us, those dreams faded years ago, along with the dreams of being a superhero or astronaut, but for others the dream still lives on. I’m sure that many of you reading this can name at least one person in your program in a band (except Music Industry Arts students, who can name at least 50) or name one band featuring a Fanshawe student or graduate. It seems that although the rock star dream may remain for many people who don’t see music as just a hobby; they have realized that post-secondary education is a wise route in case the dream falls through. Second-year MIA student Justis Krar is one of those students. Krar, who is currently involved in a number of musical projects including Hunters and Anglers, TV Freaks and Marine Dreams, who were just signed to You’ve Changed Records, started playing music the same way many others have. Looking up to those older than him, Krar and his friends started jamming in parents’ garages as it was just the thing to do in the small town of Welland, Ontario. Over the years as his playing has progressed, Krar had looked into the MIA program at Fanshawe as a back-up. While his love of music pushed him towards the program, Krar quickly discovered how, although a back-up plan seemed wise as “you can’t always make it big,” it became a way to further his playing. “I knew that I would learn all aspects of the music industry,” said Krar. “Playing is just a small portion of it. There’s so much more to the business and artist development.” Although Krar is well on his way to graduation, he did not hold back on saying that if the opportunity arose, music would become a career for him. “I know that my future will be

music. I just don’t know what it is yet.” A calculated 75 per cent of musicians around the city and on campus stated that they are currently in post-secondary or have graduated from post-secondary as a means of finding a career path that will “get parents off your back,” although about 20 per cent of that number only play music as a hobby and do not have any future plans in the field. The question is, when does music stop becoming a thing of passion and more of a reachable future goal? “To make it in music, you need to be able to reach the next step. I think a lot of people don’t know what that is,” said Krar. “Being in the MIA program has really opened the door for me as I’ve learned what I need to achieve if I want to make music a career for myself. Music is just a hobby if you don’t figure out how to take the next step.” For someone who has taken that step and made music their future like Andy Bishop, school may always be the alternate route, but it’s one that will always be available. Bishop, bass player for Yukon Blonde, who recently played at the Out Back Shack, always knew that music was what he wanted to do with his life, but went to postsecondary as a back-up. Now with Yukon Blonde, who are based out of British Columbia and signed to Bumstead Records, Bishop had to take a step back from his Master’s degree as it was too difficult to juggle school with practice and being on the road. “I know I made my choice to play music long before school was an option,” said Bishop. “But school isn’t going anywhere and you always have your youth.” Even though the band is currently on tour promoting a new record being released next year, Bishop fully plans to return to Vancouver and finish his degree when things calm down with the band. So for those of you who wish to make a career in music, always push for the next step, but remember that there’s nothing wrong with a back-up plan, especially since it’ll always be available. Look out for Yukon Blonde’s second full-length album to be released next year, as well as TV Freaks’ and Marine Dreams’ debut albums, which will be available in the near future.

I write about random things a lot. I write a lot about random things. Sometimes, however, fate puts together some of the most random stories you’ll ever hear. Take the story of Zenith Myth, Canadian Mike Edwards’ new prog rock project that marries modern rock and rock textures with a classic rock element. After living married in Los Angeles, Edwards found himself turning to music to cope with the literal and emotional displacement he felt after divorce. Throwing himself deep into music, he recorded an incredible debut album with a remarkable list of guest musicians, including Grammy Award–nominated Meshell Ndegeocello, Mike Bloom (guitarist for Julian Casablancas), Brandon Wars, Paul D’Amour (Tool), Gilden Tunador, Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker The Star, producer), Melissa Auf der Maur and Broken Social Scene’s Sam Goldberg. The result is a stunning work, a vessel that overflows with style and texture and spills out across genres like classic rock, trip-hop, industrial and garage to create something truly experimental, a progressive rock album that actually progresses in theme and nature. “Last year I got divorced and I moved to New York for a year, to get a change of pace in my life a bit,” Edwards recalled, thinking back on the start of the journey. “I found myself in upstate New York and I decided what better way to put my energy into something than

to make a record? I started out with very modest intentions and one thing led to another and my friends chimed in and said they’d love to help.” “I was really lucky. A lot of them are good friends, like Melissa I’ve known for years because I used to live in Montréal. She offered to do a song or two and laid down an incredible bassline on one of the songs. Sam from Broken Social Scene is an old buddy from Toronto ... it’s a very family-oriented record in that regard — all the people that played as guests are my very close friends.” The one exception, Edwards explained, was Ndegeocello. Often credited for starting the American neo-soul movement, Ndegeocello is an artist that can’t be pinned down to a particular style or direction musically. “She was living literally across the street from me in New York,” Edwards explained. “I bought a few of her records so that I could find out who my neighbour was, and then when I was doing (the title track), I thought, ‘Whoa, I need a black, soulful, Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon kind of vocal for this piece.’ She agreed to do it once I told her my philosophy and what I was doing, I was really happy about that.” According to Edwards, working with so many artists was a surprisingly painless ordeal — all of the artists in question were happy to take direction and really collaborate on the music, contributing instrumentation and vocal lines throughout. The respect for the project itself extended not only from the guest artists but from Edwards himself; his appreciation and respect for the contributions to his record are as apparent as his love of a wide range of rock sound.

“Jordon (Zadorozny) and I really hit it off, the guy was magic. I would play a part for 10 minutes and he would take the best bits and process them in a way I was happy with, and it was automatic. There was no discord, we really gelled in a way that was inexplicable, one of the best times I’ve ever had in a studio.” Now complete, the self–titled album is widely released on October 25 and represents 47 of the best minutes you’re going to spend listening to music this year. Edwards calls these nine songs a breakup album, but it honestly feels more like a beginning; while the record may have spawned out of heartbreak, it leaves behind a feeling that there is more to come. “I don’t even know if I would have made a record had I not been searching for something else in my life. I always fall back on music, but this was different — I thought, ‘I’m going to create something out of this difficult time.’ People often say that art is created at the lowest moments, in some of the most difficult times, and Zenith Myth came about because of that very thing.” To learn more about Zenith Myth or to listen to the record in full, visit zenithmyth.com. One can dare to hope Edwards will soon bring his rock show to London, however in the meantime if you like what you hear, consider dropping Edwards a line on Facebook or on Twitter @zenithmyth. And for more of the latest music news, views and streams, follow me on Twitter @fsu_bobbyisms, on Tumblr at bobbyisms.com, or by checking out the conversation in the Music Recommendations thread in our FSU social network. Have another great week, I’m out of words.

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Mana Tourism

Find out if you are eligible.


Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/



My 15 minutes with … Shout Out Out Out Out

Shout Out Out Out Out is no stranger to the spotlight. In 2007, this Edmonton-based band was nominated for a Juno for their very first full-length album Not Saying/Just Saying which was released in 2006. On October 16, I was lucky enough to chat with Nik Kozub, lead singer of Shout Out Out Out Out, and ask him a couple questions. What is it like being in a band with six members versus a band of, say, four? “It is logistically more difficult, for sure. It’s harder for us to physically get around and get together to write stuff. Everything is a little bit tougher in terms of those logistics. It’s also more expensive to tour, but everybody in the band is really important to the band, and luckily all six of us get along really well. I’ve already been in bands where you get along with people but there are also a lot of bands with two people and they can’t get along, and we are lucky enough to have six and be buds.” What did it feel like when you found out you all were nominated for a Juno? “Well, it was pretty surprising.

For a lot of us, this is not our first band. We’ve been playing in various bands for a long time, and I think we’ve all been kind of surprised that this is the band where people finally seem to care and that’s great and we feel really, really lucky. When we were nominated for the Juno, in my mind we were still just getting started, and for us to get that kind of mainstream recognition for what we are doing was a pretty big honour and also kind of shocking. We still felt like goofy kids at that point.” What’s the best thing about being on tour? “The best part about touring is definitely playing the shows. Every other part of it sucks. You’re getting no sleep, spending all day in a van, driving, hauling gear and eating poorly. But playing the shows is great. We’ve done a fair amount of touring in the U.S. as well as Canada and we’ve also done Europe a couple times. It’s awesome to get to go to those places, but really what you do see is the hotel and the club and whatever fast food is nearby, unless you get a couple days off. So, I’d say the best part is actually playing the shows and hanging out with my friends in my band. We also have

some friends we have met along the way in cities like New York where we play repeatedly. We have friends there now, so it’s nice to see them while on tour.” What can we expect from Shout Out Out Out Out in the next year? “We’ve been working on music quite a lot, so the plan at this point is to release two EPs this year. The first one should be out late fall or early winter of this year and then we are hoping to do another EP in the spring. We’re basically doing an album this year but just splitting it in two.” Can you give us any hints as to what to expect from the album? “For the people who have heard some of the new tracks – and we are playing some of the new songs in the live show now, so if people come and see us play, they will hear some of the new ones – it is slightly different from our previous stuff, but it’s not a huge left turn or anything. It’s still danceable; we’re still using a lot of analog synths and making a lot of spacy sounds. I think that we’re really conscious of letting the songs breathe this time around, and there is a lot of nice bass and good grooves on it. I’m really happy with how things are


Shout Out Out Out Out during some down time in Dawson City while on tour in the United States. going. It may be a bit of a slower record, but not that much. It’s still danceable.” Shout Out Out Out Out will be in London on October 25 at Call The Office. To see daily tour blogs/videos from the band and for more information, check out their website at shoutoutoutoutout.com.

My 15 minutes with … Bison B.C.

Bison B.C. holds nothing back when it comes to their music. Since 2008, this heavy metal band has released two full-length albums entitled Quiet Earth and Dark Ages. Even with losing their previous drummer earlier this year, the guys are still going full force. On October 12, the lead singer of Bison B.C., James Farwell, took the time to talk to me over the phone for a quick interview. You have been on tour for the past two months in Canada and in parts of the United States. What has that been like? “It’s been really good. We had most of the year off because we

lost our drummer at the beginning of the year, so we weren’t really doing much. But we got a new drummer and we started practicing with him, breaking him in, so this is like the first time we really hit the road. We were all really hungry for it and we have been having an absolute blast.” Can you explain what living in Vancouver has given you guys inspirationally and musically? “Well, I guess there are a couple of things. As a musician, it’s a pretty daunting city. There aren’t a lot of places to play. I think that if you are really serious about your music, it kind of takes that much more to become involved with the scene there. I think the city is

designed against musicians. It’s no fun city, but we do our best. It’s getting better, but I think it makes you a better musician because you are more passionate about it.” Is there a third album in the works?

“Yeah, we started doing a little bit of writing before we hit the road on this tour, so the plan is when we get back to Vancouver just in time for drearily depressing, unimpressive rainfall and then we write equally brutally depressing, angry

music.” Bison B.C. were in London on October 21 at Call The Office. You can check out the band on MySpace at myspace.com/bisoneastvan and on Twitter at @bison_bc.




Bison B.C. made a stop in London on October 21 at Call the Office.



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Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/

Top 10 apocalypses we should worry about more than the zombie apocalypse


With all the healthy benefits pumpkins offer, you’ll be smiling too!

