Kamakura’s Discipline: Verhaal: other as (naam land) was a well faring country.

A flourishing economy and all was good. Every single race and class was friends and helped each much as they could. The emperor was a man of courage and honor. He ruled his empire as perfect as he could. Nobody made a negative statement, he was like God. Island before truth Yet a few years ago, just when you were born, the Emperor Mysteriously died, and the Empress seized the throne. Many claim the Forgotten were the source of the trouble, because since they arrived, 2 years the Emperor died. Other say the Easterlings wanted power. Will the be discovered?

This is where your adventure starts. At the age of 18, you will be able to complete goals you never imagined to achieve. You are now capable of doing what you always wanted to do. It’s up to you to shape your destiny. Will you uncover the truth about the dead Emperor? Will you live peacefully in a guild? It’s up to you.

Doel spel: (Main Quest): Find out what happened to the former Emperor. Travel through the world, (1) explore, gain knowledge, and gain acces to the truth. (The Emperor has been assassinated by his own wife, to gain power. As soon as you know this, a rebel will talk to you, and explain who and what they are. They want to kill the Empress and put her only son on the throne, with the rebels as ministers.) Main Quest Split: (2) 1. Join the Empress in defeating the rebels and putting everyone under your rule. You will also gain control of the Royal Army. (Effect: You will become Emperor) 2. Join the rebels in liberating cities and the assassination attempt of the Empress. (Effect: You will become Leader of the rebels, as the Empress murders him. The boy (son) will also get murdered, so you will be Emperor.) Main Quest: (3) your When your parents visit you to congratulate you, they will tell you that you’re not their real son (cut scene…). Although it doesn’t seem so, you’re real parents live somewhere else. Set out on a quest to find real parents. Where are they from? Who are they?

Main Quest Split: (4) 1. Get back to the emperor’s seat, and stay there to rule forever. 2. Stay and live with your parents (Possible Effect1: You make empress rule again) (Possible Effect2: Recommend new Emperor)

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