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Senior Astrology Course Dear Friend,


We are happy to have your request for our Astrology course. Our three courses in Astrology are based on the Teachings as given to humanity by the Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order through The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception and the personal investigations of Max Heindel, their Messenger. In order to realize the most benefit from our Astrology courses we suggest you study our Preliminary Philosophy Course consisting of twelve lessons. The Preliminary Philosophy Course must be completed by regular mail one lesson at a time. We hope that the understanding of life and its problems offered by this course will bring you much comfort and joy. A New Age is dawning, and wonderful opportunities await those who understand and cooperate with the cosmic forces operating to break humanity's bond of materialism and usher in a new order with higher spiritual concepts. As we bring ourselves into harmony with these forces, we not only greatly hasten our own progress, but make it possible for us to aid in the great work of uplifting all humanity. These lessons are not sold. The Rosicrucian Teaching is free, but the expenses incidental to their production and website distribution are met by free-will offerings from students "as the heart dictates and the means permit." However, all receive the same teaching and attention even though circumstances may be such that some are unable to assist in supporting the work. We would love to be able to provide personal one-on-one instruction to all who are interested in our courses, but our resources do not allow this. Therefore, this study course is set up as a collegetype self-study course where the student becomes his own teacher. Answers to all questions are given in the back of the booklet. Please do not send your individual lesson answers to us. Please feel that we are your friends, and that we consider it a pleasure and a privilege to assist you in any way possible to live the higher life, which leads to true happiness and spiritual unfoldment. We send our best wishes for your spiritual progress. Yours in service, The Rosicrucian Fellowship, Education Department

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Note: The Information for Astrology Course booklet (AI), available online, contains all of the required course reference materials found in the books below. With the exception of the required chart calculation worksheets (HDD or HDP), it contains all of the reference materials needed for the Junior and Senior Astrology Courses. 1] Simplified Scientific Ephemeris for 1911, 1912, and 1932 computed for noon (order Information for Astrology Course booklet [AI] or E1911, E1912, and E1932). 2] Simplified Scientific Tables of Houses (TBH). 3] Simplified Scientific Astrology - Complete textbook on the art of erecting horoscopes, with dictionary of astrological terms (ASP). Available online. 4] The Message of the Stars - An esoteric exposition of Natal and Medical Astrology explaining the arts of reading and progressing the Horoscope and diagnosing diseases (MSP). Available online. 5] Horoscope Data Sheets (one pad of 50 - HDP) noon. All of the above can be obtained from our Order Department.


Senior Astrology Course

Senior Lesson No. 1
Dear Friend, In commencing this course of instruction in the method of reading a horoscope from the spiritual point of view, it is necessary to give some general advice regarding the attitude of mind which students must cultivate in order to achieve success; namely, Compassion. It is an excellent practice for young students to study their own figure and those of their nearest friends, because that gives them a good idea of how celestial aspects are the precursors of terrestrial events, with which they are already familiar. Thus they gain valuable knowledge and a confidence not to be obtained by mere book study, and all is well if they soon branch out and become interested in the horoscopes of others to such an extent that they almost forget their own. Right at this point in their path, however, there is a death-trap and many, alas, all too many, fall by the wayside and allow personal interests to rule. They pore over their own figure every spare minute; they tabulate aspects daily; they cast a horary figure for every move, even to the smallest affairs of life. Thus they prostitute the most sublime science extant, and nip in the bud what might have become a wonderful factor in developing soul power; namely, the faculty of spiritual delineation. I hope and pray that you may escape that dreadful quagmire. Always remember your promise to help others according to your ability. Another serious responsibility will confront you and require great discretion when you see illness or trouble ahead for a client. Never under any circumstances tell him bluntly of impending trouble or ill health, for he will surely lose his stamina by brooding, and the blow will be twice as heavy owing to your indiscretion. You must first learn discrimination; to many people even a hint of trouble is disastrous although that class usually question the Astrologer very closely, and profess profound ability to preserve perfect equanimity, even in the face of impending death. Be careful as to what you tell them, for you will be held accountable. Neither should you mind if your ability is questioned when events come to pass which you have seen in a life and kept silent about rather than discourage a soul that is weak or heavy-laden. Once, jealous of my beloved science, I told a mother that if we could only get her sick daughter past a certain day, she would recover. The mother repeated my words to her daughter. She died on the day designated, and I have always felt responsible. On another occasion a lady asked, "Would you advise divorce?" I saw her husband's death was imminent, but kept silent. I magnified her faults and his good points, and prevailed upon her to bear and forbear for a while longer. When a fatal accident severed the tie, she had no self-reproach; she blessed me for my advice, though she might not have regarded my ability to predict very highly. In the one case I gave the prediction that I might be able to say, "I told you so", and incurred a serious responsibility. In the other I withheld information and earned blessings. The lesson is obvious: Use 99 per cent discretion to 1 per cent blunt truth, and always encourage. In the next lesson we shall commence reading a horoscope. That is a study of absorbing interest, but remember, do not love it for the knowledge or the power it will give you; love it for the good you can do with it, and your treasure will be great in heaven. May God bless your efforts. Yours in fellowship,