Pump up the flavour!
Nutrition Ambition
Emily Nixon

With Halloween fast approaching, pumpkins are at their annual peak of popularity, and it’s no wonder: these gourds are probably the most versatile vegetable in North America. Symbolic of the autumn season, pumpkins are used as crop, decoration and carving craft, and they have been a festive flavour in everything from ice cream to lattes. Of course, everyone’s favourite pumpkin dish is the iconic pastry: pumpkin pie. Delicious? Undoubtedly. Nutritious? Not so much. Fortunately, when you take away the added fats and sugars from this indulgent dish, you are left with an ingredient that is as healthy as it is orange. Pumpkins themselves are highly overlooked for their positive nutritional benefits. During the fall season, pumpkins can be grown fresh, stored to last for up to six months or purchased canned year-round. Characteristic of its bright colour, pumpkins are chock-full of vitamins, minerals and the antioxidant beta carotene. They are also very high in fibre and relatively low in carbohydrates. One cup of mashed pumpkin (245 g) contains only about 50 calories, is fat-free and provides over 10 per cent of your daily recommended fibre. The seeds of pumpkins are

another unexpected source of nutrition. Roasted up in the oven, they provide a good source of protein, magnesium and zinc. They are also an excellent source of the amino acids tryptophan and glutamate. Tryptophan is converted into serotonin, which is a beneficial neuro-chemical that has been labelled “nature’s sleeping pill.” With a little seasoning sprinkled on top, roasted pumpkin seeds become a crunchy and guilt-free snack that will satisfy your tastebuds. Pumpkins can be used in a wide variety of recipes through baking, boiling, stewing or frying. To make your own pumpkin puree, simply pierce the raw pumpkin a few times with a serrated knife to create holes for steam ventilation. Next, place the whole pumpkin on a baking sheet, and stick it in the oven at 360°F for about an hour or until it is soft enough to slide a knife into with ease. After the pumpkin has cooled, use a spoon or kitchen tongs to remove the seeds and stringy innards. The fleshy part of the pumpkin should now be easy to clean and blend up for your cooking creations! It’s not difficult to see why this vine-growing vegetable has become an autumn staple for generations. Its shape, colour and polished skin give a cheerful appearance to any porch or windowsill. Add a knife, a little skill and a bit of creativity, and you have a grinning jack-o-lantern … and later, a snack!

To be watchful is not the same thing as being afraid. While for years we’ve been preparing for the zombie apocalypse, we’ve sadly been overlooking many far more real threats already in motion. It remains to be seen whether the world will end at the close of 2012, but it’s a safe bet to say that zombies won’t be the cause... although they could yet be an after-effect of the real cataclysm, we can’t be sure of that at this time. Below are a number of issues far more pressing given today’s socioeconomical climate — prepare and beware. Robot Apocalypse Don’t get me wrong, not every robot everywhere will be against us; it’s just that oil is thicker than water and they can’t die. If they’re smart enough to log our Internet passwords and start our cars remotely, they’re smart enough to know we’re the losing team. Bankruptocalypse If the United States slips too much further into financial crisis, they’re going to look to consume an unassuming, friendly nation nearby, like a group of hungry people stranded on a desert island. Watch for the attack to come in the summer months, though. iPocalypse Sure, Apple has never gone on record as an evil corporation. But with iPods, iPads and iPhones in the hands and pockets of millions of us, how can they resist the allure of the dark side? And now Siri, their new AI, is intelligently guid-


Beware the Brainocalypse! ing us into the future. It’s too perfect. Palinocalypse She can see Russia from her house. She can see you, too. Vampocalypse Did you really think all that nonsense about glittery vampires fighting vapid werewolves had any literary merit? Think again, and realize the awesome power of the world’s most horrifyingly genius desensitization campaign. I’ll see you in hell, teenagers. The Brainocalypse “The same thing we do every night, Pinky — try to take over the world!” Sometimes the greatest enemy is one you haven’t heard from in a while. Monopolocalypse Having everything to do with a group of frightened bankers who Gollum-up and obsess about obtaining all the cash and property so that everyone else has to play by their rules, when really most of them should go directly to jail. Luxury tax! Jurassic Parkalypse I’m just saying, the science makes sense, and it’s probably happening right now. Oprah-calypse Now that her show has ended, Oprah is finding herself with more time on her hands and less to do to fill it. Given enough time, anyone with that much power in the media comes to dream of only one thing... world domination. Just say Noprah. Fanshawe-calypse It begins with domination in sports and academics and then, before you know it, each of the campuses reveals that it’s hiding part of a super-laser more powerful than the Transformers and the Care Bears combined. You know how campus parking tickets warn you not to ignore them? Don’t.

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Grab your fishnets, half-finger gloves and pearls – it’s time to do the Time Warp

Every year around Halloween, you are bound to see at least a few men dressed in drag, fishnets and all. The Regional HIV/AIDS Connection has brought all the funky weirdness from The Rocky Horror Picture Show to life for the past three years with annual screenings of the beloved film, and this year, you can catch the event at Rainbow Cinemas with two showings on October 27. Rocky Horror is a darkly humorous tale of the dangers of seeking help from Transylvanians in drag. The movie begins on a stormy night in November with lovebirds Brad Majors, “A Hero,” and Janet Weiss, “A Heroine,” finding themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken-down car. In their search for help, they stumble upon a castle inhabited by a number of outrageous characters. The most wild of these individuals is Dr. Frank N. Furter, a selfdescribed “sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania.” If the tongue-twisting names aren’t enough, Brad and Janet also find themselves dealing with real life Frankenstein creations in the form

of blond-haired, blue-eyed Rocky Horror. Throw into the mix a fully integrated musical, not seen since the likes of Singin’ in the Rain, and you’ve got a movie that has been a beloved classic since its release in 1975. What makes Rocky Horror truly worthy of its cult status is its brilliant casting choices. Before he was the mayor of New York, Barry Bostwick was the naïve and timid Brad Majors, with a young Susan Sarandon as his fiancée, Janet. Of course, one of the things that Brad and Janet have in common is their experience with the indescribable Tim Curry as Dr. Frank N. Furter. Frank N. Furter is unlike anything the North American film industry has seen: hedonistic and sadistic, he seduces people left and right, unbiased or unaffected by gender. Peter Hinwood brings to life Rocky Horror, and Richard O’Brien and Patricia Quinn serve as his tormentors, sibling pair Riff Raff and Magenta. It’s not the acting or the plot that captivates the audience of Rocky Horror and compels straight men to wear fishnets annually; it is instead the pure joy of the experience that makes viewers come

back for more each and every Halloween. This flick is fun from beginning to end, and it is something that has never been explored in a cinematic outlet. Kudos must be given to director Jim Sharman who brought the original Rocky Horror Show, a British stage play, to life on the screen. The musical numbers, surprise turn of events and a good balance between sex and violence makes The Rocky Horror Picture Show an excellent late October tradition. A few words of advice to new Rocky Horror viewers: don’t take any aspect of it seriously – it’s funny; you can laugh out the outrageousness. The Regional HIV/AIDS Connection is presenting its fourth annual Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience on October 27 at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. at Rainbow Cinemas in Citi Plaza downtown (355 Wellington St.). The $20 admission fee gets you into a night of fabulous fun. Enter the costume contest, held half an hour before each screening, for the chance to win some great prizes (entry fee is $2), or have a souvenir photo taken to commemorate the film for a $5 fee. All proceeds go to the


Tim Curry stars in The Rocky Horror Picture Show as the perverse transvestite scientist named Dr. Frank-N-Furter. To truly enjoy a screening of this film, you may want to take in the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection’s fourth annual Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience on October 27 at Rainbow Cinemas at either 8 p.m. or 11 p.m. Regional HIV/AIDS Connection. Tickets are available at the Biz Booth on campus or at Rainbow Cinemas. Have fun and help support RHAC with its life-saving and lifegaining free client services and programs. For more details about the event, check out facebook.com/therhps and rockyhorrorpictureshow.ca, and for more information about the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection, visit aidslondon.com.



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Top 10 Halloween films
It’s that time of year again when costumes and candy abound, but if you’re opting out of the craziness of this holiday and are looking for a good scary movie to watch at home instead, here are a list of 10 terrifyingly good Halloween flicks. 10. Vampyr (1932) Although filmed with sound, this German Expressionistic horror film tells much of its story through title cards, following the terrifying journey of a traveller delving into the occult. Darkly lit and full of slowly building suspense, this oldschool thriller is scarier than you might think. 9. Dracula (1931) Ancient vampire Count Dracula travels to England and sets his fangs on a number of pretty young women whom he lustily craves in this black and white horror masterpiece. 8. Let The Right One In (2008) If your best friend turned out to be a brutal killer who needed human blood to survive, would you still help her? Oskar must decide where his loyalties lie in this Swedish vampire flick. 7. Night of the Living Dead (1968) Bringing zombies to the screen and planting fear into the hearts of Americans, George A. Romero begins his thrilling series in this first installment of the franchise. 6. Silence of the Lambs (1991) It’s difficult to decide which half of this film is scarier: young Catherine being imprisoned by Buffalo Bill, who’s planning to kill her in a matter of days and make a suit from her skin, or Hannibal Lector probing into Clarice’s troubled mind while simultaneously plotting escape from his imprison-

Essential Halloween viewing
Alison McGee

Halloween (1978)
Every year on October 31, cinephiles look for something to satisfy their Halloween movie urges. Each time the spooky holiday rolls around, a batch of new flicks pops up, but lately with hits such as the Saw franchise and the Human Centipede films, it seems like horror flicks have taken a turn for the worse. This year, if you’re looking for something to hit the Halloween movie spot, look no further than the quintessential slasher flick Halloween. The 1978 original, that is.... The flick opens with a chilling scene; one Halloween night, a young Michael Myers witnesses his older sister getting frisky with her boyfriend and brutally murders them both with a butcher knife. He is institutionalized, but exactly 15 years later on Halloween night, he escapes and returns home to finish what he started, wreaking havoc and bringing terror to his hometown on the most frightening of days. The story points of Halloween set the scene for nearly all slasher flicks to follow and laid down the “rules” for horror films. Teenagers having sex, drinking and doing


The Scream Mask has become a Halloween staple ever since the 1996 movie Scream thrilled and chilled audiences. While the Scream series is a film many are familiar with, it only comes in at number two in Alison McGee’s top 10 Halloween movies. ment. 5. Alien (1979) After her ship, the Nostromo, receives a distress call from a crashed vessel on a nearby planet, Ripley has no choice but to answer the plea for help. Once landed on the planet, Ripley and her crew discover that while there are no survivors, they are not the only things alive there. 4. The Exorcist (1973) So scary it made moviegoers faint when it was first released, this bone-chilling horror film tells the story of young Regan, who has been possessed by a demon. 3. Saw (2004) The original appearance of the Jigsaw killer and his painful and twisted survival games is inarguably one of the scariest movies of recent times. Losing Jigsaw’s games is deadly. 2. Scream (1996) There are rules to surviving a horror movie, and this intelligent and witty slasher flick provides a look at how breaking any of these rules is a fatal mistake. Scream follows Sidney and her attempts to stay one step ahead of the Ghostface killer, who is clearly out to get her. 1. Halloween (1978) The title says it all. This is the slasher movie that set the mold for all others to come. After killing his sister in cold blood 15 years ago, Michael Myers is back after being institutionalized. He begins terrorizing and punishing teenaged girls in town who are misbehaving.

drugs are all doomed to die at Michael’s knife. The good girl has a better chance of making it to the end, but nothing is guaranteed. The cast of this classic scary movie is helmed by Tony Moran as the psychopathic Michael Myers. Moran’s walk is really what makes him so terrifying: he is a hulk of a man who saunters slowly towards his victims, giving them a terrifying anticipation of death as he approaches. Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of scream queen Janet Leigh of Psycho fame, more than lives up to her family legacy as the female lead. Curtis plays the token “good girl” in Halloween, although she is tormented by Myers all the same. Curtis gives a strong performance punctuated by ear-piercing screams that would make her mother proud. British great Donald Pleasence brings to life Dr. Sam Loomis, Myers’ psychiatrist who is frantically trying to get him back to the institution. Pleasence has some serious acting talents, all of which he displays powerfully in this flick. What makes Halloween the perfect movie for the holiday of the same name is that this movie is truly frightening in every sense of the word. In that classic slasher movie style, death spares no one, the tension is high and scary moments will have you jumping out of your seats. This Halloween, grab a friend, put on a fun costume, make some popcorn and sit back and watch this classic scary movie.

