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General Appearances: we can do a little only. expressions and hairstyles etc. Mental 2. Physical 3. Intellectual Factor influence Personality:A.1 - PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT Personality is depends on:1. E. B. Heredity: we cannot help it. Personality Traits (Characteristics):- 1) Appearance: Outer looking for example clothing. Experience: It counts valuable point to enhance personality. 2) Speech Mannerism: It containsa) Clarity of voice b) Tone c) Speed 3) Gesticulation 4) Mental Alertness . Education & Training: Education & Training can help one to enhance his personality. C. Culture: We can change our society & atmosphere to change culture. D.PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT-.

Clarity D.esteem c) Self –belief Step for self-confidence:Step 1: Take off fear from mind Step 2: Will (determination) Step 3: +ve approach toward the life Step 4: Know your shortcomings Step 5: Inferiority complex . stability of thoughts 6) Types of approach: a) Positive approach b) Negative approach 7) Leadership Qualities 8) Self-confidence in a positive approach ABCRL Formula:A. Logic Self-Confidence Existed ina) Self –respect b) Self. Accuracy B. Brevity C.2 - 5) Consistency of thoughts i.e. Relevance E.PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT-.

3 - Formula for every step of life: +ve Approach No Inferior Complex Self-Confidence Right work at right time Success Appreciation Motivation .PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT-.

sweet. impulsive.PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT-. loving & caring b) Not vindictive. cleanliness and well mannered b) Active.4 - Outer Personality: a) Neatness. flexible and reasonable Professional Quality: a) Clear in mind and systematic b) Industrious and hard working c) Responsibility d) Clear vision and strong will power e) Concentration of mind Inner Quality: a) Sympathetic. touchy & non-fluctuating c) Calm & composed d) Balance of extrovert ness & introvert ness e) Balance of humour and sobriety f) Balance of love & law g) Confidence in self h) Fearless & self controlled . Enthusiastic and practical c) Well informed and quick to act d) Disciplined and amiable e) Dynamic.

Positive thoughts 2. Thought level Thought Level: 1. Waste thought :impractical idea practical idea but harmful to self and others 3.Paninting Music Inspiring etc. C O R P O S C A L L O S U M Right Hem isphere 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Emotion Love Patience Tolerance Caring Picture. Action level II. Negative thought :- Brain Left Hem isphere 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Rational Verbal Logical Scientific Creative Analytical Data Interpretation Etc.color.5 - HOW CAN YOU CHANGE YOURSELF Change by: I. Ordinary thoughts 4. .PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT-.

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT-. : . Delta : . Thoughts are like floods if it is controlled then it should have more benefit. : . : . Beta 2.Who am I? I am a soul.6 - WAVES OF MIND 1. Alfa 3. Theta 4.0. SOUL “I” Mind Intellect Resolves .8-12 Hz.13-25 Hz.5-4 Hz. Self-realisation: .4-8 Hz.

Emotions. Desire.PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT-. instinct. memories imprint. Desires Action (Good/Bad) Intellect Judgement. Decision Discrimination Subconscious mind. habits “I” PERSONALITY CONCIOUS LIKE FORCE SOUL Expression of Emotion. impression.7 - Thoughts (Good/Bad) Conscious mind Thoughts. Decision through the body Sanskar (Good/Bad) Observation is imprinted in subconscious memory bank My body sensory organs. motor organs .

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT-.8 - Original Quality of Mind 1. Alfa = 3.5 25 Beta = 4. Sudden depression 3. Delta = 1 . Hypnotism 2. Purity To activate sub consciousness (feed good information to memory bank) 1. Theta = 2. Peace 2. Meditation Consumption of O2 in meditatin vis-a-vis Frequency of mind Consumptionof O2 5 4 3 2 1 0 5 10 15 20 Taking O2 at various level 4 3 2 1 0.

9 - Requirement of Meditation:1. Responsibilities “Change is the law of Nature” Copper Silver Iron Golden Courage: . Right Knowledge 4.PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT-. Patience 3. Confidence self Knowledge Self Supreme World external cycle Universal Father-hood Universal Brother-hood Responsibility: “to change self” What does “I” refer? Worker Husband/Wife “I” Son /Daughter Friend .to fight –ve & waste thoughts Confidence: . Courage 5.

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