Genichi Taguchi in 1980 Came into existence after world war 2 to support poor communication system in Japan Was implemented by American companies in the same year (1980) Supported by fractional factorial method .Introduced by Dr.

“Taguchi methods are statistical methods developed by Genichi Taguchi to improve the quality of manufactured goods “ and are being applied in following fields: Engineering Biotechnology Marketing Advertisement .

Statistical principles which led to Taguchi’s method: A specific Loss Function Offline quality control Innovations in the design of experiments Taguchi designed experiments using especially constructed tables known as “orthogonal arrays” (OA) Taguchi’s method focuses on giving robust design .

Taguchi’ s method is applied in four steps: Brainstorm the quality characteristics and design parameter important to product/process Design and conduct experiments Analyze the results to determine the optimum condition Run a confirmative test using the optimum conditions .

Taguchi’s method focuses on robust design leading to robustness in the quality Lower quality parts/ parts with high tolerance can be used to make quality product Saves the company money because. the less variable the parts can be the more they cost Customer’s demand of robustness in the product is satisfied .

.Small test sizes Requires specialized design of experiment(DOE) knowledge to properly setup the test Requires specialized statistical knowledge to understand the results Fractional factorial method assumes that interaction between variables does not exist.

Although some of the aspects of the Taguchi methods are disputable. Taguchi method is still being applied in VLSI and banking etc To conclude . there is no dispute that they are widely applied to various processes .Genichi Taguchi has made valuable contributions to statistics and engineering. we can say that is still successful Taguchi method .

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