The Blind Girl SEES

By Hannah Janeway
(Now age 9. Written at age 8)

Once upon a time, there was a little, little girl who was three years old and was blind. She
couldn’t see the blue skies or watch the birds beautifully humming their way through life. She could only hear them as she wondered what it would be like to see them. Years later, she got tired of going through life not being able to see anything and wanted to learn to read books and actually be able to see her parents for once in her life. She also wanted to be able to watch the stars floating through the night sky. Although she was a very, very bright girl, all she could do is paint a movie in her head, until one day she heard her neighbor shout out, “Look, there’s a shooting star.” So she wished with all her heart to see for at least one day. Suddenly, with a flash, she fell asleep and then the next morning she woke up and with amazement she shouted at the top of her lungs, “I can see!” She saw she looked so beautiful and her room was the same. She had no idea how much stuff she had. And she finally saw her parents. Her mom had long brown hair and her dad had short black hair. She loved them so much and she was so excited she finally got to see them.

--The end—

About the Author Hannah Janeway lives in Seattle with her parents and sister. She loves scary stories and her hamster, Vanilla.

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