The Roller Coaster Story by Antonio

Antonio Álvarez García 3º ESO, 2011-2012 I.E. “V. Cañada Blanch” London He climbed into the seat, just before the buggy moved off. He pulled down the bar as the vehicle sped up. The music began, the lights flashed and he moved faster and faster. The rollercoaster was beginning to move backwards when suddenly, it stopped. Everybody was surprised, no one said anything. After a minute or two, he stood up, cleared his throat, and said: ´´Listen everybody! I know what´s happening. Three minutes ago, the rollercoaster was stopped by a terrorist group called Z.A.T. Under the rollercoaster there´s a bomb which is going to explode in 23 minutes. You can´t leave the ride. If you do so, the terrorists will detonate the bomb”. After those words, everybody began to panic, but after a few seconds, the place was quiet again. You could feel the panic from a distance. ´´Mum, are we going to die?´´ asked a five year-old boy. ´´ I think so darling´´ his mother answered. ´´ Ohh!! What a pity! I wanted to make my dream come true´´ ´´ What dream?´´ ´´ I wanted to be a spy. I love pretending. At home I pretend to be a good boy and I´m always nice with you, but when I´m with my friends I pretend to be a macho man”. Said the kid enthusiastically. On another part of the rollercoaster two men were sitting. They were about forty years old. One of them said: ´´It´s a shame. I had enough money to buy a house near the beach. It would have been awesome. Me sitting in my garden, drinking a strawberry milkshake while the waves splashed….´´ ´´ I understand you´´ said the other. ´´I had enough money to buy a Ferrari, it was my dream, I love cars specially Ferraris. In the first seats there were two young girls. They were quiet, but suddenly, one of them said: ´Lisa, what did you want to be when you grew older’? ´I don´t know, I just wanted to…..LIVE. And then everything was gone. There was no panic, there were no cries, there were no lives. Some people are dreamers and others are dream breakers. All those people died, and they could not take their revenge.