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Third Meeting of the General Assembly 20 September 2011 at 9 PM Great Room A Speaker Leslie Martin, Presiding 1.

Call to Order a. 9:10 2. Invocation


3. Swearing in the new delegates from the Class of 2015 4. 5. Roll Call Attendance Adoption of Agenda a. Time for Delegate Rescigno was added under New Business b. Time for Delegate Perrone was added under New Business 6. 7. Adoption of Minutes from 2nd General Meeting Report from the Speaker a. Committee on Academic Affairs Delegate Perrone first welcomed the new members of SAGA. She announced that she will be meeting with the provost on Oct. 6th and if any problems or ideas come up please email her by Oct. 1. The School Philosophy is hiring a new professor. Delegate Morris met with Dean of Arts and Sciences, there have been some changes and new developments. Dr. Hellmuth is now teaching classes on Europe, this lead to international relations internships, something we really have had in the past. They have also been looking at problems with student performances, they are also trying to formulate new styles of learning that are new at CUA. The Chinese and Arabic programs are both doing well. CUA is also looking into creating a business school, as ours really isn’t accredited, this would be able to give accredited degrees Bachelor Science in Accounting, which differs from the Bachelor of Arts, which are currently receiving. b. Committee on Student Life Delegate Rougier said that they did not meet in the past week due to illnesses, however she is excited for the new people on SAGA and then yielded time to Delegate Consalvo, he met with his liaison last week,
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Homecoming is coming up and they are always looking for student involvement, you will be paid for your time. Also they are starting a young alumni committee, it’s accepting applications in October. d. Committee on Student Services new week.


Delegate Scharmer reported that they are excited to work with the members, and also that the career services event was a success last e. Committee on Campus and Residential Affairs

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Delegate Rescigno welcomed all new members, he said they had a last week, they had met last wednesday where they talked about goals the committee, for instance we are having an alcohol awareness week, Delegate Disilets will head that initiative. He also said he met with Sue Purvi last night and talked about the importance of student organizations, she is worried that organizations haven’t done enough support the events. They also discussed student panels and said she plans on having one later in the year. She also expressed an interest to come and meet with the body and speak about student life. He then yielded to Delegate Dowd who had discussed with FMO about the tables outside of the fitness center. FMO had a big idea for the area, is much simpler but they may be asking for money, as their estimated cost is $30,000. Delegate Rescigno said we must be careful to make we are not taken advantage of for money. Delegate Disilets said her Delegate Perrone will be meeting tomorrow to decide on something eye-catching and daunting to make a profound statement about alcohol abuse. d. Committee on Rules and Administration No Report e. Committee on Allocation Review SFAB met last night and the only allocation over $10,000 for Relay for

Life f. Committee on Dining and Pryzbyla Center DSAB is Delegate Essig said he offered “a warm welcome to the freshmen, having its first meeting a week from today, he also said he needs help

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with the freshmen on this issue, It is a great opportunity, they provide food as well, and any problems with the Pryz will be discussed.


g. CUA express Delegate Essig said sign ups for Columbus Day starts Friday, as we always start sign ups two weeks before. We are also currently in the process of securing the contracts for the mini-buses we use. 9. New Business a. Time Reserved for Delegate Perrone i. Delegate Perrone said she had two bills to present, the first one was a bill to create a liaison to the School of Theology. ii.Delegate Scharmer asked if this was even a school? iii. Delegate Rescigno said this was an issue brought up last year, and that last year the school didn’t want a liaison iv. Delegate Perrone said as they have a new dean this year things may be changing. v.Delegate Atlas said a search committee has been started to find a new dean of the School of Theology vi. Delegate Scharmer asked if it was Dean Korol who represented the Undergraduate theology students in the school of Arts and Sciences, as the School of Theology does not offer bachelors degrees. vii. Delegate Atlas said she simply works under the Dean of the School of Theology viii. Delegate Scharmer asked if she would be involved?

ix. Delegate Perrone said she was not the contact they had, she said this is a “tricky” situation as theology students are technically under the School of Arts and Sciences, but the School of Theology still has a great affect on them.

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x.Delegate Scharmer said there are a lot of Theology Majors/minors but she still doesn’t understand why we don’t send the liaison to the department? xi. Delegate St. Hilaire said he wants to share his support for this bill, he said there is a great amount of confusion that comes with course selection with TRS, some courses don’t go toward the requirement, and we need someone to advocate on these issues. xii. xiii. Bill sent to committee Voice Vote 1. Passes


xiv. Delegate Perrone then presented her next bill, a bill to improve the University Cinematography Committee xv. Delegate Rescigno said he thinks it is a “fabulous” idea but needs to be condensed. xvi. Delegate Dowd said he did not even know that this existed and second he asked if the movies were for fun or for academic purposes. xvii. Delegate Perrone said it is subtitled the 100 greatest movies ever made, but there are some newer ones, the most recent ones were added in 2006 xviii. Delegate Dowd said he feels like this could be a student life thing xix. Motion to move to Rules and Administration 1. Fails xx. Delegate Atlas said he felt it would be stupid to send the bill to rules and administration and that it is best with us for reformatting. b. Time Reserved for Delegate Rescigno i. Delegate Rescigno emphasized that in order for us to have large events we must first prove the success of the events that we have, for instance Program Board wanted to bring Capitol Steps here but SFAB said after not having good attendance a the events last year
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they can not have the funds to do it. The point is flyers hanging up just don’t always do it, we need to encourage these events and help Program Board get the word out there.



Public Comment a. Erin Flynn ’12, a theology major said she is on the campaign team for Teach for America, she said it is never to early to start planning for after graduation and that there are already a few student government alumni who are working with Teach for America around the country. b. Ryan McKinney congratulated the new freshmen, and said if there is anything he can do to help to please contact him. , he also said he needs volunteer for this saturday’s leadership conference where there is break out sessions.


Open Floor a. Delegate Dowd said he agrees with Delegate Rescigno and thinks we should encourage things like the program board’s events, last year he had to go to other colleges for big events, these events bring attention to our school and we should look into them. b. Delegate Dowd said every class has a representative on program board and that anyone can get involved with program board. She also contacted Kelly Ferrante about class forums after midterms. c. Delegate Consalvo said he wants to let everyone know about a project, as we talk about bringing more local events onto campus, he mentioned that Georgetown and GMU have farmer markets on campus, and that it would be a good thing for SAGA to put our name on and consider doing. d. Ryan McKinney said there is a farmers market every Tuesday afternoon at the Brookland Metro stop from 4-7. e. Delegate Rougier said she supports everything they are saying but asked about the bills that were brought up last time. f. Delegate Rescigno said as Delegate Fecteau did not show up to the committee meeting they did not even discuss the bills.

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g. Delegate Pylant asked if there was a place on the website that lists who is liaison to what? And also when the committee pages will be updated? h. Speaker Martin said the website is currently a work in progress and apologized for any inconveniences.



Closing Remarks a. Speaker Martin echoed what Delegate Rescigno had said, she said she knows from experience how difficult it is to organize an event and encourages SAGA to support Student Org events. Also she wants SAGA to try to raise school spirit. Also she encouraged everyone to go to the Student Leadership Conference on Saturday, as we sponsored the cups they give out.


Adjournment a. 10:10

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