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Published by: Dillon Johnson on Oct 21, 2011
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Your relationship with your partner is an important component of suc-

cess. If you are incompatible, you will have diffculty winning debates.

You and your partner should discuss the following important questions

to make sure you are a good match.

• What are your goals in debating?

• How many tournaments do you want to attend? (Have a calendar

available and commit to specifc dates.)

• Do you have time in your schedules when you are both free to work


• How will you deal with adversity and frustration?

• How do you deal with winning and losing?


The Code of the Debater

• What are your perceived weaknesses and strengths as debaters? You

may not be sure yet, and your analysis may change, but you should

address the question in your initial discussions.

You should also come to an agreement on the following issues:

• Speaker positions. There are four speaker positions in the debate (1A,

2A, 1N, 2N). It is often best to have one person be the second affrma-

tive and the other person the second negative. This way you can share

responsibilities, each for a side.

• Division of labor. Who will do how much research, how much brief-

ing, how much preparation of arguments, etc.

• Acquisition of needed items. Who will get the supplies you need, such

as folders, evidence containers, fow paper, etc.

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