RWS Diana 34-36-38 Tuning Kit Fitting Instructions Supplementary Instructions From July 2010 | Piston | Gas Compressor

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RWS/Diana 34/36/38 Tuning Kit Fitting Instructions
Contents Your tuning kit contains those items marked with a tick !:! ! ! Fitting Instructions Spring Seal ! Guide Set Piston Sleeve Breech Seal ! ! ! Piston Seal Fitting Tool Black Delrin Spacer Pre-Load Washers ! ! Grease Oil

Disclaimer Thank you for purchasing one of our specialised tuning kits. The components supplied are of the same high quality as those fitted to our tuned and custom rifles. Whilst every effort is made to ensure optimum performance is achieved when fitted, it is possible, due to manufacturers’ tolerances, internal finish and possible action faults, that power levels and cocking and firing cycles will vary. The tuning kit supplied is assembled and balanced to generate 11+ ft lbs on assembly for the make, model and calibre of rifle specified. We strongly advise that, after fitting, the rifle should be chronographed to ensure that it is operating safely within the UK limit of 12 ft lbs. Pre-compression washers and a nylon spring guide spacer are supplied to adjust the power level if required. Use the oil and grease supplied very sparingly and never in front of the piston seal. Damage caused by incorrect or excessive lubrication cannot be deemed as our responsibility. We recommend that, if possible, tuning kits should be fitted by a competent gunsmith. We do not accept any responsibility for personal injury or rifle damage incurred whilst fitting any of our kits or components. If you experience any difficulties in fitting the kit, please contact us. Pre-Fitting Checks • • Please read the fitting instructions and disclaimer thoroughly. Ensure that you have the correct kit and that it is nominated in the correct calibre for your rifle. Note for HW77/97s: o In addition to the description on the packaging, check that the piston seal is of the correct size for your rifle. The early HW77/97 models, with a 25mm chamber and with a serial number of 1446048 and under, require a small piston seal. The seal is marked “S” on the inside face. o The later HW77/97 models with a serial number of 1446049 and over have a 26mm chamber and require a bigger piston seal. The seal is marked “B” on the inside face.

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with the taper of the piston positioned directly over the taper tool and press down. A barely visible coat of grease should be applied to the outside of the seal only. To remove the piston. Coventry. shims. A wooden or plastic block section should be used to contact the flat at the bottom of the plastic trigger housing. This will push the seal over the taper and dislocate the tool from the replacement seal. Registered Office: The Meridian. To do this remove the small locking screw from the main pivot bolt head and remove the barrel pivot bolt. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Picture A (8) 11 Picture B (9) Picture C (10) Lightly apply grease to the piston slot area and very sparingly to the piston body. Check that the seal is located correctly and proceed to the next stage. ensuring no grease is on the front of the seal face. V-Mach Custom Rifles Limited. Detach the trigger housing and remove the mainspring and guide tube. forend and trigger guard and detach the stock. CV1 2FL. place on a flat surface. with the taper centralised and the seal diameters aligned. The barrel. put the new seal face down on top of the old seal. 4 Copthall House. linkage and cocking shoe can be removed complete. Remove the stock screws. . guide tube and trigger assembly place the rifle’s action in a suitable spring compressor. To remove the mainspring. Picture A: Remove the old piston seal. Release the spring pressure slowly until the mainspring is under no compression. firstly remove the barrel complete with cocking linkage. Station Square. 5702278. put the old seal upside down on the new one and push down. Registered in England No. Picture B: Put the old seal face up on a flat surface. Picture C: Place your piston vertically and centralised. apply sufficient pressure only to drift out the 2 spring retaining cross pins freely. Withdraw the piston. Take the tool provided and align at the rear of the replacement seal.Fitting 1 2 3 Check that the rifle is uncocked and unloaded. Degrease the piston and compression chamber thoroughly and dry. This seats the seal over the taper.

The additional washers are designed to go inside the piston for the same reason. Test fire: Should you encounter any difficulties or have any questions regarding the fitting of this kit. Station Square. It is easy to overlook the fact that the rifle may not be standard and could already have been modified in some way. 5702278. Any of the above located in the piston can prevent the rifle from cocking and greatly increase the preload of the mainspring and should be removed prior to the fitting of the kit. Refit piston taking great care to ensure that it is not damaged in any way as it passes through any slots or holes within the compression chamber. Registered in England No. . Note: The fit of the seal in the Air Arms. Lightly coat the outside of the mainspring (guides x 2 already fitted and lubricated) and reassemble the rifle completely. which can effect performance.12 Add 2 pre-compression washers to the inside of the piston. BSA. The seal should turn freely with a little friction only. CV1 2FL. This can be applied quite liberally. Do not insert oil into the rifle’s barrel or compression chamber as “dieseling “ will occur. July 2010 V-Mach Custom Rifles Limited. lies with the fit of the replacement seal on the piston and the corresponding fit inside the compression chamber. The piston seal should fit the piston without being excessively tight. The factory piston can vary in size and these tolerances can sometimes influence the correct fit of the seal. it will still be a far better fit than the factory seal on the factory piston. This applies to the mushroom shaped piston found on the HW range. Coventry. apply the grease supplied behind the piston directly into the compression chamber. Registered Office: The Meridian. With the piston in the fully forward position. bulging or failing to locate into the groove. Do not add the spacer or additional washers until the rifle has been chronographed. spacers or guide tubes (top hats) already located in the piston. PLEASE NOTE: Oil supplied is for external use only – eg pivot pins and safety catch. 13 14 15 16 17 Fault Finding The single most common area for a tolerance discrepancy. we are happy to advise. A small amount of movement is not cause for concern if you have a slightly undersized piston. Diana and Webley kit is much tighter and this is how the seal is designed to fit Piston Depth Ensure that there are no washers. The rifle should be chronographed using a selection of quality pellets to ensure that it does not exceed the legal limit of 12 ft lbs muzzle energy. which in turn will damage the piston seal and possibly the mainspring. The nylon spacer supplied is designed to locate over the guide tube to add additional pre-compression if required to increase performance. 4 Copthall House.

it is fitted. Registered Office: The Meridian. tap the taper into the seal until it is level with the edge. . Step 3: Remove the original seal from the piston. V-Mach Custom Rifles Limited. Step 1: Assemble the seal and tool as pic. A solid bench is ideal for the next step. This will drive the piston and the tool completely through the base tool. Step 4: Smile. Registered in England No. Step 2: Using a mallet or soft hammer. CV1 2FL. Locate the piston end centrally on the tapered tool.RWS/Diana 34/38/48/52/54 Supplementary Instructions Fitting the new Hybrid C-Form Piston Seal. that is reasonably heavy. Strike the piston rod firmly with the mallet or heavy soft hammer. The tools provided are necessary to fit the seal easily without damage to the piston of the Diana 34/38/48/52 and 54 models (all UK nominations). 5702278. It aids assembly if a small amount of silicon is sprayed onto the tapered tool. Coventry. 4 Copthall House. make certain that the edges of the piston do not move outside the tool’s surface. Station Square.

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