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IMCOM Fall-Winter Safety Publication

IMCOM Fall-Winter Safety Publication

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Published by: U.S. Army Installation Management Command on Oct 20, 2011
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Every report is investigated by the Safety Ofce. The name of
the individual reporting the hazard will not be revealed. The
rank or position of the person submitting the report is not
considered—the priority for investigating the potential hazard
will be based solely upon the severity of the hazard. Likewise, it
does not matter if the report was signed or submitted
anonymously; all reports will be reviewed and acted

Any action taken will be reported to the

Remember: job safety is everyone’s business.

6Safety is Everyone’s Business

Safety is Everyone’s Business 7

Exposure to cold temperatures, whether
indoors or outside, can cause other serious
or life-threatening health problems. Infants
and the elderly are particularly at risk, but
anyone can be afected. To keep yourself and
your Family safe, you should know how to
prevent cold-related health problems and
what to do if a cold-weather health emer-
gency arises.

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