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Schools and Preschools - MAO

Schools and Preschools - MAO

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Published by: Slovenian Webclassroom on Oct 22, 2011
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Education > Schools and preschools

Schools and preschools
The MAO educational programme is intended for everybody who wants to learn about architecture, design and photography in a fun and informative way. We are driven by our curiosity, creativity and desire to explore the unknown. The programmes are adapted for different target groups and ages. They are intended for individuals and groups, families, adolescents, preschool children, as well as primary and secondary school and university students. The programme is offered for all age groups. From Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm, by prior arrangement only.

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Guided Tours to Exhibitions
Guided Tours Combined with Worksheets or Workshops – The presentations of individual topics are expanded with explanation, observation and conversation. After the guided tour, visitors receive worksheets and explore the exhibits independently or else recreate them. Guided tours around the city covering Plečnik’s Ljubljana, Secession Ljubljana or Twentieth-Century Architecture in Ljubljana encourage visitors to observe and form their own opinions about the topics presented, as well as offering a live experience of various areas of cultural heritage. Guided tours to temporary exhibitions at Fužine Castle are carried out for various age groups. The topics presented are expanded with explanation, observation and conversation. Various thematic workshops, such as the Makalonca Fairytale, Space/Environment, Castles Large and Small, Create Your Own Fantasy House, Felting and Camera Obscura encourage creativity, develop manual dexterity and offer an opportunity to socialise with peers. Information, Registration and Prior Arrangement of Group Events Participation in guided tours and workshops must be confirmed at least five workdays in advance. Free admission for group attendants and teachers. Large groups can start guided tours as early as 9 am. If the excursion is lengthy, we can help you with lunch reservations in the immediate vicinity of the museum. Urša Kosmač Marc, Elizabeta Petruša Štrukelj P: 01 548 42 82 M: 041 374 675 E: izobrazevanje@mao.si

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