Assessment Module for MBA Course under GTU

The MBA Programme is carried out based on semester pattern with four semesters in two academic years. The assessment pattern for MBA programme comprises a module of a final semester-end examination carried out by the Gujarat Technological University and internal evaluation by the college as well. All the subjects have 70 marks of GTU’s final exam(E), 30 marks of mid –semester college exam(M) and 50 marks of internal assessment/Continuous Evaluation Component.(I). Constant analysis of assignment, seminars, quizzes, attendance, regularity and behaviour takes place by the concerned faculty who decides the scheme of assessment and announces at the beginning of the term.(semester) The passing norm is minimum 50 % of marks in each individual head of University exam, mid semester exam and internal assessment /Continuous Evaluation Component.(I) for all the subjects.

In case of the backlog(less than 50% marks in any component); whenever student clears the component, only 50%marks (max) is considered out of total marks for the subjects /head. There will be one mid semester exam in a semester for University exam as well as remedial test. In case of failure to clear the remedial, student will have to appear in the regular semester test in the subsequent year.

Student having more than 4 backlogs after declaration of remedial exam result is not allowed for further studies till he/she clears backlog/s; so as total number of backlogs are not more than 4. The weight age given in the syllabus is for the guidance only. There will be 5 questions of maximum 70 marks out of which questions of 21 marks will be compulsory.

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the marks will be converted to a letter grade as per the following: 1. 2. 85 -100 marks .AA grade 75 .74 marks .54 marks . 4. • After adding the internal marks with the marks secured by the student in the University examination . 5.BB grade 55 .BC grade 50 .84 marks .• Duration of the question paper is 2:30 hours.64 marks .CC grade Less than 50 marks is FF grade . 3. 6.AB grade 65 .

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