Suit up for an excellent RPG

If you’re reading this newspaper, chances are pretty good you’re a bit too old to trick-or-treat this year (not that that will stop some of you). If you want to recapture the magic of Halloween – while also kicking evil butt along the way – you should check out Costume Quest, now available through Steam for PC. In Costume Quest, you play a kid who sets out to trick-or-treat with your twin on Halloween. After your twin – dressed up in what is quite possibly one of the worst candy corn costumes ever made – is captured by a candyhunting monster, it’s up to you to save him or her. Along the way, you collect candy, make a couple of friends and slay monsters. Oh yeah, and there’s a whole bunch of costume collecting quests as well. The costumes are arguably the best part of the game – while you’re walking around, they look like actual costumes you may have worn when you were younger (cardboard box robot, anyone?), but during battle sequences they transform into kick-ass versions of the creatures, each with its own special abilities. Costume Quest is a role playing game with turn-based combat. Though it may take some getting used to for players unfamiliar with the genre, the controls are fairly


easy to understand, and there are prompts every step of the way. The game is cute, colourful and quirky, with some pretty hilarious dialogue. It will only take you around six hours or so to complete, but there are tons of side quests to keep you entertained as well, including playing hide and seek with neighbourhood kids, bobbing for apples, gathering candy to use as currency with other kids or seeking out pieces for new costumes. The downloadable chapter, Grubbins On Ice, takes place a couple months after Costume Quest ends. It is now wintertime, and the kids find a portal Repugia,

the world the monsters came from in the original game. The monsters capture one of the kids’ friends, and the others must don their costumes once again to help save her. Many of the features of Costume Quest carry over to the expansion, and new costumes and abilities are available. Originally released for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network last year, the game became available for PC earlier this month. Grubbins On Ice is included in the Steam purchase price of $14.99 US. For more information, visit costumequestgame.com.



hether you’re putting a ton of effort into your costume or none at all, here are some ideas to get you well on your way to costume contest victory.


Cut out holes for your arms and head in an industrial-sized garbage bag. Tape a hula hoop to the bottom opening of the bag. Pop a white beanie or toque on your head, and you’ve got a safe sex message that’s ready to get down.


Quite possibly the simplest (and laziest) costume idea of the year, wear blue jeans and a white top with a felt cutout of the blue Twitter bird on it. Carry around a whiteboard and marker and send messages out all night long – don’t forget your hashtags!



In this costume, the amount of effort required is up to you. Cut a picture frame out of a cardboard box (or use an existing frame that is large enough to frame your face. That could be your entire costume, or you could add makeup to give yourself a “painted” look. Sign your t-shirt on your left shoulder and voilà, you’re a masterpiece.

Head to the dollar store and grab a couple strings of battery powered white Christmas lights and some batteries. An all-black outfit outlined with the lights will be the brightest – and safest (besides the condom) – costume at the party.

Costumes you can make with a cardboard box
• Computer • Robot • Dick in a box/”Box” in a box • Rubix Cube • iPod • • • • • • Tetris Lego Gift YouTube/Facebook page Juicebox TV


A Friend

A white shirt or dress with a felt piece of salmon on it, a green felt belt and a headband with crumpled tissue paper wasabi and ginger attached to it makes for a delicious costume. Drink Coke out of a soy sauce bottle all night.

Nice try, Twitter – this is actually the easiest costume of the year. Grab a friend and steal his or her clothes, style your hair and makeup like his/hers and you’re set. For extra bonus points, act like him or her the entire night.


Sparkly Celebrity

Cover yourself in glitter, throw on a crazy outfit, maybe style your hair a bit, and bam, you’re Ke$ha/Lady Gaga/David Bowie/Edward Cullen.

Dress all in black and attach a tin foil or aluminum pie pan Apple logo to your back. Tape icons to your shirt and cover the front of your torso with Saran wrap. Add buttons, speakers and a camera. If you run out of time to make the icons, just say you’re Off all night.


Old Spice Guy

If you’re comfortable enough to go out on a potentially freezing Halloween night wrapped in just a towel, major kudos to you. Grab a bottle of Old Spice, memorize the commercial and come up with your own ridiculous lines.

Create your own superhero with items from your own closet combined with things from the dollar store and secondhand clothing stores. Attach a felt logo to your chest and remember to use your newfound powers wisely.


would not be able to sense a man prowling on them. It also states that you would be less likely to notice a man touching your arm. Personally, my fear of all of this arises during the time around Halloween, especially knowing that the majority of these girls are going to be belligerently drunk and wearing Playboy bunny costumes. It all just seems too planned out, doesn’t it? Women go to the bars thinking they’re safe with a big group of girls, and usually on a night when they’d be drinking, they probably would be safer. On a regular night there is usually one person who stays more sober. However, everyone knows that Halloween is a time where this doesn’t happen. My best advice is to be careful and if you can avoid drinking too much, do so. Weather When I dressed up as a librarian, I froze my ass off. Sure, global warming is extending the length of the warmer seasons a bit, but your clothing can serve as protection from some of the elements: pants keep your knees from getting scraped if you fall when you’re drunkenly tripping over the curb; lower heels allow you to run away easier and be able to walk – however, if necessary, I suggest taking your shoes off if it is an emergency; and longer layers will also help you stay warmer (I’m not talking about a turtleneck, I’m talking about a pair of liquid latex leggings). Believe it or not, covered up can be sexy; you just need an equal balance of skin and fabric. It might take a little more

Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/

Who are you? What are you doing?

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year! I love getting to dress up, do my makeup and see everyone else’s costumes. I love the idea of creating a new persona and identity for one night and getting to act and talk like that person. You get to be whoever you want to be. Unfortunately, for a lot of girls this means being a sluttier version of their costume. I could tell you I’ve never dressed up in a provocative manner, but that would obviously not be true. I’ve done the sexy librarian before, the vampire and so on. I understand it’s FUN to dress that way but is it really smart? NO. These are some things to take note of now that Halloween is here. Sexual Victimization I recently learned a new alcohol statistic that applies directly to me. The scary part is that it probably applies to you, too. While watching a clip from CBC’s The National, I learned that women are 19 times more prone to sexual victimization when they have been drinking. When I first learned of this statistic, I was shocked, my jaw dropped. Nineteen times is ridiculous; however, what’s interesting about this statistic is that it claims that women

effort, but it can be accomplished. Keeping Your Bits to Yourself Every Thursday, I thank MTV producers for blurring out Deena’s “kooka,” and sometimes Snooki’s, and a few times Sam’s as well. Those girls have not yet learned how to keep it together. When you go out, do not expose yourself like they do; if and when you do, you become an easy target for others. The next example of this is also from Jersey Shore when Deena and Snooki go to a bar and are dancing like Halloween sluts and the men start bumping and grinding them a little too hard. The girls react poorly and start getting very vocal and very upset. It’s an example of sexual harassment at its finest. This should NEVER happen to you: keep your clothes on and stay smart. Party Packers is Unoriginal Last but not least, for me to sum this all up, going to Party Packagers and picking out costume #121 because it’ll make your boobs look great is completely unoriginal. This seems unrelated, but has your mom ever told you to make someone a birthday card as opposed to buying one? Why do you think she says this? It’s because it’s more personal and because it shows you put some sort of effort into it – same thing with a Halloween costume. If you make your costume, or at least do more than put on your pre-made costume and straighten your hair, your costume will look awesome. It’ll be funny and have character. Take it from me; Party Packagers is so last year.


I would rather go to jail than be caught wearing this.

Less tricks, more treats

Is there really a better holiday than Halloween? Marshmallow ghosts, chocolate witches, and caramel apples are only the beginning. It’s acceptable – or, rather, encouraged – to gorge on candy and sweets, and that sure helps this holiday get tops marks, but the excitement of Halloween comes from the creativity involved in picking a new costume every year. There are the old stand-bys, like a firefighter or a cat, but a good part of the fun is choosing something original and clever. Top picks for 2010? A character from the over-tanned and inarguably overexposed cast of Jersey Shore, the ever dreamy and effervescent Alice in Wonderland, and for the boys, an Ironman get up in all its machismo glory. Although the costume is the sole most important aspect of the outfit, for me, it’s all in the details. Dressed as Dorothy? Red glittery nail polish would echo the ruby slippers in a modern way. Dressed up as a Raggedy-Ann doll? Better paint on some freckles to give the illusion of authenticity. Whichever route you choose to take, go all-out with specifics. Here are a few ideas to ensure there’s a cherry on top of your costume. When I attended the wonderful educational institute of Fanshawe College, I had the pleasure of gaining employment on campus at The Out Back Shack. Never since have


Makeup For Ever’s Fluo Night Black Light Pigment will keep you glowing all night long. I had so much fun celebrating ego really gets the job done and Halloween as my student days in will stay put through treats and London on campus. In retrospect drinks. Vampire-crazed gals will appre(and with a clearer, slightly less Jell-o shooter-soaked outlook), ciate cult-makeup brand Tarte’s I’ve come to the conclusion it was collaboration with True Blood, but from the enthusiasm. This brings any girl will love the sheer flush me back to getting all the details the limited edition Tarte Tarte for right with your costume. In one True Blood Natural Cheek Stain extreme case that I will never for- imparts after gliding it on. Adventurous costumes can call get, a fellow Shackie was ready to get the Cabbage Patch Kids sym- for a little something extra, and bol tattooed on his rear for maxi- Ultraflesh Flash Face Decorating mum accuracy. Thankfully, there Kit is just the right ingredient to are far less permanent ways to add spice things up. Nine reusable elements of credibility to your cos- stencils, three different coloured tume. Sephora, ever the beauty sprays and three detailing pens Mecca with a location at White allow for countless ways to be creOaks Mall, has helpfully created ative. Also featured is the incredipalettes, polishes and products bly genius and innovative Makeup galore to top off whatever you For Ever Fluo Night Black Light Pigment. This transparent fine choose to channel. Makeup is a great way to powder can be applied alone or enhance your costume as it can be over makeup and is invisible to the applied to create many different naked eye until exposed to black moods and looks. Super-sharp liq- light, where it then glows wherevuid eyeliner or a range from outra- er it has been applied. Whether geous to fat and flirty fake eyelash- your costume is classic or modern, es can enhance a sexy or dramatic everyone can enjoy Philosophy’s I Love Candy Corn or Caramel costume. Lipstick shades can also allude Apple flavoured lip gloss – just to to this, and Illamasqua’s intense, tide you over until you get the colour-rich formula for your alter- enjoy the real thing, of course.

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Spinning a web of lies
Love, Lust & Lies
Patricia Cifani


Liquid latex and fake blood makeup for one gruesome Halloween costume. (Special effects makeup done by Joshua Waller.)

