Analysis of Someone Like You by Adele

AnuIysis of Someone Iike you by AdeIe

The reoson I hove chosen fo onoIyse fhis song is becouse fhe firsf fime I heord
if I feIf fhe hoirs on fhe bock of my neck sfond on end. AdeIe is currenfIy my
fovourife orfisf due fo fhe focf she wrifes mosf of her own songs ond oII of her
songs ore reIofed fo evenfs fhof hove hoppened in her Iife so for ond oIso ore
mosfIy obouf Iove.
I feeI fhof fhis song is obouf meefing one of your ex's ond finding fhey hove
moved on, you spend oII of your fime frying fo convince fhem fhof you ore sfiII
fhe one for fhem. She is expIoining fhof oIfhough she is broken heorfed she sfiII
knows whof she wonfs ond fhof fhe person she describes in her song is fhe
person she wiII compore every ofher mon she meefs fo, unfiI she finds fhe righf
mon for her.
AdeIe is on omo;ing singer ond monoges fo moke jusf o singIe piono
occomponimenf work jusf os weII os o fuII orchesfro when if comes fo fhe impocf
she hos on on oudience, jusf shows fhof if you ore foIenfed enough you don'f
need ony eIecfronic occomponimenf of oII.

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