Chinnamasta sadhana

1. Please prepare some food with your hand that your wife likes. Meat and fish can be used, as well as vegetarian. Do this ahead of time and keep it ready. Start chanting the mula mantra. 2. Both of you should be naked. She can sit on some asana if she doesn’t want to get blood all over everything. Sit in front of her and invite Chinnamasta into her using these mudras and mantras. 1. avāhini – aneka koti brahmānda nayiki shree Chinnamasta Maataa ihā gacha ihā gacha (palms face up, touch both hands together with pinky fingers and sides of hands, tuck thumbs in) 2. sanstāpini – aneka koti brahmānda nayiki shree Chinnamasta Maataa iha tishta iha tishta (turns hands inside, keep thumbs where they are, palms down) 3. sannirodhini – aneka koti brahmānda nayiki shree Chinnamasta Maataa iha sannidhim dehi dehi iha sannidhim dehi dehi (make fists with both hands, touching and facing each other, thumbs on top) 4. sannidhāpini – aneka koti brahmānda nayiki shree Chinnamasta Maataa iha sannidhasva iha sannidhasva (tuck thumbs inside the fingers, keep fists touching) 5. sumukhi karan - aneka koti brahmānda nayiki shree Chinnamasta Maataa iha sumukhō bhava iha sumukhō bhava (turn hands outside, hands touching each other)

3. Wash her feet, mix some turmeric in some water and apply it on her feet. 4. Put gandham and kum kum on her 3rd eye – mix some water with gandham 5. Put gandham on her nipples 6. Draw the seven chakras on the places of her front body using gandham. Can be very simple drawings, a circle is enough. Muladhara, swadisthana, manipura, anahata, vishuddhi, ajna & sahasraara – then draw one line through them as a connecting thread 7. Offer her fresh flowers and scents while chanting 1000 names or 108 names or khadga mala at …namah… 8. Offer her the light from the lamp

Offer her incense 10.Offer her devi arati or guru arati 14. or whatever she likes 12.Offer her water. and you eat the rest.9. 13. Both of you must chant the mula mantra which I gave you.Mix one drop of her menstrual blood in the food that she left behind. wine. except the following…if you want to have sex with your wife during her flow as part of the sadhana. . you can do it at night.Feed her the food you prepared with your own hand 11. whiskey.Prostrate at her feet – pray to her saying this is your first time. and ask for forgiveness that anything may have been done with mistakes All of the above can be done in the daytime.

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