Blood, guts and glam

The Halloween season is finally here, and it’s time to start deciding what horrifying or glamorous attire you will be wearing. People tend to play it safe when it comes to picking out a costume and what makeup they will be wearing. If you’re going out, then of course you want to look good, but why not switch it up this year and add some special effects into your scandalous outfit? For example, if you want to be a Playboy Bunny, why not be an undead Playboy Bunny? The right amount of gashes and glitter can lead to an unforgettable Halloween costume. To create your own gash or cut, you will need liquid latex, fake blood, foundation, black eye shadow, toilet paper and petroleum jelly. Before starting to make your wound, perform a patch test with the liquid latex to make sure you aren’t allergic to the product. If no rashes or irritation occur, pick a part of your body that you want to add the special effects to (somewhere where there is little to no body hair). On a clean surface, apply a layer of the liquid latex with a foam brush. Roll up two strips of toilet paper and shape them into the way you want your gash to look, and place them on top of the liquid latex. Take some more of the liquid latex and apply it to the edges of the toilet paper so it

stays in place. Once it is dry, apply five to six more layers of liquid latex over the whole wound, waiting for each layer to dry before applying the next. You may use a blowdryer to help speed up the drying process, but make sure it is turned to a low heat. After the latex has completely dried, apply your colour of foundation (preferably liquid) on top of it to blend in with your skin colour so it makes the wound more realistic. When the foundation has set, line the inner part of the wound with a matte black eye shadow. Use the remainder of the black eye shadow (on the brush) to the outside of the wound to give it a more gritty appearance. Taking a soft bristled brush, apply a light coat of the same eye shadow to the entire inner section of the wound. Now is the time to add the fake blood! Mix a bit of the stage blood with petroleum jelly and apply to the inner portion of the wound with a cotton swab. Now take the fake blood and let it drip down from the top of the wound. You can decide how bloody you want to make the gash and how horrifying it is going to look. This Halloween, mix up your costume by adding a little bit of special effects makeup to stand out from the rest! There is nothing better than having some glitter mixed with blood, guts and glam. This is your one day to get as creative as you want without being judged, so you might as well take advantage of it! For more information on special effects makeup, check out www.facebook.com/JRWbeauty.

It’s almost Halloween: that time of year when people can dress up and pretend to be someone or something they’re not. Although this is the time of year when we pick up costumes, wigs and other adornments, it’s not the only time of year we play pretend; Halloween is just the one occasion where it is socially acceptable to deceive others. In a relationship, if we ever pretended to be something we weren’t – excluding the occasional good cop/bad cop or doctor/nurse – it could jeopardize that relationship. No one wants to be lied to by the person they are dating, but the truth is, people do it all the time. For some, this could begin as early as the first encounter. “Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?” Obviously we know it’s a line, but whatever happened to starting a conversation with the truth? Sometimes we feel more comfortable starting a conversation with a line because, unfortunately, we don’t always think being ourselves is enough. Three main types of lies we may tell when starting to date someone are: 1. Lie to impress Guys and girls sometimes don’t feel comfortable enough with themselves to be honest with someone they start dating, so they want to impress them. A few ways they might do this is by telling a

small lie about what they do for a living or about their age, depending if they think they are too old or too young. One guy I dated told me he was 25 when we first met, then on our first date he confessed and told me he was only 21(the same age as me at the time). He just thought I was older and he knew some girls don’t like to date younger guys. It wasn’t a lie intended to hurt me, he just liked me and thought I would like him more. I think, on some level, we all lie to impress the opposite sex. Isn’t the push-up bra deceiving the opposite sex into thinking we have bigger boobs than we really do? What about high heels and makeup? When girls wear heels, it appears that their legs are longer and leaner than they really are; makeup is just an illusion for some girls because when you take it off they look like a completely different person. I once heard someone say, “Girls fall in love with what they hear and boys fall in love with what they see. This is why girls wear make-up and boys lie.” Although it may be difficult to swallow, this statement rings true in many cases. 2. Lie to show common interests Sometimes we lie when we first meet someone because we like to show we have common interests. This could be something as easy as a guy asking a girl if she likes sports because he just finished telling her about his favourite hockey team. A girl may say she likes it even if she doesn’t actually watch it because she wants to like

what the guy person likes. Girls need to be careful of this because we may be doing it to find a common interest, but we could end up spending three nights a week doing something we don’t want to do. Trust me, I once told I guy I really liked playing video games (I do sometimes, for the record) and at least once a week we would play for an entire day. I shortly regretted that. 3. Lie to avoid confrontation Sometimes guys and girls will lie to avoid confrontation. Have you ever asked your boyfriend if you looked fat in a dress or if he liked the dinner you cooked him? If we ever responded truthfully and we didn’t like the answer, we would be a dead man walking, and who would want that? Girls do it, too. I’m sure a lot of us have dated what I like to call “creative guys” who think that they can do something but really aren’t that great at it. If he shows you a song he wrote and asked you what you thought, would you honestly tell him you hated it or say that you loved it? You’d probably say you loved it, obviously – why break a man’s heart when you don’t have to? We all like to think we are above lying, but we aren’t – we have all lied about who we are and what we think. So just remember next time you find out a guy lied to you about being a doctor when he was really a nurse, you probably lied to him when you said you love football as you anxiously waited for third period to end with a goal so you could go home.



Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/

Political thriller fails to thrill
Alison McGee

The Ides of March (2011)
There is very little thrilling, or even surprising for that matter, in the new film from actor/director George Clooney, The Ides of March. The premise of the film is simple. It takes place during the democratic primaries, the phase of the American election process when the official presidential candidate of the party is elected, and focuses on Governor Mike Morris and his young media relations specialist Stephen Myers. The story follows Morris’s trail of corruption, perversion and campaign-changing mistakes, all of which entangle the lives of Myers, campaign manager Paul Zara and young intern Molly Sterns. The Ides of March has an undeniably strong cast, full to the brim of A-list talents. The film’s director George Clooney, whose previous directing credits include Leatherheads and Goodnight and Good Luck, takes on the lead role of Mike Morris. Clooney does a brilliant job as always, however the character seems a little on the one-dimensional side. It seems that all the action of the film happens around Morris, while he remains largely static throughout.


Chucky hooks up with another murderous doll, the bridal gown-clad Tiffany, for a Route 66 murder spree with their unwitting hosts, two eloping high-school graduates, in Bride of Chucky.


Ryan Gosling and George Clooney star in The Ides of March. Local talent Ryan Gosling plays Morris’s right-hand media man Stephen Myers, and he doesn’t fail to deliver. Gosling brings the bulk of the drama to the screen, and he does a passable job of drawing the audience in and making them care about his troubles. Another Hollywood heavy-hitter, Philip Seymour Hoffman, takes on the role of Paul Zara, and, as usual, Hoffman proves to be entertaining and intriguing. Freshfaced Evan Rachel Wood, who fans will know best from her role on HBO’s True Blood, brings to life the young, naïve intern Molly Sterns. Wood gives a performance well beyond her years, and she more than holds her own alongside the massive talents with whom she shares the screen. The flow of the film feels natural, if a little slow, considering the long process of politics. The trouble with The Ides of March is the film’s predictability. Nothing that happens within the story is unexpected, but instead each and every event that occurs seems like the next logical step. Considering the film has been touted as the year’s best political thriller, this proves to be the movie’s downfall. Sure, all the elements of a great film are seen in The Ides of March: a great score, brilliant editing and a powerful story, but something about it just fails to truly captivate the viewer. It doesn’t make you empathize with the characters, and it doesn’t have you on the edge of your seats wondering what will happen next. All in all, The Ides of March is less a political thriller and more a political how-to. The film clearly and concisely lays out how a candidate goes from Governor to leader of the Democratic Party. Sure, there are a few roadblocks along the way, but none that the candidate ever need know about and certainly none that the audience cares about. Watching Clooney on screen is always a good time, but otherwise this film is nothing special.

Bride of Chucky is anything but sucky
Cinema Connoisseur
Allen Gaynor www.cinemaconn.com

Bride of Chucky (1998)
It is time once again for Halloween, which is sadly the only time of year when ‘spooktacular’ becomes a common word in everyone’s vocabulary. Why can’t things be spooktacular in midMarch? I digress. Halloween is also the time to watch frightening films that make the hair on your back stand straight up. Films featuring the likes of Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolfman and, last but not least, Chucky. Who is Chucky, you might ask? Well, I might answer that Chucky is the focal point of the successful Child’s Play series of films that tell the tale of a doll possessed with the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray. The franchise started off in 1988, and spawned four sequels. This week I’ll be taking a look a sequel number three, Bride of Chucky. In Bride of Chucky, we are introduced to Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), an old girlfriend of Charles. Through a series of murderous deeds, Tiffany has gotten a hold of the Chucky doll that houses the spirit of her former beau. Shenanigans ensue, and before you know it, Tiffany herself is a doll. This leads to one of the top 10 doll sex scenes in North American film history. Chucky and Tiffany tie the knot, but want to experience wedded bliss in the flesh instead of in the plastic. Luckily, a voodoo book

exists that lets them know how they can accomplish this feat. All they need to do is get to Charles Lee Ray’s grave in Hackensack, New Jersey. Seeing as how they are only about two feet tall apiece, driving a car across several states would be quite difficult for the dolls. So they hatch a plan that involves another pair of newlyweds. Jade (Katherine Heigl) and Jesse (Nick Stabile) are a young couple on the run from Jade’s meddlesome uncle, Police Chief Warren Kincaid (portrayed by the late, great John Ritter). Jade and Jesse agree to deliver what they assume are two harmless, inanimate toys to New Jersey. Little do they know that the dolls are leaving a path of bodies on the way, and incriminating the young couple in their dirty deeds. This all leads to a thrilling conclusion that leaves the viewers wondering, will Chucky die… for the fourth time? I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is Katherine Hiegl’s finest work. She has shared the screen with the likes of Patrick Dempsey, Gerard Butler and Ashton Kutcher, but she has never worked with anyone with as much range as the two foot tall piece of plastic know as Chucky. He truly brought out the best in young Ms. Heigl. Yet you never hear her acknowledge him during any acceptance speeches. Maybe she is as difficult as the rumours suggest she is. Bride of Chucky is the epitome of spooktacular entertainment. You want blood? It’s got it. You want comedy? Well, the film is a hoot. You want romance? Well, Chucky and Tiffany are reminiscent of classic screen couples such as Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, or Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. This film is no apple with a razor blade in it – it is a true Halloween treat.

Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/



Other job search letters
Susan Coyne Career Services Consultant Fanshawe Career Services

NEED ESSAY HELP? Experienced Masters and PhD graduates can help! All subjects and levels. Plus resumes, applications and editing. 1-888-345-8295 www.customessay.com A NEW BODY BY CHRISTMAS, take the challenge today! Find out how at www.shakeitoffonepoundatatime.bodybyvi.com on your Internet Explorer browser and change your life today.

