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Chem 3343


Test 2


Equilibrium constants are given at the end of this page. 1. A 50.00 mL solution containing I- was titrated with 50.00 mL of a 0.3650 M AgNO3 solution. The resulting AgI that formed was filtered off. Iron(III) was added to the filtrate before it was titrated with a 0.287 M KSCN solution. 37.60 mL of the KSCN solution was needed to produce a red solution. 0.06 mL of the 0.287 M KSCN solution was needed to produce a visible red color in a similar solution that did not contain any Ag+. How many milligrams of I- were the in the original solution? (10) 2. For a saturated solution of CaC2O4: (a slightly soluble salt) (15) a. Write all the equilibria that are important, give their Keq expressions and values. b. Write the charge-balanced equation for the resulting solution. c. Write the mass balanced equation for Ca2+ and for oxalate. 3. Calculate the solubility of CaC2O4 in a solution whose pH is 3.00. (10) 4. Calculate the solubility of Ba(IO3)2 in a 0.033 M Mg(IO3)2 solution taking activities into account. (10) 5. 25.00 mL of a 0.100 M glycine hydrochloride solution (the acid form of glycine, Hgly+ - a diprotic acid) was titrated with 0.100 M NaOH solution. Calculate the pH of the solution after 0 mL, 15.00 mL and 25.00 mL and 30.00 mL of the NaoH solution were added. (20) 6. Calculate the pH of a 1.0 x 10-8 M Ca(OH)2 solution. (10) 7. Calculate the pH of a 0.020 M sodium glycinate (Nagly) solution. (7) 8. From just the information given on this page what would you use and how would you prepare 500 mL of a 0.01 M buffer with a pH = 5.0? (8)

H2C2O4: pKa1 = 1.25; pKa2 = 4.27 CaC2O4: pKsp = 7.9 KHP; pKa1 = 2.94, pKa2 = 5.41 Ba(IO3)2 – pKsp = 8.804 gly: pKa1 = 2.35, pKa2 = 9.78

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