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8logger for Sale keeplng ?

lnLegrlLy lnLacL
Llnda Sellers
8e Lrue Lo Lhe person you AkL
8e Lrue Lo Lhe person you wanL Lo Ck1kA onllne
1hey boLh have a loL of Lhe same core
bellefs and values and LhaL comes across
even lf we musL read beLween Lhe llnes
1he Authent|c ou
our content
whether on b|ogs tw|tter facebook or
anywhere you are on||ne
shou|d a||gn w|th that |dent|ty
on'L be swayed by Lhe
really cool and hard Lo
pass up off LargeL"
producL / brand plLches
lf a producL or brand
lsn'L a flL for your nlche
blog or audlence lL's
smarL Lo pass
8elng Lhe auLhenLlc you" ls lmporLanL Lo your readers
and lL's lmporLanL Lo Lhe brand
W 8rands choose you because you flL Lhelr brand /
campalgn lmage
W 8esearch goes lnLo Lhe veLLlng process
W 1haL process varles dependlng on Lhe campalgn
W When brands pay bloggers more ls aL sLake
,oLherhood ls noL an excuse
Pusbands and moLher ln laws are noL an
1hey are 8LASCnS
buL do noL LxCuSL you from Lhe Lask
lL's slmllar Lo belng a servlce provlder
lf you won'L provlde Lhe servlce someone
else wlll
know your llmlLaLlons
Assess Lhe Llme frame
8e reallsLlc abouL whaL you can handle
lf you have Loo many subs Lo dellver Lhen
SA?lnC nC lSn'1 CClnC 1C klLL ?Cu8 CPAnCLS
Cl WC8klnC Wl1P 1PL, ACAln
l 8C,lSL
noL followlng Lhrough on campalgns you can'L
compleLe can klll your chances of worklng wlLh
Lhem agaln
l 8C,lSL
?ou'll galn far more respecL by nlcely replylng Lo a
plLch LhaL you'd love Lo parLlclpaLe buL are
overbooked An you wlll be ln a beLLer poslLlon
Lo work wlLh Lhem nexL monLh
lf you are always overbooked you may be seen as
1haL can be a blL of a double edge sword when
you are an ln demand blogger
lollow Lhe Llmellne
roduce over and above
rovlde meLrlcs (you'll sLand ouL)
lsclose lsclose lsclose
SLay ln conLacL emall dm phone
1he brand knows you buL whaL do you know abouL
Lhe brand?
o Lhey flL ?Cu8 brand ldenLlLy?
lf you are golng Lo do any klnd of work for a brand
you have a responslblllLy Lo do your homework
on'L geL caughL be surprlse
When ln doubL CCCCLL 1PL PLCk Cu1 Cl l1
e|ng on||ne e|ng |n pub||c
?ou never know when you are maklng a
on someone person or brand
WhaL do you wanL LhaL flrsL lmpresslon Lo be?
lL applled ln preschool
lL sLlll applles now
|oggers manage campa|gns a|| the t|me
LCCk 1C CUk kIGn1
1hose peop|e may be |n a pos|t|on to h|re you
some day
now are you
yourse|f and
your brand?
LeL's look aL one person's LwlLLer sLream as an
example of whaL noL Lo do
Pere she ls
Get ready to s|am her
Cur personallLles are geLLlng losL ln Lhe excesslve
Cur key message and brand lmage are geLLlng losL ln
Lhe excesslve promoLlons
We are loslng our humanlLy Lhe Lhlng LhaL draws
brands Lo us ln Lhe excesslve promoLlon
lL's Lhe human slde we show LhaL ls appeallng Lo
brands and helps Lhem ldenLlfy you as a flL
?our blog should kLILLC1 who you are
and whaL you sLand for
lf a brand can'L Lell whaL LhaL ls preLLy qulckly Lhey
wlll move on
1ake a |ook at the who|e p|cture
Step back and take |n the v|ew of your
on||ne propert|es
Are you kCUD of what you see?