Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (2011) @@._V1.

_SY317_.jpg 104 min - Drama History - 2011 (Australia)

A story set in 19th century China and centered on the lifelong friendship betwee n two girls who develop their own secret code as a way to contend with the rigid cultural norms imposed on women. Director:Wayne Wang Writers:Angela Workman (screenplay), Ronald Bass Stars:Bingbing Li, Gianna Jun and Vivian Wu In 19th-century China, seven year old girls Snow Flower and Lily are matched as laotong - or "old sames" - bound together for eternity. Isolated by their famili es, they furtively communicate by taking turns writing in a secret language, nu shu, between the folds of a white silk fan. In a parallel story in present day S hanghai, the laotong's descendants, Nina and Sophia, struggle to maintain the in timacy of their own childhood friendship in the face of demanding careers, compl icated love lives, and a relentlessly evolving Shanghai. Drawing on the lessons of the past, the two modern women must understand the story of their ancestral c onnection, hidden from them in the folds of the antique white silk fan, or risk losing one another forever.

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