Office hours Monday to Friday 9am - 4:30pm. Classified deadline is every Wednesday by 12pm. email: fsuclassifieds@fanshawec.ca

In addition to cover letters that accompany resumes, there are several other kinds of letters used in correspondence with prospective employers. Every written communication you have with an employer is one more opportunity for you to demonstrate your motivation, communication skills and professionalism. The following are tips on content for several of these types of letters: Thank-you letter: This is a short and direct letter expressing your appreciation for their time, information and any feedback they provided. Everybody likes to be thanked, and this is a letter you should send immediately after each job, field placement or informational interview. A few minutes of your time to thank an employer can reap huge rewards for your future career. It is also an opportunity for you to express your enthusiasm for the position once more. Make sure that you write and send a thank-you letter as soon as you

get home from the interview. Letters of withdrawal or refusal: If you are no longer interested in continuing your candidacy for a job within a particular company, or you’ve accepted employment with another company, it is polite to send a withdrawal letter. Specify what position you had applied for and let them know of your decision, your reasons to withdraw and express appreciation for their consideration and time to this point. If you are refusing a job offer, the process is the same, but reassure them that you gave it serious consideration. Remember, you may not be interested in a particular position right now, but you do want to keep the goodwill of this employer for the future. Acceptance letter: When writing a letter accepting a job offer, state the job title and confirm details about the job offer (salary, hours, duties, start date and time). Express your appreciation of the offer and your eagerness to start work. All of the above should be positive, brief and to-the-point business letters and should be carefully typed and presented, preferably on the same paper you used for your resume and cover letter.


ext. 230

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Couple seeks egg donor. You are selfassured, vibrant, caring, generous and willing to help another in any way. Giving the miracle of life would be the utmost gift known. Please respond in strictest confidence to pat@soft-infertility.com Going to St. Catharines/Niagara?? DO THE SHUFFLE!! Twice as fast as the train or bus! Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. FASSSST!! $44 each way. 2.5 hours or less... DIRECT! Reservations required. www.niagarashuffle.com CAR POOLING - I am looking for any other students that live in the Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo areas that are students at Fanshawe and commute to London every day and would be interested in car pooling, even if it is just a few days a week. Email me Jaimie at jlaurence14@gmail.com

University of Western Ontario (Main Campus) Information Session, Tuesday, November 1, 12 - 1 p.m. in D1041; Brescia University College Information Session, Tuesday, November 8, 12 - 1 p.m. in Alumni Lecture Theatre, D1060; Huron University College Information Session. Date: Tuesday, November 15, 12 - 1 p.m. in D1041; King’s University College Information Session, Tuesday, November 22, 12 1 p.m. in Alumni Lecture Theatre, D1060; MIA Information Session, Tuesday, November 29, 12 - 1 p.m, D1041. For more information on post-secondary Information Sessions listed above, please contact Jan Robblee 519-452-4176. For information on ESL Information Sessions, please contact Monica Venegas 519452-4430 ext. 4426 or Corrine Marshall 519-452-4430 ext. 4358.

LEATHER COVERED FUTON FOR SALE - Double bed size - Perfect Condition. Futon is in great condition and this is a steal at only $180.00 Please e-mail Ruan r_beukes@fanshaweonline.ca to pick it up or come take a look for yourself. CIVIL ENGINEERING BOOKS Microsoft word 2010 introductory Microsoft Excel 2010 complete Construction Health and Safety Manual. Email Mitch at lilfarmboy_16@hotmail.com

First Generation supports
College Knowledge
Deborah L. Bomans Fanshawe College SSA First Generation G3001

The fall semester seems to be speeding by. You’re very busy with assignments, tests, projects and approaching midterms. The reality of college is probably setting in, and you could be experiencing any number of feelings right now. It’s all part of the learning curve in attending college – new roommates, time management skills, study habits, financial strain, the stress of difficult courses, even loneliness. Yes, it’s a balancing dilemma for sure, and there are amazing on campus resources that will help support you through this phase. The Learning Centre – Room A2019 www.fanshawec.ca/tlc The Learning Centre is a place for all students to visit for extra academic help. This assistance is free for all Fanshawe students. You are able to receive one-on-one or small group assistance in the area of Math, English, Physics, Chemistry and Study Skills. Students at all levels and with varying abilities can access the Learning Centre - take advantage of the help offered by the friendly staff, you’ll be glad you did! Career Exploration – Room F2010 www.fanshawec.ca/careercounselling You may have received an email from Counseling & Accessibility Services regarding career exploration. Check out the free sessions being held every Tuesday during October and November from 3 to 5 p.m. If you are questioning whether you are in the right program, or wondering what types of jobs would be a good fit for you, then contact Counseling and Accessibility Services in F2010 or

call 519-452-4282 for more information. Career Services – Room D1063 www.fanshawec.ca/careerservices Liska Martindale-Debrule is a Student Services Specialist located in Career Services in Room D1063. She is available to assist all First Generation students with job searching inquiries. You may be looking for a part-time job while you are a student here at Fanshawe, or perhaps you are close to graduating and need some added assistance from a Career Services Consultant. Liska can provide you with: - Job search advice and assistance - Resume and cover letter information/advice (if you have a resume, please bring it) - Assistance on viewing job postings that are updated regularly, as well as a list of job search websites - Free workshops on Resume & Cover letters, Job Searching and Networking (check Career Services’ “Events” tab to sign up for workshops) Student Success Advisor – Room G3001 www.fanshawec.ca/1stGen Deb Bomans is available to help connect you with the great supports and services available at Fanshawe. As a new Fanshawe student, you may be interested in connecting with an upper level student for additional peer support. They have experienced the transition and understand the challenges of being the first to attend college. Leadership seminars will also soon be available to FG students. Contact Deb via email: dbomans@fanshawec.ca, drop by G3001 or call her at 519452-4430 ext. 3953; she’ll meet with you to answer your questions and explore your options at a time that works with your schedule. ‘Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you.’ All the best in your midterms!

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Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/

Un homenaje monumental a la Argentina y el Che Guevara

For the record lover
There's science behind analog vs. digital

If Argentina could speak through music, Jorge Martinez would spark the discussion. The two newest releases by the Argentinean native are both easygoing yet passionate and also pay homage to his compatriot and fellow Marxist Revolutionist, Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Martinez reveals his roots and heart with two albums: an 11 song LP and a twosong EP. If you are not familiar with the Che Guevara, then perhaps you should read into the history of Cuban Revolution. But before you race to Wikipedia, embrace a melodic yet tempestuous ride with Martinez: a Latin-American folk, flamenco and Middle Eastern musician who lays out a heavy amount of acoustics with a twist of jazz. Martinez’s skill is his improvisation and intuitive playing. He brings confidence to the album and having the “phenomenon” tag attached to his name only adds to the equation. He plays guitar, composes, arranges, moonlights as a musical director and also works as

a producer. Having began playing guitar at 14 years old only adds mystique to his work and lets the album speak for itself. There’s a lot of continuity with Cadencias. Each song weaves together well and would make a great salsa background. The 11song album and provides relaxing tunes as well as some more energetic, intense melodies when the timing is right. Hasta Siempre is the other CD: a brief two-song album where Martinez honours Guevara in the first song of the same title (translated to “Until Forever”) and “Playa Blanca,” the second track. Though they are separate CDs, it would have made sense to put both of them together in packaging, but who knows? Maybe the timing wasn’t right. But regardless, Martinez shouldn’t hide from what he excels at. His playing is extremely unique and fun. There’s a certain soulfulness he exudes and it’s bringing him respect from listeners and fans. Che would be proud! For more information, visit jorgemartinez.ca and myspace.com/jorgemartinezjmz for music downloads and sampling.

WINNIPEG (CUP) — Last time, I said I wasn’t going to go into the science of why vinyl is better because not everyone can relate to science but everyone can relate to the emotions of the human condition. But let’s face it: If you’re a geek like me, science is cool. The reason vinyl sounds better all comes down to analog versus digital. If you know anything about analog and digital wavelengths, then you’ll know what I am referring to. If not, allow me to explain. Analog wavelengths are as pure as it can get. Sound is, by nature, analog; it’s continuous. To better explain this, imagine a green-covered rolling hill in the countryside. Now take a pencil and trace the outside of that hill. You now have a bell curve, right? This represents what an analog wavelength looks like. With digital, the sound is not continuous; it consists of a series of shorter sounds. Now, take that same green-covered hill, but this time, instead of tracing the hill accurately, draw stairs into the left side leading up to the top of the hill and back down the right side. This represents what a digital wave-


length looks like. And, as you can see, it’s missing pieces of that hill, thus making the argument that analog captures a more organic, truer representation whereas, regarding digital, subtleties are absent. Now I get that these days with all the latest advances in digital technology there’s the argument that no one can tell the difference anymore. That yeah, sure, if it was recorded on analog, it’s a safe bet that it sounds best on analog. But who records on analog anymore? Well, you’d be surprised. Bands like the Black Keys, Bright Eyes, Death Cab For Cutie and Jack Johnson, among many, many others still choose to record using analog. I know others would say if it was recorded digitally than it has to sound better on CD or MP3, so why buy it on record, you’re not missing anything? Point taken. But the truth, in short, is that it’s all subjective. How we interpret music, as we

do with most things, is all personal preference. For me, I’m an audiophile at heart. I believe vinyl to sound full and warm and that it creates an atmosphere digital continues to lack. But that’s just me. So I say go and conduct your own science experiments. Go up into the attic, or down into that crawlspace, or out to the garage and get your parents’ (or any other family member’s) turntable that’s sitting there just collecting dust. If no one you know has one, find one. Then just make your way down to your local record store and discover all the old, collectible and new LPs they sell. Conduct your own science experiments, then go and find out for yourself why vinyl very may well be, in your own opinion, better. So come on and discover your own little wonders. Because you’re never too old to rediscover magic.


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Headphones that put style before function


Alison McGee conducted a product review Sennheiser Adidas In-Ear Headphones CX310 by Adidas Originals.

A better kind of earbud

If you love your MP3 player, but don’t love the standard earbuds that come with it, or if you spend a lot a time in transit to and from campus, or if you just really love listening to good quality music on the go, then there’s a new set of earbuds that you need to check out. The Sennheiser Adidas In-Ear Headphones CX310 are a great new way to listen to your portable music, watch stuff on your laptop and even edit video or music without disturbing anyone else. While most of the chord is a standard white, where the split begins for each bud is a bright Adidas blue, giving these buds a fun, fresh look. One of the best features of these buds is the noise reduction; even on a crowded bus, the music still comes through loud and clear over the cacophony of

public transit. As for the quality of sound, a music lover couldn’t ask for more. Sennheiser has always provided the highest quality of sound fidelity in its audio products, and these small yet powerful earbuds are no exception. The downside of these buds is the price point, coming in at around $100, available at Future Shop and Best Buy. If the price seems a little too steep, consider what you will be using them for. If you’re in a media-intensive program, such as music or film, and will be doing a lot of media editing in a crowded classroom, or if you have a long commute to school every day and enjoy listening to music on your way, then these might just be worth it. Exceptional quality sound, a fun look and noise reduction make these earbuds a great buy for music lovers and media students alike.

A member of the Adidas Originals line, the Sennheiser HD 220 headphones attempt to provide the same quality of sound and convenience as modern earbuds but fall just short on their goal. The headphones themselves are attractive to view and are among the most comfortable accessories you could hope for — every point at which they come in contact with your head is lavishly cushioned, and they provide the perfect balance between elasticity and support, preventing them from slipping out of position on your head while remaining unobtrusive. And although they are very comfortable, the headphones feature two important design flaws. First, the cord itself is a soft, flexible rubber all the way down to the jack itself, but is far too long for common use. If it’s not kept wound up or tucked into your pocket, it can (and will) easily catch on things as you walk past them. Second, the earpieces themselves — while very soft and designed to sit flat over your ear — do not provide optimum clarity of sound or block bleeding from your surroundings. If you are using the headphones while riding on the bus, it is quite likely your music player won’t be able to match the engine sounds around you, even turned all the way up. The headphones were tested with an Apple iPhone and through a laptop headphone jack, and with rock (Foo Fighters, Wasting Light), hip-hop (Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) and techno (Daft Punk, Alive 2007) music, as well as by watching films and conducting voice chats. They performed admirably during chats and films, easily conducting voice and foley sounds without noticeable loss or distortion. With


Bobby Foley conducted a product review Sennheiser HD 220 headphones by Adidas Originals. music, however, the performance your surroundings. These headphones retail for began to come apart. There is a noticeable bass boost approximately $100, but dependin effect, and music that suits such ing on your music needs, the price a feature was conducted well — may be unjustified. If you rarely the low end of sound is greatly rep- find yourself in noisy areas and resented and is well matched to enjoy listening to bass–intense hip-hop music in particular. The offerings like hip-hop or techno, other end of the spectrum suffers the Sennheiser 220 headphones by slightly; high–end treble sounds Adidas Originals may be the ones like cymbals that are more evident for you. However, if such is not the in rock music sound thin and weak case, don’t be so quick to abandon in the mix, made all the more diffi- standard earbuds for all your music cult to hear with noise bleed from needs.

