Annex 1 List of Journals In Order of Days Published Monday 1. Olympic 2. Winner 3. Best Player 4. Four Four Tow 5.

A Chit (Love) 6. A Lin Tan (Rays of Light) 7. Popular 8. Nan Net Khin (Morning) 9. The First 10.Weekly Eleven 11.Flower News 12.The Voice 13.Internet 14.Tech Digest 15.Ecovision 16.The Myanmar Nation 17.The Myanmar Times (English) 18.International News 19.Power 20.Dhana Theik Di 21.Health Digest 22.Opportunities

23.Kid Zone 24.Sew Zone (Varieties) 25.Hmu Khin Myin Kwin (Crime Scope) 26.Science and Technology Journal 27.Global Economy 28.Pin Lae Pyaw (Sea Farers)

Tuesday 1. First Eleven 2. Forever 3. Shae Saung (Pioneer) 4. Zarmani 5. T-Club 6. Kha Yan Pyar (Violet) 7. A Linkar Yut Yee (Nectar of Art) 8. Pyi Myanmar 9. News Watch 10.Myanmar Newsweek 11.Pan Thitsar 12.Modern 13.International Affairs 14.Good Health 15.Family Health 16.Yin Kyay Lein Mar (Good Demeanor) 17.Hla Pa (Good Looks) 18.Moe Thauk Pan (Aurora)

19.A Kyo Saung (Broker) Wednesday 1. Tet Lan (Forwards) 2. Word Sports 3. All Sters 4. United 5. Shopping Guide 6. 7 Day News 7. Yangon Times 8. Point 9. Shwin Pyone (Conviviality ) 10.Put Tet (Dwarf) 11.Ma Naw Ma Ya 12.Ye Hmu Khin (Police Criminal Review) Thursday 1. 90 Minutes 2. In Arr (Vigor) 3. Sports News 4. Everyday 5. The Myanmar Times (Burmese) 6. Yangon Post 7. 24/7 8. Favorite 9. Yon Kyi Hmu (The Trust Weekly) 10.A Shae Ywar (East Village) 11.Khit Myanmar (Today Myanmar)

12.Tut Pi 13.Nay La (Sun and Moon) 14.Zay Gwet (Market News Weekly) Friday 1. Premier Eleven 2. Star Sports 3. Euro Sports 4. Gi Ta Journal (Music Journal) 5. Pan Hlaing 6. A Tway Thit (New Thoughts) 7. Ku Mu Dra 8. Lhyat Ta Pyat (Lightning) 9. Live 10.Reporter 11.International Eleven 12.Ayu Diga (Longevity) 13.Shew Thwe 14.Ways 15.Pyit Hmu (Crime)


1. High Lights 2. Champion 3. 256 Sports Sun 4. Yaung Chi Moe (Shower of Rays)

5. Ka Lay Journal (Kid Journal) 6. Hmu Khin She Dount (Crime Perspective) Sunday 1. Olympic 2. Winner 3. Best Player 4. Four Four Tow 5. First Eleven 6. Forever 7. Shae Saung (Pioneer) 8. Tet Lan (Forwards) 9. World Sports 10.All Stars 11.United 12.90 Minutes 13.In Arr (Vigor) 14.Sports News 15.Everyday 16.Premier Eleven 17.Star Sports 18.High Light 19.Champion 20.365 Sports Sun 21.World Football 22.Three Seasons 23.Super Sunday

In Order of Contents Film, Music and Miscellaneous 1. A Chit (Love) 2. A Lin Tan (Rays of Light) 3. Popular 4. Nan Net Khin (Morning) 5. The First 6. Zarmani 7. T-Club 8. Kha Yan Pyar (Violet) 9. A Linkar Yut Yee (Nectar of Art) 10.Shopping Guide 11.Gi Ta Journal (Music Journal) 12.Pan Hlaing 13.A Tway Thit (New Thoughts)

News Journals

1. Weekly Eleven 2. Flower News 3. The Voice Weekly 4. Lhyat Ta Pyat (Lightning) 5. Live 6. Ecovision 7. The Myanmar Nation

8. The Myanmar Times (English) 9. Pyi Myanmar 10.News Watch 11.Myanmar News Week 12.Pan Thitsar 13.7 Day News 14.Yangon Times 15.Point 16.The Myanmar Times (Burmese) 17.Yangon Post 18.24/7 19.Favorite 20.Yon Kyi Hmu (The Trust Weekly) 21.A Shae Ywar (East Village) 22.Khit Myanmar (Today Myanmar) 23.Ku Mu Dra


1. Health Digest 2. Good Health 3. Family Health 4. Ayu Diga (Longevity) Career 1. Opportunities

Children 1. Kid Zone 2. Sew Zone (Varieties) 3. Yin Kyay Lein Mar (Good Demeanor) 4. Hla Pa (Good Looks) 5. Moe Thauk Pan (Aurora) 6. Shwin Pyone (Conviviality ) 7. Put Tet (Dwarf) 8. Tut Pi 9. Shwe Thway 10.Ways 11.Ka Lay Journal (Kid Journal) Fortune Telling, Supernatural , and Mystery 1. Ma Naw Ma Ya 2. Nay La (Sun and Moon) Crime 1. Hmu Khin She Dount (Crime Perspective) 2. Hmu Khin Myin Kwin (Crime Scope) 3. Ye Hmu Khin (Police Criminal Review) 4. Pyit Hmu (Crime) Science and Technology 1. Science and technology Journal 2. Internet 3. Tech Digest

Business and Economic

1. Global Economy 2. Pin Lae Pyaw (Sea Farers) 3. A Kyo Saung (Broker) 4. Zay Gwet (Market News Weekly) Bi Weeklies 1. That Tan Yaung (Spectrum) 2. Commerce

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