1] Please cast a horoscope for September 12, 1911, 12:50 AM Seattle, WA (48N, 122W).

Senior Astrology Course


Senior Lesson No. 2
Dear Friend, To read a horoscope correctly, it is essential to know whether material or spiritual advancement is intended for the soul during this embodiment, and to what extent one phase is expected to predominate. This is denoted by the progression of the angles. When the Midheaven moves faster, opportunities for intellectual and spiritual endeavor present themselves and bring success, if grasped. When the Ascendant moves faster, material affairs will claim expression. Were this understood and acted upon, there would be fewer failures in life, for the right opportunity knocks at every door. Satisfaction and success always result if we embrace it. If we miss our chance, there will be an undercurrent of regret despite any seeming success; the Soul feels the resulting lack. The greatest danger of missing our chance is by a preconceived, mistaken idea of what constitutes opportunity, and an astrologer ignorant of this inner teaching may be a dangerous guide. Suppose he is asked to indicate the life work of a young man with Mars elevated in Scorpio. In the light of common knowledge he can say that the young man will excel in surgery. Passing years may bring him fame and fortune; apparent success may seem to justify the astrologer beyond cavil. Yet, had he known that the young man's Ascendant progressed much faster than his Midheaven and stamped him as too materialistic to make a good doctor (for the first qualification of a good doctor is a heart too big for his body), he might have realized that the world had lost a good ironworker and become afflicted with a fiend who reveled in the bloody work of surgery for scientific satisfaction and who did not waste a thought of pity on his hapless victims. Therefore, it behooves the spiritual astrologer to first ascertain the relative progression of the angles, and make all delineations subsidiary to that cardinal point. To illustrate how the angles are progressed, take the test horoscope for September 15, 1911, 9:20 PM Chicago. We will progress this for 45 years, as that will give a good gauge. The rule is: The birthday represents the birth year, and each day after birth (in the ephemeris), is as one year of life. Counting 45 days from September 15th gives October 30th. We use the Sidereal Time (S.T.) on that day to find the houses, but proceed otherwise as taught on page 33 of Simplified Scientific Astrology. S.T. Greenwich on noon previous to (progressed) birth: Correction for West Longitude: Interval from previous noon (Oct. 30) to progressed birth (true local time): Correction for Interval: Deducting 24 hours gives S.T. of progressed birth: Nearest S.T. in Tables: Our Tables of Houses for Latitude 42 gives the corresponding progressed Ascendant: Subtract the position at birth: Travel during 45 years: Our Tables of Houses for Latitude 42 gives the corresponding progressed Midheaven: Subtract the position at birth: Travel during 45 years: 14 30 00 00 59 9 28 00 01 34 24 00 33 00 00 33 00 00 00 Cancer 19.43 Gemini 08.13 41.30 Aries 00 00 Aquarius 13 00 47.00


Senior Astrology Course

Thus we see that the Asc and MC have kept fairly even pace. This is therefore a comfortable "middle of the road" life, in which the Spirit does not strenuously strive with the recalcitrant flesh, though opportunities for slight spiritual advancement will be given. Yours in fellowship, Max Heindel

Work for the Student:
1] To show that you understand the principle here taught, please cast a horoscope for September 12, 1911, 12:50 AM Seattle, WA. Progress the angles for 45 years and tell me what you think thereof.