Fanshawe Spook-ent Boo-nion brings the fun this Halloween

So, you saw Classified, LIGHTS, Epic Meal Time, Tony Lee XXX Hypnotist and even experienced Sex Toy Bingo and some Pub Nights, and it’s only October? Good! The fun never stops at the Fanshawe Student Union, and we’ve got tons of stuff planned for Halloween and beyond. This year the FSU is bringing you our Halloween Spooktacular Week, which is packed full of events featuring lots of pumpkins and lots of fun. You can find more information on the week’s events in this issue of the Interrobang on page 9 and on fsu.ca too. We’re also doing a new food drive/fundraiser for Halloween. We will be participating in Trick or Eat, which was started by Meal Exchange and is being held in cities and at schools across Canada. You’ll see people collecting non-perishable foods instead

of candy on Halloween day, and all that food is going to the Sharing Shop and Youth Opportunities Unlimited’s food bank. There’s also online participation, so you can register on the FSU page at trickoreat.ca and help raise money that will go towards supporting food banks and Meal Exchange’s educational programs. If you’re interested in volunteering, want to know the ways you can donate food, or have any questions at all, send an email to fsuentertain@fanshawec.ca.

tus you e VIP sta et you th hree a could g into year two or t iplom Your d traight . transfer s program need to r degree e ed Humb of a relat
Find out if you are eligible.




Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/

LATE NIGHT with Jimmy Fallon
In New York, a squirrel spent three days inside a CVS. He wasn’t hiding, he was just standing there, waiting for them to open a second register. A NASCAR track in North Carolina is selling a funnel cake that’s covered with both bacon and chocolate. Yeah, NASCAR fans are like, “That’s just ridiculous. No ice cream?” A principal of a school in Massachusetts is banning students from wearing costumes on Halloween. Or as the kids put it, “So do you want to toilet paper your own house? Or do you want uh...” A hot dog vendor was arrested for selling guns at his hot dog stand. Wait, a place you can buy a hot dog and a gun? I’m pretty sure that’s called Wal-Mart.

CONAN with Conan O’Brien
President Obama’s teleprompter was stolen. Police are on the lookout for a thief that's eloquent and spreading a message of hope. Herman Cain is out there, he says a lot of provocative things. He said America should build its own Great Wall of China. Cain says it’s a great idea because if there’s one thing you don’t see in China, it’s Mexicans. The Ford company is installing a new feature in their cars which reads text messages out loud to the driver. Isn’t that cool? This amazing new feature is called a “passenger.” A Michigan man was too drunk to drive, so he had his 9-yearold drive. As he’s being arrested, he told the girl, “I’m going to need a lawyer. Go get your little brother.”

I hate everyone and everything to a point to were it just balences itself out really . . .

Its very much like a spiritual zen.

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has come out of nowhere to become the new front-runner. And believe me, Mitt Romney is worried. He's sweating like Rick Perry. The Republican candidates are still looking for ways to stop Romney. See, it’s hard to disagree with his positions — because as you know, he’s taken every position. Joe Biden once again denied stories that he will be replaced on the ticket in 2012. He says he will continue to embarrass President Obama for another four years. Warren Buffett’s company reportedly owes the IRS a billion dollars in back taxes. When he said he wasn't paying enough taxes, he wasn’t kidding.

THE LATE LATE SHOW with Craig Ferguson
They say that handguns were very rare in the South of France, where Vincent van Gogh lived. They raise a fair question: Who would give a gun to someone so insane to cut off his ear? Las Vegas is a weird place for politics. Why would something known for sleazebags, prostitutes, and gambling want to be associated with Las Vegas? It was on this day in 1867 that the United States bought Alaska from the Russians. And about six months from now, we’ll probably be selling it to China. One town in Alaska is called Deadhorse. Another one is called — and I'm not making this up — Manley Hot Springs. Which is also the name of a club here in West Hollywood.

And they trust you’d do the same. Friends are people that are always there for you . . . . . . Through good times, and bad. Friends are the people you can always count on . . .

. . . To perform a

Bus Stop
When you get bit by a


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Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/



1. Colorados neighbour 5. Long-lasting Chinese dynasty 9. Melt 13. Flightless bird 14. Piles 16. Every single one 17. Washrooms (informal) 18. As late as 19. Formal “you” 20. Disconnect a trailer 22. Wear away by rubbing 24. Follows cee 25. On the ocean 26. Cleanses 30. Pure 33. Long country walks 34. Salt shaker, for instance 36. Frequently-used pronoun 38. Mythological Egyptian goddess of nature 39. Sharpens a tool by grinding it on a stone 40. Cause pain to 41. University degree (abbr.) 42. Upper-class 43. ___ Hawkins Day: Al Capps invention 44. Classify 46. Snake sounds 47. In this place 48. Embrace 49. Dairy product 52. Style 56. Doleful dog cry 57. Gets close to 59. Title of former Iranian monarch 61. Adams son 62. Mr. Claus 63. E. Indian palm tree 64. Throw lightly 65. Former world superpower 66. Frog Down 1. Website address (abbr.) 2. Partner of 19 Across 3. A very long time

Aries (March 21 - April 19) Friday is on your mind and in your heart. Everyone who wants to play with you deserves fair and equal treatment -- and the rest don’t matter. Pioneers and explorers have no time for the stay-athomes. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) A hidden mentor isn’t ready to step into view. Moderate progress deserves quiet celebration. Think about whom you’d like to hire for the crew when your ship comes in. Gemini (May 21 - June 20) End the conversation now. Too many possibilities stall you out. What should be carefree and fun is turning into a major project. Just go ahead and leave the rest to chance. Cancer (June 21 - July 22) You only have time for what’s really important. Show your best side even when all else is madness or chaos. Cancer may feel stressed, but he or she appears to be enjoying this. Leo (July 23 - August 22) It’s an old joke, but how does Leo change a light bulb? You stand on a ladder and let the universe revolve around you. Yes, you really are at the centre of all this brightness. Laugh along with the rest of the world. Virgo (August 23 - Sept. 22) Perfectionists should give up. Sagittarius keeps untying the knots that you keep securing. Maybe it’s time to broaden your worldview. There are some cases where the little things really don’t matter.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) Scavengers and minimalists move bravely forward. Libra likes to be among people who care about principle. Travel keeps you young and fit at any age. Hear the music wherever you go. Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) Even in the danger zone, Scorpio is incredibly mobile. You’re deeply aware that survival is based on adaptability. Old friends may not understand why you suddenly need new ones. Explain when you get a moment. Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) Sagittarius is both the stone that breaks the quiet surface and the ripple that spreads from it. The usual rules are suspended for the weekend. You’ll try anything new as long as it promises to be fun. Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) Capricorn has a full bag of tricks and all the necessary patience to deal with something unusual. It’s fun to keep a secret for later so that you can look like a hero now. Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) Set up the new equipment now so you can use it next week. Everyone in the group gets a chance to give input. Astrological Air and Fire are at work in your favour during the next few days. Pisces (Feb. 18 - March 20) The week won’t end as you planned. You’re unsatisfied in many areas. Despite what you feel, be careful of what you say. Someone else could easily stop having fun because of your comments. tionary that rhyme with Orange. 3. Turnips and Beets once served as the original Jack O’ Lanterns. 4. Halloween is the second most commercially successful holiday behind Christmas. 5. According to superstition if you stand in front of a mirror at midnight, you’ll see the reflection of your future spouse just over your left shoulder. 6. You can sprinkle salt and oat-

4. Cut into small pieces 5. Plural of 34 Down 6. From this time 7. Solemn declaration 8. News agency (abbr.) 9. Aquarium fish 10. Sound of laughter 11. Did well 12. Expressing delight 15. Makes a long narrow gash 21. 15th of March on Roman calendar 23. Thrash 25. Keen 26. Beat eggs, etc. into a froth 27. Favourite wife of Muhammad 28. Leaves tire marks 29. “For ___ a jolly good fellow” 31. Dull, heavy sounds 32. Spooky 34. Swimming pool slide 35. Soften flax by soaking

37. CAA suggestions (abbr.) 39. Networks of interconnecting rabbit burrows 40. Is in possession of 42. Garden tools 43. Long audible exhalation expressing weariness 45. Egg coverings 46. Soldier of a light cavalry regiment 48. Male European red deer 49. Informal conversation 50. Homeless person 51. Female sheep 52. Cooling devices 53. “___ it romantic?” 54. Cantons locale 55. Soft leather 58. Jacques water 60. Past tense of 40 Down Solution on page 26

1. Orange and black are the colours of Halloween because orange is associated with the fall harvest and black is the colour of darkness. 2. There are no words in the dic-

Sudoku Puzzle
1 4 3 8 8 3 9 7 6 8 5 3 8 2 7 1 2 4 4 6 5 3 2 9 9 7 9 2

puzzle rating: medium Daily Sudoku: Wed 20-Jan-2010 Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9. That means no number is repeated in any column, row or box. Solution can be found on page 26.

meal on your child’s head to keep him or her from being possessed. 7. In England, white cats instead of black ones are thought to be bad luck. 8. Harry Houdini died on Halloween, in 1926 from peritonitis caused by a ruptured appendix. 9. Burning a candle inside a Jack O’ Lantern on Halloween is believed to keep demons and evil spirits at bay. 10. Put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards on Halloween night to meet a witch. 11. Gazing into the flame of a candle on Halloween night will allow you to see into the future. 12. If you hear footsteps behind you on Halloween night don’t turn around, for it may be Death! And to look him in the eye is a sure way to hasten your own demise. 13. If a bat flies around a house three times, it is considered to be a death omen. 14. Welsh and Celtic traditions believe the dead visit the living on October 31. They would wear masks so the spirits of the dead would not recognize them. 15. Americans spend an estimated $6.9 billion annually on Halloween, making it the country’s second largest commercial holiday behind Christmas. Two billion dollars is spent on candy. 16. Legends say if you see a spider on Halloween, it is the spirit of a loved one watching over you. 17. Holloween was referred to as All Hallows Eve and dates back to over 2000 years ago as a traditional pagan celebration. 18. Legends say that bobbing for apples may have originated from a Roman harvest festival that honours Pamona, the goddess of fruit trees.

Word Search
G L O N B E F L O W E R E W A J I V D A M I E N I D I Z S T W V A M P I R E A F I O P F T D C L T N N D A I L M C U H C K H E D R A N A D B O C A G B U U P S A M A A I E D Y H R M R Y M C K Y R E C R U T P R N Y D N N I A E D E I L A H S L V L N E Y S I O X N M I A L U Halloween M I H S S A R M N E A I S S C U C A A T C A N T J H Y N P A M R U M T R O T A W D N A R R G V N X A E A D T N T O I I D A C N S I T E S T K S W N A E S K G N I A J R L F A P B R Y

(Words in parentheses not in puzzle)

Candyman Chucky Damien Dracula Frankenstein

Jason Jigsaw Leprechaun Mr Hyde Mummy

Pinhead Samara Vampire Werewolf Zombie


Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/



Rebuilding year for men’s volleyball

Last year was a strong and successful one for the men’s volleyball team, finishing 13-5 on the season and at one point being ranked fourth in Canada. The 2011/12 season isn’t expecting a fourth rank in Canada again, but their goals are to re-build and start to plan for future seasons. The Falcons are under reconstruction with only four players coming back from the previous seasons and 12 new faces. They are planning to train and develop the new talent it has, but they still perform at a respectable level. “Our goals are to develop the young players we have and play at a constant level; we aren’t looking for the wins right now, we are more focusing on coming together as a team,” said Coach Josh

Westgate. “We have a lot of new talent on the team. We have players from club leagues and even a player from Australia.” And with the new talent the team has brought in, there is actually a lot of talent that just needs the finetuning to shine. First-year player Nermin Ferizovic said, “I am excited for this year, there is a lot of talent in the team and we are younger than a lot of other teams, which gives us time to develop and work together as a team.” The men look to be a very quick and defensive team with strong hitting from the front. “Last year was the year for us to win, I feel, but now we have a strong team to develop and a good future for the team.” said veteran player Sam Cullis. “Don’t write us off for this year – we still have a lot of talent and I know we can play at a very

strong level.” With the year just starting, they do have their work cut out for them with all the new faces and talent sets, and also getting to know the team and how each other play will all be part of the big rebuilding process. The team has already played in a tournament that they placed second in, so their skills are already starting to develop, and if they keep developing this quickly, what’s stopping them from going all the way? “We are going to keep getting better and grow as a team. We do have a lot of talent on this team and I know we will surprise a lot of teams this year,” said Westgate. Support your Falcons: check their schedule online at tinyurl.com/mensvball2011 or outside the Athletics Office.

