Question practice

Asking about people and places

Questions you might ask about a stranger
Who is he / She? Who are they?
 Name:  Age:  Job:

What’s his/her name? How old is he/she? What does he/she do?

What are their names? How old are they?

What do they do?  Country: Where is he/she from? Where are they from? Where does he/she live?  Live: Where do they live?

Who is she? She is my sister. How old is she? She’s 25 years old. Where is she from? She’s from Ireland. Where does she live? She lives in Galway

What’s her name? Her name’s Sinead What does she do? She’s a nurse


Who’s he? He’s my brother. How old is he? He’s 21 years old. Where is he from? He’s from Ireland. Where does he live? He lives in Dublin What’s his name? His name’s Eoghan What does he do? He’s a teacher


Who are they? They’re my parents. How old are they? My dad is 55 and my Mom is 52.

What are their names? My Dads name’s Oliver, My Moms name’s Marcella.

What do they do? Dad’s a business man and Mom’s a nurse Where do they live? They live in County Clare.


What’s this? It’s my university. Where is it? In Dublin, Ireland

What’s it called? University College Dublin How was it? It was difficult but fun.

What did you study? I studied there twice. The first time, I studied Social Sciences. Then later I studied Business studies When did you graduate? First time, in 1999. The second time in 2006 How many students are there? Around 10,000

What’s this? What’s it called? It’s my former It’s called ICT Eurotel. company. What did you do there? How was it? I was operations manager. It was okay, but very busy. How long did you work there? Almost 6 years What does the company do? It manages customer service lines for other companies.

What’s this? It’s the city I lived in before moving to Korea. What’s it called? It’s Dublin City How long did you live there? I lived there for more than 10 years How was it? It was fantastic. The city is very beautiful, there is a lot of interesting things to do and people are very friendly, on the negative side it is quite expensive to live there and it rains a lot.

What’s this? It’s my hometown. What’s it called? It’s called Ennis. It’s in county Clare. How many people live there? Not very many, Maybe 30,000 people

What’s it like? It’s small and very beautiful but it can be boring.

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