DCS A10C Default Keyboard bindings

Modifier Notation
Left Shift Right Shift Left Meta/Alt Right Meta/Alt Left Control Right Control Left Windows Right Windows SrSMrMCrCWrW-

Flight Control
Fly: Left Wing Down Fly: Nose Down Fly: Nose Up Fly: Right Wing Down Fly: Rudder Left Fly: Rudder Right Throttle Both Down Throttle Both Up Throttle Left Down Throttle Left Down Step Throttle Left Up Throttle Left Up Step Throttle Right Down Throttle Right Down Step Throttle Right Up Throttle Right Up Step Left Up Down Right Z X NumNum+ rM-NumrM-PageDown rM-Num+ rM-PageUp rC-NumrC-PageDown rC-Num+ rC-PageUp M-C M-Y Esc rC-Pause rC-rS-Tab C-Y S-Y Tab rC-M rC-Tab rM-M rS-Pause Pause S-Tab SysRQ rC-Enter C-Z M-Z S-Z ‘

Emergency Disconnect Lever Gun Trigger Gun Trigger (first stage) HOTAS Boat Switch Aft HOTAS Boat Switch Center HOTAS Boat Switch Forward HOTAS CMS Aft HOTAS CMS Forward HOTAS CMS Left HOTAS CMS Right HOTAS CMS Z Axis HOTAS China Hat Aft HOTAS China Hat Forward HOTAS Coolie Switch Down HOTAS Coolie Switch Left HOTAS Coolie Switch Right HOTAS Coolie Switch Up HOTAS DMS Aft HOTAS DMS Forward HOTAS DMS Left HOTAS DMS Right HOTAS Left Throttle Button HOTAS MIC Switch Aft HOTAS MIC Switch Down HOTAS MIC Switch Forward HOTAS MIC Switch Up HOTAS Master Mode Control Button HOTAS Nosewheel Steering Button HOTAS Pinky Switch Aft HOTAS Pinky Switch Center HOTAS Pinky Switch Forward HOTAS Slew Down HOTAS Slew Left HOTAS Slew Right HOTAS Slew Up M-E Space P rM-Left rM-Down rM-Right 8 7 9 0 C V J H K U End Home Delete PageDown Q S-NumM-NumM-Num+ S-Num+ M Insert C-P S-P M-P . , / ;

Auxiliary lighting control panel
Signal lights lamp test S-L S-Pause rW-Home rW-End W-I W-U W-D W-G W-Q \ W-W W-E W-R W-Y S-\ W-T

Active Pause Start Procedure Stop Procedure

Ask AWACS available tanker Ask AWACS home airbase Attack Air Defenses Attack Ground Targets Attack my target Communication menu Cover me Dispatch wingmans - complete mission and RTB Dispatch wingmans - complete mission and rejoin Join up formation Switch dialog Toggle formation

Clickable mouse cockpit mode On/Off Coordinates units change End mission Frame rate counter - Service info Get new plane - respawn Info bar view toggle Info bar view toggle Multiplayer chat - mode All Multiplayer chat - mode All Multiplayer chat - mode Allies Multiplayer chat - mode Allies One frame mode Pause Playback track cancel Score window Screenshot Show controls indicator Time accelerate Time decelerate Time normal Toggle Console

