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Declaration Oct 21 Word document

Declaration Oct 21 Word document

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Published by Leslie Mahoney

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Published by: Leslie Mahoney on Oct 23, 2011
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Main Ideas Protect those who cannot advocate for themselves people planet environment the ‘weakest’ members

of society Accountability corporations politicians financial institutions government individuals Independant (not individual) regulation of the above points

Full Sentences Future of the human races requires the cooperation of its members social accountability needs to be there to protect rights when the system is corrupted Democratic power comes from the people Corporations must seek permission to extract wealth from people and the land No true democracy is possible when corporations control the power It is important to note that every one of the Occupy movements is using the term PEACEABLY ASSEMBLED we do not want to use violence Our governments were cheering during the Arab spring but run in fear when we take it to our streets

More Details Politics and Money responsibility higher taxes get $ out of post secondary schools lack of funding for alternative energy research corporations buying politicians Corporations have personal rights, but not the responsibilities Shady government deals uranium and computer chips for weapons and we know it Banks in dissary long term catastrophe Taken bailouts with impunity

Harper will claim no bailouts, but they exist through the CMHC buying crappy mortgages so the banks don’t have to deal with them Social Welfare aboriginals/reserves more infrstructure increase govt funding Inequality in the workplace education vs expertence Education costs have incresed more than inflation Prison should do rehab for drugs rather than sentences Oil environmental workers treatments accountability independent (not the company) regulation and enforcement cover ups of environmental issues, faulty bookkeeping have been exposed but not followed up on Fracking research actuallt needs to happen better all round science funding increase the roylaties and taxes Water conservation allocation preservation Food poisoned through negligence CWB should just be one option, not the only one Farmers cooperative not a government run agency Working conditions oilfields strikes averted- Air Canada minimum wage- should meet minimum needs Free Press G20 in Toronto- used Utah firm Zuccotti park- used Canadian firm Don’t want bad news on the streets when world leaders are in town fraser institue corportaions controlling the few main news sources Fox News Politics

In the Iraq/Afghan wars we are technically withdrawing, but provate contractors are going in as the soldiers leave

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