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Dear John

Dear John

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Published by: kennedyforwhatever on Oct 17, 2008
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Dear John


By the time you read this, we will be gone. We know we said last year when we asked you to join us that we would never leave you. We know we promised a lot of things. But that was then John and this is now. Things have changed a lot since those days back in August 2007 (and not just your positions on the issues!! Ha ha! What? Too soon? Sorry) but please believe us that when we promised to stick by you back then, we meant it. I guess we just had no idea how bad things would get. Well, things have gotten really bad. In fact we guess you could say we’re in the ditch. (We know how you love saying that!) But before you start thinking that we

are the only ones to blame. Before you start thinking that we're going to say that "it's us, not you" don't. After all, you didn't exactly keep up your side of the bargain John. Remember when you told us that you would "campaign like a rabid squirrel running out of a bonfire?" We liked that line, John. And what's more, we believed it. So when you start to want to blame just us, remember, as always, it takes two to tango John (even with a rabid squirrel!!).

So we guess this is goodbye. We're not sure where were going. Maybe Georgia. Maybe Kentucky. Maybe North Carolina. Heck, the way things are going, maybe even Texas. All we can say is please don't follow us, because wherever we go, we

will have forgotten you. It's been fun John, but it's over. Good luck with that Treasurer's gig. We hope it pays off for you one of these days (and not just in terms of the campaign cash you got from people looking for Go-Zone bonds! What? Too soon? Oh well.) And btw, sorry we made you switch parties just as it seems the Republican Party is finished forever! Wow! Bad Timing huh Ooopsie!

Catcha on the flip side pal!! Yours in Republicanismism, XXOOXX John Ensign, Karl Rove and all the boys here at the NRSC

PS: Remember back when we called you inefficient, ineffective and not ready for prime time? Wasn’t that hilarious!!!

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