Sex Education

Sex education

(2004) outlined some general objectives for family life and sex education in accordance with Illinois sex education act. These include: 1. To make affection, sex and love constructive rather than destructive forces in society. 2. To develop feelings of identity, respect and responsibility as an integral part of ones own development. 3. To understand and appreciate the sexual side of human nature so that their own psychosexual development may occur as normally as possible. 4. To learn that human sexual behaviour is not merely a personal and private matter but has important social, moral and religious implications. 5. To learn about the dangers of illicit sexual behaviour. 6. To emphasize the case of premarital chastity as the sexual standard approved by our society because chastity provides a positive goal for teenagers linking human sexual behaviour with love, marriage, parenthood and family life. 7. To open channels of communication between children (students) and their teachers concerning the meaning, significance and potential values of sex in human life so that students will find it easier to seek information from reliable sources rather than relying on hearsay or misconceptions. 8. To understand that boy/girl, man/woman relationship of the right kind can lead to enjoyment and give meaning to their lives. 9. To develop a healthy, wholesome attitude towards sex in human beings including respect for their bodies as an integral part of their personality. 10. To appreciate the significance of sexual difference in girls and boys and male-female sexual roles in our society. 11. To understand how to deal with personal sexual problems such as menstruation, nocturnal emissions, masturbation and personal hygiene. 12. To learn the key parts and basic concepts of venereal diseases and the role of teenagers and young adults in the prevention and control of these important communicable diseases.

Main article: Sexual abstinence Sexual abstinence is the practice of voluntarily refraining from some or all aspects of sexual activity. Common reasons for practicing sexual abstinence include:

religious or philosophical reasons

as simply a matter of taste preference. or. or negative past experiences). Too much work generates stress and its potential adverse effects. sometimes. Alcohol Further information: Teetotalism Teetotalism is the practice and promotion of complete abstinence from alcoholic beverages.   material reasons (to prevent conception [undesired pregnancy] or sexually transmitted disease [STD] transmission). see controlled substances). psycho-sociological reasons (e. juice.. Furthermore. water. health. philosophical and/or social reasons. Contemporary and colloquial usage has somewhat expanded teetotalism to include strict abstinence from most "recreational" intoxicants (legal and illegal. may be motivated by ambition. and. legal injunctions requiring conformity. career or general self-respect (excluding the point of view that even the latter examples may be regarded as sources of pleasure). clinical depression. Some common reasons for choosing teetotalism are religious. However. increasing testosterone in males. Most teetotaller organizations also demand from their members that they do not promote or produce alcoholic intoxicants. Tobacco smoking Further information: Smoking cessation Smoking cessation is the action leading towards the discontinuation of the consumption of a smoked substance. Pleasure Further information: Work-life balance A general abstinence from pleasures or leisures. social anxiety disorder. they either abstain from drinking or consume non-alcoholic beverages such as tea. mainly tobacco. Total abstinence from pleasure or leisure is practically impossible and instead an individual work-life balance is necessary . and soft drinks. it is not certain whether a general abstinence from pleasures of leisure yields higher productivity. the effort itself to achieve abstinence may consume willpower from its ultimate purpose. coffee. When at drinking establishments. either partial or full. It is widely accepted that abstinence from addictive drugs gives successful outcome. but it may encompass cannabis and other substances as well. family.g.

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