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By: Alyanna Ysabel U. Gonzales Jonathan B.

San Juan

Background Definition Significance of the Study Review of Existing Studies and Literature Analysis and Discussion Conclusions and Recommendations Sources

Alcohol Fermentation with Yeast Glucose as yeast’s source of Carbon Reproduction, Growth, and Scarcity Die-off

Die-off is : A sudden sharp decline of a population of

animals or plants that is not caused directly by human activity. (Merriam-Webster)
: The elimination of species, population, or

community of plants or animals as a result of natural causes. (Dictionary.com)

Not just yeast Extinction and endangerment of species Awareness and protection of biodiversity Effects on humans and prevention of die-off

Die-off as seen in wildlife and natural habitats
 Bees
Colony Collapse Disorder Effects on crop growers and beekeepers Causes
 Pesticide Contamination  Unknown Pathogenic Disease  Poisoning

Discovery of Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus Continual Loss Germany

Die-off as seen in wildlife and natural habitats
 Fish
Ebola-like virus Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS)

 Bats
Over 10,000 bats dead
 including endangered Indiana bats

White Nose Syndrome
 foaming muzzles  abnormal flying habits in winter causing starvation

History/Mystery of Easter Island
 Abundant Paradise  Population increased
Interest in erecting stone statues
 Became a clan war

 Deforestation  Resource Depletion  Starvation  Die-off

General Causes of Die-off
 Viruses, epidemics, and other sicknesses  Lack of sustaining resources  Predation  Sudden climate change  Asteroid collision  Volcanism  Etc

Importance of Biodiversity
 “range of organisms present in a particular

ecological community or system.”  Imperfect competition  Changes in the balance of the global food web  Chaos Theory (Butterfly Effect)
Small things can cause significant phenomena

Human die-off and the Peak Oil Theory
 Economics – “efficient use of scarce resources”  Thermodynamics
Nothing can create nor destroy energy Energy becomes useless in the form of heat

 Oil becoming a sink Main resource no longer a resource Alternatives cannot support massive population Die-off

Large scale die-off: Is it possible? Easter Island as warning Downside of industrialization Resource depletion Life after die-off
 Survival

Simple living is the key

sudden decline of population caused by natural occurrences like viruses

and excessive predation of other organisms human actions also contribute to the disruption of biodiversity Unavoidable but can be delayed Solution: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

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