Senior Astrology Course


Senior Lesson No. 3
Dear Friend, In the last letter you set up a horoscope and progressed the angles for 45 years. You then found that the MC had moved three degrees to every two traveled by the Asc. This shows that opportunities for soul growth will abound, irrespective of whether the person profits by them or not, and judgment of this figure should point out how the finer faculties may be cultivated, put to maximum use, and made to yield abundant treasure in heaven. Had the Asc moved more rapidly than the MC, it would indicate that this soul requires a material life work during this embodiment. Hints to promote proper material pursuits would then be more helpful and indirectly productive of soul growth. To justify this rule it is not required that the person whose MC is speedier than his Asc becomes a great spiritual light. He may even commit a crime and languish in prison through years of sorrow and suffering; but whatever the circumstances, his experiences will produce great soul growth. The soul never blooms until watered abundantly with tears. As Goethe says, "Who never ate his bread in sorrow, Who never spent the midnight hours, Weeping, watching for the morrow, He knows ye not, ye heavenly powers." The rose does not yield its full fragrance till its petals have been crushed; the well of true sympathy springs only from a broken heart. All who really advance spiritually are men of sorrow and acquainted with grief. Paul mentions as the principal qualification of Christ Jesus that He had suffered as we suffer, hence is able to feel for all who are weak and heavy laden as no one could feel who had not thus suffered. What pathos lies in the words of Faust! What an anguish of soul is revealed when he says, "Two souls, alas! are housed within my breast, And struggle there for undivided reign; One, to the earth with passionate desire, And closely clinging organs still adheres; Above the mists the other doth aspire With sacred ardor unto purer spheres." Also, in our horoscope is foreshown a bitter war between the higher nature and lower appetites. Saturn in elevation, sextile Neptune on the Asc, trine Sun and Uranus, will give such wonderful perception in mystical matters that it will isolate this soul from his fellow man because his ideas will be beyond their comprehension. That will be a trial and will cause regret. Saturn in Taurus, the sign which rules the tongue, gives a thoughtful, sometimes stubborn disposition. He will be slow of speech and because Saturn is in the 11th house, it tends to limit friendships. Mars in Gemini gives a keen, active and alert mentality, but in the 11th house tends to friction in friendship through bluntness of speech. Though Saturn in Taurus denies vocal expression, Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Virgo will give unusual facility for writing in a most beautiful manner. Misunderstood and criticized, denied the companionship of others, he will be driven back upon his own devices for enjoyment. He may become a glutton, for the Moon, ruler of the Asc, is in Taurus, which has dominion over the palate, and serious illness would follow gastronomic excess. The astrologer sees these tendencies, but is, of course, too tactful to tell. He will not name disease, but rather seek to prescribe a preventive or a remedy.


Senior Astrology Course

Work for the Student:
1] Write in a few words what advice you would give the parents of this boy. 2] Please progress the angles for the 20th, 30th, and 40th years, and tell me if his opportunities will be better from childhood to 20 years, from 20 years to 30 years, or from 30 years to 40 years.

