Expressions I love I enjoy I like I'm interested in I don't mind I don't like I avoid I'm not interested in I hate I can't stand Characteristics / Qualitites adventurous impatient practical romantic sympathetic ambitious organized reserved sociable talkative Vocabulary accomplish avid dedicated fan incurable positive negative quality solving discovering suddenly figure out extremely frustrating


Unit 1

So am I (I am too) So do I (I do, too) I'm exactly the same way I'm like that too Neither can I (I can't either) that’s not true for me I'm not like that at all Really? I don't Oh, I can

a person who enjoys adventure or taking risk. brave a person who does not like to wait, does not have patience a person who is level headed and efficient a person who likes romance, not practical, often fanciful a person who cares a lot about other peoples problems a person who is concerned with achieving or doing well a person who likes planning and structure a person who is shy, does not like to share their feelings with others a person who is outgoing, likes meeting new people a person who likes to talk a lot

to achieve something enthusiastic, keen, eager committed to a person who likes something a lot no cure, like a disease good bad characteristic, something about you finding a solution to something finding something happens quickly and without warning find out, solve the problem very makes you annoyed or angry

Homework March 10th 2008


Write a note describing what kind of person you are and what you enjoy doing

Write a paragraph about your most positive or your most negative quality

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