----------------------------about unoficial no-limit winmugen patch by : rouhei ----------------------------no-limit patch is limit cancel patch for winmugen20414. 1.

cancel character limit ( 2 > 65535 ) 2. cancel mode limit 3. cancel 10 minutes limit 4. remove 2005/7 red bar alert 5. fix random stage shutdown error 6. some force debug mode fix (change null font to some fix) + fix force debug font in vs scene and select scene + eneble erase debug screen from ctrl-d + disable force debug screen in round start + disable force life value in lifebar 7. fix team coop 1p mode bug 8. fix gameover screen problem 9. fix force debug , force allowdebugkeys , force allowdebugmode i did successful cancel character limit of winmugen. but... if i do release to public, does people get angry ? no limit patch have not permission of elecbyte. yes. this unoficial patch conflict with a elecbyte license. but, 2 years passed since new mugen was not released. and 1 years passed since elecbyte website was close & no announcement. i think that..... elecbyte maybe does not revive some time. and new mugen maybe will not be released. if official is closed forever, if official have never intention of release winmugen , we can not but remake & patching. i think so. winmugen of way is only it. somebody surely fix limit in future , even if i do not fix now. is it wrong ? no limit winmugen is so easy . people of non dos environment, a lot of new user , new peoples & beginners can enjoy non limit winmugen i want more a lot of people to enjoy wonderfull mugen. i hope it only. it only..

please dont angry. please enjoy it... :) rouhei june 10 2004 roh_hei@yahoo.co.jp http://unofficial-winmugen.jpn.org/ http://winmugen.jpn.org/

if you want stop of release to public , please send your view to roh_hei@yahoo.co.jp . i will read it seriously & think & send reply to you.

----------------------about stop release ----------------------i love fighting games & mugen , and i hope revival of elecbyte. if official warn hack version, i stop release this patch. if elecbyte revive or elecbyte is alive , anyways , i stop release this patch to public. if official is available , hack version is needless.

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