Senior Astrology Course


Senior Lesson No. 4
Dear Friend, By progressing the angles of our horoscope for 20, 30, and 40 years, we found that the MC did not gain over the Asc more than one degree in three during any epoch. Thus opportunities for spiritual growth will be about the same in all divisions of life; but, mark this—they will be more likely to bring results when the progressed Midheaven aspects a radical planet. The nature and character of the experience will depend upon the nature of the planet aspected, the character of the aspect (sextile, square, or trine), and the house where the aspected planet is located. The same rule would apply in regard to the influence of the Ascendant upon material affairs. Its aspects by progression promote changes which affect our physical existence. The effects of its aspects are not invalidated even though the tendency of the life is towards the spiritual; and in a life where the speed of the Ascendant foreshadows the preponderance of material activities, an aspect to the progressed Midheaven may wake the slumbering soul and a beginning of spiritual activity may be inaugurated. Right here is one of the most important and fruitful opportunities for service which the spiritual astrologer can find, and although this whole subject of "progression" should follow instruction on reading of the natal figure instead of preceding it, I feel that knowledge of the effect of progression of the Ascendant and Midheaven is of such vast practical value that I have decided to violate that precedent and stay with this subject till it has been made as clear as I can make it. Then you will be able to help others at crises in their lives which may have been unsuspected even by those most anxious to aid. Have you ever met a mother anxiously seeking advice concerning a wayward girl or a drunken son? Would they mend? How could she best help them? Or was it a wife with a flock of little ones, suffering through the neglect of husband or father? Alas! The world is full of such cases, and any spiritually minded astrologer actuated by compassion for all concerned, must often have sorrowed when he searched vainly for an aspect of the planets that would give a ray of hope. Had he known the elevating potency of aspects to the radical and from the progressed Midheaven, had he known how these aspects produce opportunities to retrieve mistakes and make a new start in life, he might have pointed out the auspicious time when judicious persuasion would have been the most effective in turning the wayward child or weaning the father from the curse of drink; a time when they would have been more amenable to reason than usual. Opportunities must be caught on the wing or they are lost, and lack of astrological knowledge has wrecked many a life. Therefore, students are advised to always look carefully for aspects of the progressed Midheaven to radical planets, or of progressed planets to the radical Midheaven. Aspects of Sun, Jupiter, and Venus to the Midheaven are of course most powerful, but good aspects of Saturn sometimes accomplish identical results by appeal to the delinquent's manhood and self-respect.

Work for the Student:
1] Look at the horoscope we are judging—the Midheaven is Aries 1. When it has progressed to Aries 23, it will be square to Neptune, which is in 23 of Cancer. Turn to our Tables of Houses and count the lines from Aries 1 to Aries 23. Each line counts as approximately one year of life. Then progress the angles by the method used in Lesson No. 2 for the same number of years as there are lines between Aries 1 and Aries 23. If the progressed Midheaven is Aries 23, the number of years used will be the age when the square to Neptune culminates. If the progressed Midheaven is more or less than Aries 23, change the number of years used until the Midheaven becomes Aries 23. Then please tell me the boy's age when this square culminates and what you think will result. Remember to progress the Midheaven as taught in previous lessons.


Senior Astrology Course

Senior Lesson No. 5
Dear Friend, I have waited before writing till a representative number of answers to Lesson No. 4 have been received, in order to find out how students would solve that problem, as knowledge of their difficulties would aid me in explaining and giving them just the needed information. All have solved the mathematical part, a large majority of those who have answered to date have also made creditable attempts to outline the effect of the aspect, and a few have done excellent work; but a few others have been peevish, said they came to learn and should not be expected to judge. As similar methods will be persuaded right along, it may be well to explain that the plan of teaching which continually feeds the student's mind with facts pertaining to a certain study without attempting to draw from him more than given is apt to render the mind sluggish instead of sharp. A system of teaching, to be adequate, must stimulate individual ideas by questions somewhat in advance of the pupil's knowledge. It is not easy for the pupil; nothing worthwhile comes without struggle, but by trying to achieve or attain we develop latent powers, and each new problem solved makes work on the next one lighter. Therefore I shall continue to ask such questions, and sometimes I may take the liberty of making a mistake in the hope of being caught by the whole class. Now, about our question, "What is the effect of the progressed Midheaven square Neptune?" We will consider this thoroughly, as, once understood, the method of solution may be applied to the judgment of all configurations. The effect is compound and consists of: (1) A general effect, applicable to all horoscopes without regard to whether Neptune is placed in the 7th or 12th house. (2) A more specific effect based also upon house position, and different from the present case, of course, when the 7th house holds the planet. (3) A further distinction on account of sign and other aspects of the planet. This would be altogether individual. (4) It is a fact that we learn more by adversity than by prosperity, that when an affliction is past and time has healed our bruises and mellowed our recollections, we profit by the lessons contained in painful experiences; we bless the rod that smote us. Therefore the square and other so-called evil aspects produce more soul growth than good configurations; ecstasy of joy may fill our hearts under the latter; we may seem to soar to the very throne of heaven, and lave in an ocean of celestial delight; but when the stirring influence has left, when we wake to the cold, matter-of-fact conditions of the world, how dull and drear is the contrast, how we shrink from the contact. Evil aspects, on the other hand, may bow down our soul to the very depths of hell; a little while it may seem as if there were no hope, no succor; but when the scale has swung and we behold the silver lining of the cloud, the pain that seared our soul with an indelible mark will bring out by contrast the beauties of God's plan and spur us onto greater efforts in His service.

