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input devices

input devices

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contains different examples of input devices
contains different examples of input devices

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Input Devices

An input device is any peripheral (piece of computer hardware equipment) used to provide data and control signals to an information processing system (such as a computer).

Input Devices

Examples of this are:
 Keyboard  Mouse  Scanner  Microphone  Joystick  Light

pen  Compact disk  Camera


The keyboard is a way to input letters or numbers into different applications or programs.  A keyboard also has special keys that help operate the computer.


The mouse is used to open and close files, navigate web sites, and click on a lot of commands (to tell the computer what to do) when using different applications.


A scanner is used to copy pictures or other things and save them as files on the computer.


A microphone is used to record sound.  The sound is then saved as a sound file on the computer.


A joystick is used to move the cursor from place to place, and to click on various items in programs.  A joystick is used mostly for computer games.

Light pen

A light pen is a computer input device in the form of a lightsensitive wand used in conjunction with a the computer's CRT TV set or monitor.

Compact Disk

CDs store information.  The CD can then be put into another computer, and the information can be opened and added or used on the second


most cameras like this are used during live conversations.  The camera transmits a picture from one computer to another, or can be used to record a short video.



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