Women’s volleyball team full of new faces

The women’s volleyball team has started practicing and preparing for a rebuilding year. The team only has five returning women and eight new faces. The team is focusing on developing the players and training them for the years to come. “This year is a rebuilding year for us; we have lost a lot of players and have a lot of new ones coming in. The talent is mixed; we have girls who have played for rep teams and we have girls who only played a year or two in high school, which is giving us a wide range of skill sets to work

with,” said Team Captain Mal Limage. “We had one of the youngest teams last year and placed third at the OCAA championships, so expectations can be beat.” Coach Mark Peckham said, “I’m still feeling the team out and feeling the competition out, so how we are going to do this year is still a question mark to me, but we have very talented girls who are motivated to win and ready to work for it. So far, it’s looking good.” It’s Peckham’s first year as the Falcons’ head coach, and he has some work ahead of him with more than half the team leaving and a

whole new set of girls to work with. “We are practicing a lot of ball handling skills to start, and also getting them to train their speed and agility for the year. With hard work, we can succeed this year.” With the strong season behind them, the women are ready to work together and make this season even better than the last. Remember to come support your Falcons at their home games; you can find their schedules online at tinyurl.com/womensvball2011 or outside the Athletic Office.


Fanshawe’s Alana Cornet has helped the Falcon women achieve a perfect season, with an 8-0 record.

Men’s basketball gear up for another successful year

Women’s soccer looking strong

The men’s basketball team is gearing up for another successful season and looking to improve on last year’s efforts. Glenn Johnston, team coach, said, “We lost last year in the provincial semi-finals; we played a great tournament and the boys just came up short against a very talented team.” With all the new faces and new talent, the team knows they will need time to learn to play together. “It takes time, lots of time, for new faces to feel comfortable on the

floor together,” said Johnston. “We have had a couple losses already where we just seemed to be lost in the last minute,” he said, but these are the growing pains of any team with new faces, and coaches realize they are going to have to practice hard and come together as a team to outgrow these pains. “We could’ve played better, but we are a new team with lots of new faces and we need time, we are practicing every day working on the essentials but focusing on team chemistry because chemistry will win us the games,” said first-year player Aaron Ragobar.

The players have suffered a few hard-to-swallow losses this season with two come-from-behind losses, but like Johnston said, “We all learn through tough times; we can’t expect to win every game, but we can learn from the tough times we experience.” The team has shaken off the season starting jitters and is focusing on bringing the team chemistry together and winning the championship this year. Support your Falcons and check their schedule online at tinyurl.com/mensbball2011 or outside the Athletics Office.

Women’s basketball start season strong

The Fanshawe Falcons women’s basketball team has started their season strong and hope it continues through the rest of the season. “We fell short of our goal last year and hoping to improve with our squad this year,” said Kaitlind Dutrizac, fifth-year player for the Falcons. “We have a lot of rookies; big, athletic girls; and fast, talented guards – all that have played club ball – so I feel we will have a strong team for this year’s season.” Coach Larry Little had the same opinion of the team this year. “We have a lot of new faces this year; with six girls returning out of 14

from last season, there’s lots of new talent this year.” With this new talent comes a lot of hard work, and the women are more than ready, practicing morning and night, conditioning and practicing defence to work out all the kinks. The girls were tested in their first game of the season, playing last year’s first-place team. “We played strong, we kept it close and with our new squad only ended up losing by six points – a strong start for the season,” said Little. With all the new faces on the team and injuries the team is facing, it’s going to be a season of work, he continued. “We practice a

lot of conditioning and defence, and with all the injuries plaguing the team off the start, we are going to have our work cut out for us,” but, he added, the team and coaches are determined to win and improve on last year's season. “We are practicing hard for this season, and as a team we know we can improve on last year,” said Detrizac. This year’s team is looking determined and ready for the long season ahead of them. Support your Falcons – check tinyurl.com/womensbball2011 or head to the Athletic Office to check the schedule for upcoming games.

Amy Wilson and Bailey Maxwell scored two goals each as the Fanshawe Falcons women’s soccer team defeated the St. Clair Saints 8-0 back on October 12. The win clinched second place in the Western Conference for Fanshawe, giving them a first round bye and a home playoff game. Despite allowing eight goals, the score could have been much higher if it had not have been for some spectacular saves from the St. Clair keeper. Maxwell’s two goals made her the team’s new scoring leader with six on the year. She surpassed Jaynie VanDeWalle who is second on the team with five goals. A first round bye means the Falcons will host a Western Conference semi-final game with hopes to advance to the OCAA final four, which will be played at Humber College this year on October 28 and 29. As of October 18, the team leads

the league offensively with 35 goals, allowing just four. Their record sits at 6-1-0 with one game to be played. The only loss of the season was against the defending champions the Humber Hawks, who defeated the Falcons 3-2 back on October 1. Humber and Fanshawe have won the last three provincial titles and rankings have these two teams at the top of Ontario again. Humber is currently ranked second in the country, while Fanshawe is ranked fifth. The Falcons have won more provincial titles than any other school in Ontario, and this year they are in search of their seventh. Although coming very close in 2009 finishing with silver medals, Fanshawe has never won a national championship. The Canadian Championship will be hosted this year by Collège François-XavierGarneau, with the games being played November 9 to 12 in Quebec City.


Do I have to be a member at the Fanshawe Fitness Centre to use their aerobics classes? You can purchase a day pass and do as many aerobics classes in one day as you like. However, if you’re going to come more than six times a month, you would save by purchasing a membership, giving you full access. I’ve been a member before – are there any new classes? We now offer a gravity steps system class, which is an energizing step class combined with weight-bearing upper and lower body exercises. Also offered is Zumba, which fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program. We also feature a Glider class, which tones, firms and

Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/

Fitness Centre offers great classes

Aerobics has always been a great way of putting life into your cardiovascular routines. Every school year, we try to adjust our aerobics offerings based on current trends and member feedback. Whether it’s the group training atmosphere, class variety or enjoyment of something brand new, many people are trying out vastly different aerobics classes. We have been getting a high volume of inquiries, so I saw it fit to dedicate this article to all you aerobic enthusiasts!

sculpts your muscles through smooth and graceful movements using our new gliding discs. Due to popular demand, we have continued to offer our boot camp class; this challenging class alternates between cardio and resistance exercises in a circuit format, giving you that army experience! We also now offer a phenomenal kettlebell class that is sure to educate everyone how to properly use them! Do I have to sign up for classes? Some classes you must sign up for while others are simply walkin. Our aerobics board and schedules explain which ones are signup. Spinning classes require you to reserve a bike on the day of the class, so be sure to do so early in the day to avoid disappointment! Yoga and Pilates are also six-week

session classes, which means once you’ve signed up, you’re committed to attending all sessions as the classes grows as a unit! Current sessions are still available for various time slots. For those looking for a fresh start, these two classes will start new sign-up sessions for the end of October. What about seductive dance classes? I heard they are a lot of fun. We offer seductive dancing as a speciality class whenever interest is high enough. We’ve also offered other speciality classes such as Hip Hop and Salsa classes. If popularity is high enough, we will permanently put the class in our weekly schedule. Hip Hop was offered a few weeks ago and if interest continues, it may become a permanent

class. I’m kind of nervous; will I be able to keep up with the other participants? Don’t be nervous! Everyone is at different fitness levels and we have people of all age ranges. Always challenge yourself by going at your own pace. Never feel as if you have to keep up with the most elite person in class – we all have to start somewhere! This sounds great, where I can I find more information? Feel free to drop by the Fitness Centre front desk in J building or visit us online at www.fanshawec.ca/fitness.

“Dream Team” faces tough challenge

NHL talks realignment

Tensions will certainly be at an all-time high when the Dallas Cowboys head to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles. Both of these teams have been plagued by inconsistency. The Eagles started the season very slowly, and fans were starting to question whether the “Dream Team” was for real or not. A lot of these questions can be answered with a Sunday night victory over the Cowboys. The Cowboys come in on a wild ride of their own. Not expected to be a major force, the Cowboys have played tough, but have succumbed to key mistakes and inconsistency. Quarterback Tony Romo has been the most shaky of all, and will have a lot to prove in this one.

Key Matchups 1. Miles Austin vs. Nnamdi Asomugha: Austin has become one of the best receivers in the game. He catches pretty much everything thrown his way, and has the speed and elusiveness to make plays after the catch. He will likely face Asomugha in this one, which will (likely) limit his playmaking ability. If Austin has a big game, the Cowboys usually win. 2. DeMarco Murray vs. LeSean McCoy: The two running backs will likely determine the outcome in this one. Murray, a rookie from the University of Oklahoma, has taken over for the oft-injured Felix Jones, and has looked solid. McCoy is enjoying his best season. With the inconsistent play of both quarterbacks, the teams are likely to lean on their runners. 3. New England Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: In a bit of a bonus pick, I will take the Patriots to beat up on the Steelers. The

Steelers’ defence will have a tough time matching up with the weapons of the Pats, and it will cost them. Unfortunately for the Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger isn’t the best QB to have in a shootout situation. The Rundown Back to the game at hand here. This game will be incredibly important for both teams, as it is a key divisional matchup. The fact that both teams are just around the .500 mark makes it even more interesting. In a tough call, I will take the Cowboys in this one, 2721. It’s about time for Romo to take charge of this team and get them a crucial victory. Another choke job from him, and the talk in Dallas will turn towards drafting a QB next year. For next week, there are a number of awesome games on tap, but I will take a look at the Monday nighter for the first time this year.

Power changes hands in WWE and TNA

In the space of just one week, major changes have occurred in the big two promotions concerning who is in a position of authority. The WWE superstar walkout continued last week, and only John Cena, Sheamus and CM Punk showed up to offer their support to Triple H and wrestle. Triple H declared that no matter what, there would be a show for the fans. He booked a match between Sheamus and Cena immediately, with Punk doing commentary all by himself. This was soon interrupted by the surprise appearance of Mr. Vince McMahon, who said that the protest against his son-in-law was hurting business. He informed Triple H that the WWE board of directors had just removed him from his position as Chief Operating Officer. An inter-

im general manager was picked by the board, and it turned out to be none other than John Laurinaitis. This appointment is meant to last only until a permanent GM can be found. If they are looking for a GM who possesses the highest ethics and professionalism, then they really don’t have to look further than Jim Ross, in my opinion. The new GM wasted no time in getting the Superstars back to work. A bizarre moment occurred when Laurinaitis came face to face with John Morrison, who was very vocal about his dislike for the boss. I can’t remember the two of them even having any screen time together in the past to cause such a minor beef. This must perhaps stem from actual behind the scenes events regarding Melina’s release from the company. Morrison himself is rumoured to be facing his own termination from the WWE, which would be a shame as he is a tremendous athlete. He just needs more opportunity to talk and show some personality, which he seemed to have a couple years ago when he was teamed up with the Miz.