Work for the Student:
1] We may therefore conclude a painful experience is in store for the boy when the square culminates, but it contains a needed lesson, the nature of which we shall endeavor to unravel. Please tell me whether you think the effect of a planet in the 12th house is different when near the Asc from its influence when located near the 12th house cusp.

Senior Astrology Course


Senior Lesson No. 6
Dear Friend, When a planet is located in the upper part of the 12th house, its influence is confined entirely to that department of life, but when close to the Ascendant, it acquires dominion also over the physical body, for the Ascendant is the degree which held the Moon at conception and serves as an avenue of ingress for the life forces until the severance of the umbilical cord. The planets in aspect to that degree during the 9 months immediately preceding birth each had a share in forming the organic constitution of the child. This is particularly true of the planets which formed a conjunction with the Ascendant during the prenatal period. After birth, health is influenced by aspects to the Ascendant and conditions of the 6th house; but the organic constitution which was determined by the prenatal aspects mentioned above is almost unchangeable, for these aspects are the ripe vintage of our past which must be drunk to the dregs no matter how we squirm, though proper care, particularly if applied in childhood, may considerably decrease suffering from that source. Neptune really signifies what we may call "the gods," commencing with the supernormal beings we know as Elder Brothers, and compassing the innumerable hosts of spiritual entities—good, bad, and indifferent, which influence our evolution. Neptune’s position and aspects denote our relation to them, if any; malefic aspects attract agencies of a nature inimical to our welfare, benefic configurations draw upon the good forces. Thus, if Neptune is placed in the 10th house, trine to the Ascendant, the person involved will have the opportunity to become a leader or prominent in a movement along mystical lines as denoted by the exalted position of Neptune. His body will be capable of receiving the finer vibrations and coming into touch with the spiritual world, as denoted by the trine of the Ascendant. On the other hand, when Neptune is placed in the 12th house, whose nature is passive and productive of suffering, it indicates that at some time, perhaps under a square from the progressed Midheaven such as we are considering, the evil forces among whom are spiritcontrols will be drawn to that person and endeavor to obtain possession of the body. The conjunction of Neptune with the Ascendant will make the body sensitive and usable for spiritual purposes as well as the trine. Given the opportunity afforded by the first aspect mentioned, the man may become a pupil of a Mystery School and a factor for great good in the upliftment of mankind; placed under the affliction of the second aspect, he may become a helpless tool of spirit-controls, an irresponsible medium. But there is one factor which is never shown in the horoscope, and that is the will of the man. He is bound at some time in life to meet with the experiences denoted by his horoscope, and the opportunities there indicated will be placed before him one by one in orderly succession, as the clock of destiny marks the appropriate time, but how he, the free and independent spirit, meets those fated experiences, no one can determine beforehand. The man in whose horoscope the first mentioned benefic configuration occurs may not be sufficiently awake to the great opportunity before him to catch it on the wing; it may have flown before he realizes that it was there. Yes, he may even never become aware of the fact. On the other hand, the person in whose life the square indicates the assault by spiritual forces mentioned, may develop his spiritual muscle by resisting the onslaught and become a victor instead of being vanquished. Forewarned is forearmed; if the parents of the boy whose horoscope we are considering understand the gravity of the situation and foster the spirit of independence in him from childhood up, they may lay up great treasure in heaven by saving him from the deplorable fate of mediumship.

