Damage Mechanism and Pipeline Failure Mode

It could be time dependent or independent phenomenon Pipeline Failure Mode Final failure mode of the pipeline observed in the field (symptoms) that may involving escape of pressurize fluids or deviation of the pipeline physical appearance from design and defined operation parameters.Pipeline Damage Mechanism Basic pipeline material degradation process involving metallurgical. 2 . environment or mechanical aspects factors that could lead to final pipeline failure indicated by loss of its containment.

Pipeline Damage Mechanism External Corrosion (or CUI) Internal Corrosion SCC / HIC MIC Erosion (and Corrosion) Brittle Fracture Impact Fatigue Creep Pipeline Integrity Management System 3 .

Pipeline Failure Mode (Things that Observed in the Field) Leak Rupture Buckling Bending Bulging Denting Other Mixing Forms Pipeline Integrity Management System 4 .

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