If it actually does come to Morrison getting “future endeavoured,” then I’m sure that he would not have any trouble getting a job with either TNA or Ring Of Honor. His amazing athleticism and parkour skills would probably be a better fit in those companies. TNA’s Bound For Glory opened the gates for Dixie Carter to come back and take control of her company again, as Hulk Hogan lost his fight against the insane icon Sting. Not only is the Hulkster giving control back to where it belongs, but he also turned face again. After the match, Immortal came out to presumably beat up Sting, but Hogan turned against his former allies and sent them all running from the ring. This has been in the works for a long time, but Hulkamania has returned. Who knows how Eric Bischoff will react to this development? Two things are for sure, though; Dixie Carter is now back in charge, and things will never be the same for Immortal.

In September, the NHL Board of Governors held formal discussions about the possibility of divisional realignment of the league beginning with the 2012/13 season. Since those discussions, rumours about reshaping the NHL have increased as we are getting close to the Board’s self-imposed deadline of December for a decision on realignment, a deadline decided upon at the September meeting. Realignment of the NHL means moving of teams from one division to another, and likely one conference to another, and possibly restructuring the league altogether, including its schedule and playoffs. Right now the NHL has six divisions, three in each of two conferences. Each division has five teams, for a total of 30. Realignment wasn’t a serious issue until this year when the Atlanta Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg. The Winnipeg Jets are now playing in the Southeast Division for the 2011/12 season with other teams such as Florida, Tampa and Carolina. Perhaps they should have been rebranded as the Winnipeg Snowbirds. Winnipeg has already been guaranteed a spot in the Western Conference for 2012/13, but in which division? And will any other teams move? Those are the two big questions. Lots of rumours abound, far too many to print here. A popular one has Detroit relocating to the Eastern Conference, and Winnipeg moving into Detroit’s spot in the West’s Central Division. It makes sense in terms of time zones, since Detroit is on Eastern time and Winnipeg on Central time. But in which division in the Eastern Conference will Detroit land? I’d love to see them in the Northeast because of all the natural original six rivalries, but that

would unbalance the divisions in the Eastern Conference with six teams in the Northeast and four in the Southeast. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing because the Northeast is the most exciting division in the NHL and the Southeast the least exciting, but some may argue it will present problems for the current playoff format. A number of other scenarios have been suggested by the NHL, including scrapping the six division format and returning to four divisions in two conferences. Each conference would have one division of eight teams and one of seven teams. That would be an extreme makeover and, again, some would argue that the playoff format would have to change drastically with such a change to the league’s divisional layout, which may have a negative impact on the way the playoffs are played. I don’t think the playoffs would be adversely affected, though, as even with two divisions in each conference rather than three, the NHL can still have the top eight teams make the playoffs, perhaps with the first-place teams in each division capturing the first and second seeds. It’s also possible the league could return to the interdivisional playoff format from decades past, where the top four teams from each division made the playoffs, and in the first round team one played team four, team two played team three, etc.. This worked in the NHL for years, so there are options available for reformatting the playoffs should the league see such a drastic realignment. It wouldn’t surprise me if, assuming a drastic overhaul of the league does occur, there will be some minor tweaks here and there for a couple of seasons afterwards to get things right. Me, I’m just hoping to see some more regular season Toronto-Detroit games.

5 1 8 6 4 9 7 3 2 3 7 8 1 4 6 9 3 2 7 4 2 9 5 6 5 3 7 9 8 7 8 2 3 1 2 1 4 6 5 1 5 6 4 3 9 6 5 8 2 8 4 1 7 9

9 4 1 2 5 3 8 7 6 6 8 3 4 9 7 2 1 5 2 5 7 1 6 8 9 4 3

Volume 44 Issue No. 9 October 24, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/



BMW 650i Cabriolet vs. Jaguar XKR convertible
NAUMAN FAROOQ naumanf1@yahoo.com

Some games undervalued to TFC fans

Summer might be over, so logically most people would rather look at SUVs for the climate ahead. I, on the other hand, think we should look at convertibles to remind us of the beautiful summer we had, and excite us about the summer to come next year. If you’re planning to have a great summer next year, having a convertible would be a great idea; better yet, pick from the cars we are testing this week, the Jaguar XKR convertible and the BMW 650i Cabriolet. Which is best? Let’s find out. Styling First of all, both cars are achingly good-looking. It was a pleasure to just walk up to either of these cars. For 2012, both cars are new, however the BMW has changed more than the Jaguar has. While for 2012 the Jaguar XKR has some updated styling (just a side note, my test car was a 2011 XKR and hence did not have the new styling update), BMW has completely overhauled the 650i. The silhouette of the new 650i might look very similar to the outgoing model, and under the skin some of the old cars structure is kept. But in detail, the 650i has gone through a big upgrade, and one that has turned a decent-looking car into one of the most handsome designs on our roads today. I just love the way this new 650i looks, so BMW designers deserve a pat on the back for doing a great job. The Jaguar XKR, on the other hand, was always a very beautiful design and it just seems to be getting better with age. My test car was a 2011 model, so it did not have the new nose, but since the car has not changed much mechanically, it can still put up the fight against its newer German rival. Asking which is better is a matter of personal opinion. I say, from a styling point of view, it’s a draw. Interior It is the same story once you open the door. Jaguar has steadily been improving its interior, and my 2011 tester had the upgrades from the last time they changed the interior. I have seen the 2012 model, and apart from a new steering wheel, could not see any other difference. The 650i has a completely new interior. The dials, the dashboard, the infotainment system are all new, including what has to be the largest navigation screen on any production car for the time being. So from an interior upgrade point of view, the BMW is the winner here. Also, from an interior space point of view, the BMW is again the winner, because you can actually fit four adults in the 650i, something you cannot do with the XKR. The Jaguar is best used as a two-seater with space for your shopping or your Maltese puppy. If it’s interior space and gadgets you’re after (after all, the 650i can be opted to have night vision camera, blind spot indicator, lane departure warning system and heads-up display, things you cannot get in the XKR), the BMW

takes a clear victory here. Driving Feel and Performance This is where the Jaguar claws back. While the new BMW 650i has a 4.4-litre, twin-turbo V8, producing 400 hp and 450 lb/ft of torque, the Jaguar XKR has a 5.0litre, supercharged V8 that produces 510 hp and 461 lb/ft of torque. While both cars are capable of hitting their 250 km/h speed limiters, the Jaguar will get there much sooner. The XKR sounds better, too. While the 650i has a very refined hum as you put your foot down, the XKR explodes forward with an angry growl that would wake up your entire neighbourhood. I like that. From a technology point of view, the BMW has the edge by offering an 8-speed automatic transmission, rather than a 6-speed as found in the Jaguar. Plus, while the XKR is only offered with rearwheel drive, the 650i can have rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. My tester was a rear-wheel drive model. From a ride and handling point of view, both cars are very good, but the XKR is better. First, it’s the ride. While the BMW feels like it crashes over bumps, the Jaguar just glides over them. As for the handling, both cars are pretty good, but the Jaguar seems just a bit more aggressive to attack the corners, and hence will be more fun on a twisty road. The XKR also sounds better when you put your foot down through a wooded forest. Convertible Top Blasting around back roads is one thing, but convertibles are all about driving with the top down, so which is better? Both these cars have a folding soft-top roof, rather than a hard-top, so they are equal in this regard. You can raise and lower the roof while moving in both cars, but in the Jaguar the speed has to be around 10 km/h, while in the BMW you can do it at speeds up to 50 km/h, which is quite handy. The BMW, thanks to its power rear deflector, also has less wind buffeting at highway speeds, which is good to have. Fuel Economy Okay, while most people who buy such cars aren’t looking at fuel-economy figures to make their decision, I will still publish my results here. This came as a big surprise. While the 650i has more gears and more technology, it was the XKR that takes the win here. I averaged 12.9-litres/100km in the BMW, and 12.6-litres/100km in the Jaguar. A small advantage, but an advantage nevertheless. Pricing The Jaguar XKR convertible is yours from $116,125. The BMW 650i cabriolet starts at $106,800. With some added options, both test cars were worth about $130,000. Verdict If you’re looking for a luxury convertible, both these cars are excellent choices. The BMW works better if you have family to drive around, because it has more space. However, if what you’re interested in is pace, the Jaguar XKR sounds better, handles better and goes even faster. I think for me, it has to be the Jaguar XKR.

Some clubs value certain competitions over others. It’s no shock when a big side like Manchester City crash out against a team like West Bromwich in the League Cup. Managers know losing ‘meaningless’ tournaments is not a big deal. Just as some teams value certain tournaments, fans also have their own views on where their team puts their resources. When fans say, ‘We were lucky to get knocked out, now we can focus on the league,’ isn’t that sort of ironic, considering they call themselves fans of said team? Regardless, the hope is that most supporters will cheer on their club no matter what the competition or circumstances. Take Toronto FC, for example; many fans watched their game against Philadelphia in the league, but in the back of their mind they couldn’t help but think about Tuesday and their crucial game against FC Dallas in the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football Champions (CONCACAF) League. Mind you, this will prove as a second part to last week’s ‘Support Canada’ article. The tournament is young, and the North American version of the Champions League is still looking to have some legitimacy. Toronto currently sits third in the group of four, with one final round of games left. The only way Toronto FC can make it to the next round is to win.


Toronto FC has an important game against Dallas, and fans need to recognize what it is. It’s a must-win game for the Reds. If they don’t advance, they will only have one more game left this season, at home against New England. They will undoubtedly go for all the marbles. They will not make the domestic play-offs, so this game is all they have left. As was mentioned previously, the CCL is still trying to find its place in the soccer scene in North America. But for a competition to be taken seriously, people need to take it as such. It’s not a gimmick, it’s not a show, and it’s a chance for teams like Toronto to battle for the championship of their region. Being a fan is more than being there for the best moments or the moments that are most relevant, it’s about being there through the good times and bad. Too many supporters of TFC have written off this tournament as something of an afterthought to this club. That’s unfair that professed ‘fans’ (who just so happen to be professional writers covering the club) bash the competition and Toronto’s place in it by comparing the coverage of the tournament to other clubs. Well, that’s what happens when you swim in small ponds. This is as big a game the Reds have ever had to play, so support your team when they need it. Supporters should back their team regardless of the situation. This year may have been a poor one for us TFC fans, but let it go out as a good one. Other stories: On the one-year anniversary of the Liverpool takeover, the Reds tie United 1-1. Perfect boy Luis Suarez reportedly uttered a racist remark to Patrice Evra. Some of the foreign owners of Premier League teams want to vote on ending relegation to lower leagues and, while doing so, also lower the entertainment value of the league.

The Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) hosts the Provincial Championships on Oct 28-30 for both the Men’s and Women’s Teams. They take place in Vaughan at the Ontario Soccer Centre. Good luck to our teams!

The cross country team is heading to Ft. Henry for the OCAA Provincial Championships on Oct. 28 to defend their title as provincial champions. Good luck!

The Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Teams travel to Humber College for the Humber Cup this weekend. This tournament features the top schools from around the association and will be a good test for the Falcons.

The Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams are on the road next week with stops at Sheridan on Nov. 2 and Lambton on Nov. 4. The Women play at 6pm and the Men play at 8pm.



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