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Dominos Final

Dominos Final

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Published by: Ari Morris on Oct 21, 2011
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Domino’s used several different tactics throughout their Pizza Turnaround campaign.

These tactics included both changes to their actual product and their social media sites.

Product Change

The most important change that Domino’s made was its complete product change. Since

the overall campaign objective was to change consumers’ views about the product, they

made key changes in their recipe.

Crust: Added butter, garlic, and parsley

Cheese: Shredded instead of diced mozzarella, with a hint of provolone

Sauce: Sweeter, with a red pepper kick (40% more herbs)

After spending two years testing dozens of cheeses, fifteen sauces and nearly fifty crust

blends, Domino’s finally found a new recipe that they were ready to introduce to their

customers. Domino’s wanted to make sure that their product was better than the majority

of “new and improved” products.


Domino’s decided to launch a new website to jumpstart the campaign called

PizzaTurnaround.com. The website served as a reference point for all media related to the

campaign efforts. The website also helped to drive traffic to the company’s Twitter

account by hosting a live Twitter feed on the right-hand margin.

Tactics (continued)



Domino’s launched a second website where the company allowed customers to submit

pictures of their delivered pizzas online. This tactic was used to increase two-way

communication between Domino’s and its consumers. With the launch of this website,

Domino’s hoped to build trust and a better relationship with its customer base.


Domino’s created a contest entitled “Green Graffiti Contest” where they hoped to draw

traffic to their Twitter account.

In 2010, Domino’s hosted a “Pizza Proverbs” contest at their third website,

PizzaProverbs.com. This contest was used to help pizza eaters partake in Domino’s

company branding.


Although the Domino’s brand had previously been damaged through information spread

on Twitter and YouTube, Domino’s decided to take this opportunity to re-establish their

brand through these social networking tools. Dominos took its Twitter account

(@Dominos) and used it to interact with its customers on a regular basis. Domino’s

frequently replied to customers who mentioned them on Twitter in order to increase the

flow of two-way communication.

Tactics (continued)



Domino’s decided to use YouTube to their advantage instead of letting the website hurt

their brand. Domino’s created various videos about the campaign to post on YouTube

which they also placed on their PizzaTurnaround.com website.


Domino’s took the same video footage from the YouTube videos and shortened them into

TV advertisements, to further spread their message. These television spots included

customers making negative comments about Domino’s pizza as well as Domino’s CEO,

Patrick Doyle, apologizing for Domino’s lack of effort.

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