presents free traininGs for: Municipal DpWs, parks staff, school GrounDs Maintenance staff, conservation aDvisory coMMittees

/BoarDs, lanDscape & laWn care contractors Not mulching leaves on-site? You’re wasting time & money!
Reduce your annual cost for fall leaf collection/handling by shredding leaves on-site and retaining this valuable resource as mulch. Attend this program to learn how local landscapers and municipalities are already saving money, time and energy through these simple on-site leaf retention methods.

tWo Dates still availaBle:

on-site leaf shreDDinG & MulchinG traininG
Dobbs ferry village hall (112 Main st.) thurs. oct. 27 at 7:00 pm & eastchester town hall (40 Mill rd.) thurs. nov. 3 at 7:30 pm liMiteD space. pre-reGistration encouraGeD. To pre-register or for more info: Anne Jaffe Holmes 914-813-1251 or

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