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Mid 1 LBA Sample Question

Mid 1 LBA Sample Question

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Published by: Mostafiz Rahman on Oct 22, 2011
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Sample questions: Mid 1 1. a. What are the important features of an ethnic community? b.

Give an overview of lost culture in Lalmai-Mainamati area. c. Explain the key features of Aryan civilization. 2. a. Who was Chandra Gupta Maurya? b. Mention briefly the wave of migrations that took place in Bengal from time immemorial. c. Make a critical analysis of the Caste system. 3. a. Who were the Indo-Aryans? b. What is the distinctiveness of ethnicity amongst Bangladesh population? c. Give a narrative of the influence of Buddhist culture in Bangladesh. 4. a. What is the invasion theory? b. Discuss the important features of Gupta dynasty in ancient India. c. Discuss the important contributions made by Emperor Ashoka in ancient India.

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