1] What do you think would have been the effect if Neptune had been in the 7th house squared by progressed Midheaven?


Senior Astrology Course

Senior Lesson No. 7
Dear Friend, Let me reiterate that though we are now considering the facts of a certain planet, Neptune, the method of judgment is identical for the other planets, and that when we know how to combine the effects of aspect, house, and intrinsic nature of one planet, we may readily apply the same system of combination to the other planets. To convey in one word all that is included in the sphere of influence of a planet is difficult; but if you will meditate upon the keywords given in this lesson, you will receive more illumination concerning the inherent nature of planetary vibrations than you can ever obtain by the reading of other people's ideas, for the divine spark which is you, by this earnest striving after spiritual understanding draws directly from the fountainhead of information, namely, the planetary Spirit of the particular heavenly body upon whose nature you are meditating. In order to impress upon the student's mind how perfectly reasonable this idea is and to give a better understanding of the method whereby this inner illumination may be obtained, let us illustrate: In a machinery hall giant wheels are revolving; the friction of the belts, humming of electric dynamos, etc., blend in a noise which is deafening and confusing to the inexperienced; a chaos of sound. But to the trained ear of the engineer there is no chaos; he hears a variety of well ordered sounds, each bringing to him intelligence regarding the condition and work of the particular machine whence it emanates. Each variation from the standard sound has its meaning, which the trained man comprehends as readily as if the engine were endowed with speech. Study of the internal construction of each machine has given him his knowledge and the ability to act quickly in emergencies to avert imminent disaster before the uninitiated would have realized that anything unusual was taking place. Similarly, we are living in a world flooded with sound; the Harmony of the Spheres is about our ears though we hear it not, and each vibration carries with it certain intelligence. If our ears are deaf we are the losers, as are the blind who miss the beauty of the flower, the glory of the sunset. But if we train ourselves to understand the heavenly symphony recorded upon the page of the horoscope, we shall know things that must ever remain secret from the unlearned, and thus we may become coworkers with God in a most intimate matter. After years of close study and meditation I use the following keywords for the intrinsic nature of the planets: Sun: Life Mars: Dynamic Energy Venus: Attraction Uranus: Altruism Jupiter: Ideation Mercury: Reason Moon: Fecundation Neptune: Divinity Saturn: Obstruction

If you meditate on each planet by itself or with its opposite or with its affinities for a few days or weeks at the time you devote to this study, you will gain a wonderful insight into their natures and effects; for instance, the Sun is life absolute, manifest or unmanifest; but Mars represents the dynamic energy which is manifestation of life. This, Saturn seeks to obstruct, and when he succeeds death ensues; the Sun gives the germ of life, the Moon furthers fecundation, and thus a body is produced; Jupiter gives the germinal idea, Mercury fecundates the mind so that ideas take definite form as thought, and the dynamic energy of Mars brings them into manifestation so that thoughts become things.

1] What is the connection between Venus and Uranus?

