Monday, October 24, 2011 This past week… We practiced finding the words I and a in our reading.

Many students have these words in books from their Daily 5 bins. We were able to start rotating through each Daily 5 center on Friday. Students have been working really hard on building their stamina during each of these times. We will continue to practice keeping the noise level down and staying focused on our work! In the week ahead… Our focus letters this week will be W, Z and P. We are really working our way through the alphabet. Wait until you see our binders at conference time with all our hard work of letter sound practice! Our new Word Wall Words this week are the and in. The students are not required to know how to spell them. They are there as a reference for reading and writing. These words will be high frequency words that we practice throughout the year which will help students read faster because they will be familiar. In math, we will continue talking about same, fewer and different. We will also continue practice printing numbers 0-5. I have noticed a lot of improvement so far! Keep practicing at home! We will work a lot with the poem 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate and learning all about how pumpkins grow! I wanted to make sure that I mentioned that students are NOT able to wear Halloween costumes to school for those of you who are new to the district. I would like the students to wear black and orange, if possible, on Monday, October 31st. There is a PTA Halloween Party where costumes can be worn on this Friday night starting at 6 PM.

Mrs. Fishbein, who is our speech teacher, pushes into our room 2 times a week right now! We had a great time playing activities on her iPad this week!
We wrapped up our science unit on the 5 senses. The students seemed to enjoy the experiments we conducted with this unit! We will start our unit on transportation as well. We will be talking about different types of vehicles. We will be doing an author study on Donald Crews. We will be reading all of his books about transportation and create our own books just like him. We will look at lots of kinds of vehicles that travel on land, in water, and in the sky.

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