Reload Cockpit rW-R M-L W-Z W-B

Binocular laser illumination toggle Binocular view IR mode Binocular view toggle

HOTAS Speed Brake Switch Aft HOTAS Speed Brake Switch Forward HOTAS TMS Aft HOTAS TMS Forward HOTAS TMS Left HOTAS TMS Right Trim: Left Wing Down Trim: Nose Down Trim: Nose Up Trim: Reset Trim: Right Wing Down Weapon release Systems C-B S-B C-Down C-Up C-Left C-Right rC-. C-T rC-/ rM-Space 4 3 A 2 S-F2 S-F10 S-F6 S-F9 rM-G S-G C-G G rS-R rS-H rS-H rM-. rS-H rC-Z rC-X Altimeter Pressure Decrease Su25T Altimeter Pressure Increase Su25T Canopy Open/Close Cockpit Illumination Eject Emergency Wheel Brake Engine Start Left Engine Start Right Engine Stop Left Engine Stop Right Flaps Down Flaps Up Gear Light Near/Far/Off HUD Color Jettison Fuel Tanks Jettison Weapons Navigation lights Reset Current Audible Warning Smoke Start/Stop/Reset Flight Clock Toggle Flaps Up/Down Wheel Brake Left On/Off Wheel Brake On/Off Wheel Brake Right On/Off rS-rS-= C-C L C-E rW-W rM-Home rC-Home rM-End rC-End F S-F rM-L rC-H M-R C-W rC-L rS-N S-T rW-C F S-W W M-W F1 M-F1 W-F1 C-F1 C-F10 F10 F11 C-F11 M-Num/ M-Num* C-F12 F12 S-F12 LASTE Control Panel LAAP LAAP LAAP LAAP Altitude/Bank Hold Altitude/Heading Hold Engage/Disengage Path Hold Labels Aircraft Labels All Labels Missile Labels Vehicle & Ship Labels Landing gear panel Emergency gear Landing Gear Down Landing Gear Up Landing Gear Up/Down View F1 Cockpit view F1 HUD only view switch F1 Head shift movement on / off F1 Natural head movement view F10 Jump to theater map view over current point F10 Theater map view F11 Airport free camera F11 Jump to free camera F11 camera moving backward F11 camera moving forward F12 Civil traffic view F12 Static object view F12 Trains/cars toggle Sensors Change RWR/SPO Mode Gain goggles down Gain goggles up RWR/SPO Sound Signals Volume Down RWR/SPO Sound Signals Volume Up Toggle goggles Yaw Trim Left Yaw Trim Right Stability Augmentation System F2 Aircraft view F2 Toggle camera position F2 Toggle local camera control F2 View own aircraft F3 Fly-By jump view F3 Fly-By view F4 Arcade View F4 Chase view F4 Look back view F5 Ground hostile view F5 nearest AC view F6 Released weapon view F6 Weapon to target view F7 Ground JFO/JTAC view F7 Ground unit view F8 Player targets/All targets filter F8 Target view F9 Landing signal officer view F9 Ship view Fast keyboard turn speed Fast mouse turn speed Normal keyboard turn speed Normal mouse turn speed Slow keyboard turn speed Slow mouse turn speed View Center View Down Left slow View Down Right slow View Down slow View Left slow View Right slow View Up Left slow View Up Right slow View Up slow Zoom external in Zoom external normal Zoom external out Zoom in slow Zoom normal Zoom out slow F2 rM-F2 M-F2 C-F2 C-F3 F3 F4 C-F4 S-F4 C-F5 F5 F6 C-F6 C-F7 F7 rM-F8 F8 M-F9 F9 S-] S-[ M-] M-[ C-] C-[ Num5 Num1 Num3 Num2 Num4 Num6 Num7 Num9 Num8 rC-Num* rC-NumEnter rC-Num/ Num* NumEnter Num/ . rC-. rM-. rC-.

rM-Num. NumLock View Padlock All missiles padlock Lock terrain view Lock view (cycle padlock) Threat missile padlock Unlock view (stop padlock) .View Cockpit Camera view down Camera view down slow Camera view down-left Camera view down-left slow Camera view down-right Camera view down-right slow Camera view left Camera view left slow Camera view right Camera view right slow Camera view up Camera view up slow Camera view up-left Camera view up-left slow Camera view up-right Camera view up-right slow Center camera view Cockpit Camera Move Back Cockpit Camera Move Center Cockpit Camera Move Down Cockpit Camera Move Forward Cockpit Camera Move Left Cockpit Camera Move Right Cockpit Camera Move Up Cockpit panel view in Cockpit panel view toggle Left Mirror On Return camera Return camera base Right Mirror On Save Cockpit Angles rC-Num2 rM-Num2 rC-Num1 rM-Num1 rC-Num3 rM-Num3 rC-Num4 rM-Num4 rC-Num6 rM-Num6 rC-Num8 rM-Num8 rC-Num7 rM-Num7 rC-Num9 rM-Num9 rS-Num5 rC-rS-Num/ rC-rS-Num5 rC-rS-Num2 rC-rS-Num* rC-rS-Num4 rC-rS-Num6 rC-rS-Num8 Num0 rC-Num0 rW-N rC-Num5 rM-Num5 rW-M rM-Num0 Snap View 0 Snap View 1 Snap View 2 Snap View 3 Snap View 4 Snap View 5 Snap View 6 Snap View 7 Snap View 8 Snap View 9 View down View down left View down right View left View right View up View up left View up right Zoom in Zoom out View Extended W-Num0 W-Num1 W-Num2 W-Num3 W-Num4 W-Num5 W-Num6 W-Num7 W-Num8 W-Num9 rS-Num2 rS-Num1 rS-Num3 rS-Num4 rS-Num6 rS-Num8 rS-Num7 rS-Num9 rS-Num* rS-Num/ Camera jiggle toggle Keep terrain camera altitude Object exclude Objects all excluded . rC-Num. Num.include Objects switching direction forward Objects switching direction reverse Toggle tracking fire weapon View all mode View enemies mode View friends mode S-J M-K M-Delete M-Insert C-PageDown C-PageUp rS-Num+ rC-Delete rC-rS-End rC-rS-Home rS-Num.

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