Senior Astrology Course


Senior Lesson No. 8
Dear Friend, "Love" is a much hackneyed word, and the emotion thus miscalled is usually so tainted with passion and desire that it is Martian rather than Venusian in character. Coalition suggests a most intimate union, a blending of the very souls of two or more people who compose a family; but altruism, the keyword of Uranus, hints at such an all-embracing love as our Savior felt when He wept over Jerusalem and applied that wonderful simile of the hen which gathers its brood under its wings. Thus Uranus is the octave of Venus, and anyone ready to enter the Path of Preparation which leads to the Way of Initiation must gradually learn to outgrow the Venus love which makes the immediate family all in all and begin to cultivate the all-embracing Uranus altruism. The aspects of Mercury and Neptune to Uranus bring the tests which further our development, if passed, and delay us when we fail. The goal is high, and those who aim high often fall low. When we essay to transcend the Venus love and cultivate the Uranus altruism we are in great danger, and the most promising lives are sometimes wrecked by the pernicious theory of soul mates, clandestine love affairs, and perversion of the creative function. In a horoscope such as we are considering, where the progressed MC squares Neptune in the 12th house, Neptune at the same time opposing Uranus on the cusp of the 7th, we have one of the most dangerous combinations, for the aspect to Neptune tends to attract spirit controls. These despicable entities have a knack of beguiling their unsuspecting victims, by plausible platitudes, into the most abominable practices, as indicated by the negative aspects of Uranus and Neptune. The double square to the progressed MC, which rules honor and social standing, would indicate that a public scandal is inevitable - if Yes, thank God, there is always that "if," for in the final analysis there is the man with this Godlike faculty of reason to be reckoned with. Experience has taught us the unwisdom of depending upon the appearance of an applicant for a position of trust; we demand credentials as to character and antecedents. Ought we not to be much more careful with "spirit voices" from the invisible? Paul exhorted his followers to "try the spirits." They are known by their fruits. Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Fidelity, Meekness, and Self-Control are mentioned as "fruits of the godly spirit." Paul exhorts his followers particularly not to use their liberty for "an occasion of the flesh," licentiousness being mentioned as prime fruit of the flesh. Paul was speaking to people upon the Path of Preparation and all who have qualified to receive these lessons are there also, though at varying stages. They feel the Uranian vibrations urging them to love beyond the confines of the family circle. May God bless their efforts. But remember this: Altruism does not require return of the love bestowed upon others; it has absolutely no concern with sex; it will not lessen the love for our family, but they, being nearest to us, will feel the increase of our love to a greater degree than those farther away. Unless our love brings forth such fruits, it is not Uranian, nor even Venusian; it will not further us upon the Path of Attainment. When Neptune is on the Asc in Pisces or the 12th house, spirit voices are the tempters; in the 9th house, one's own mind; in the 7th, an associate, etc. "Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the Temple."

1] What do you think is the connection between Mercury and Neptune?


Senior Astrology Course

Senior Lesson No. 9
Dear Friend, Mercury is usually associated with reason and intelligence; to him is ascribed rule over the nervous system, which is the medium of transmission between the embodied spirit and the world without. Thus, as Neptune signifies the subhuman and superhuman intelligences who live and move in the spiritual realms of the universe, but who work with and upon us, so Mercury indicates the human intelligence focused upon the terrestrial, physical world where we live from birth to death. Therefore it may be said that Neptune is the octave of Mercury, but there is a deeper sense than this. Reference to a textbook of anatomy or physiology will show that lengthwise fissures in the spinal cord divide it into three parts which together enclose a hollow tube. Each of these columns is ruled by one of the Hierarchies in closest touch with us; the lunar, martial, and mercurial; one or another predominating according to the stage of evolution of the individual. In the spinal canal the rays of Neptune kindle the spiritual fire whereby the human spirit is enabled to pierce the veil of flesh and contact the worlds beyond. The resulting vision is colored according to the column of the cord most actively excited. In the childhood days of mankind the creative force which is now turned outwards to build ships, houses, railways, telephones, etc., was used inwardly to build the organs of the body, and as the surrounding physical world is photographed upon the table of a camera obscura, so the spiritual world was reflected in the spinal canal. There man first beheld the lunar God, Jehovah, whose angels were then his tutors. Later, angels who had fallen behind the standard of their compeers and whose evolutionary requirements were therefore different, forced entrance to the spinal cord of man. The spiritual inner vision of mankind faded when "their eyes were opened and they saw that they were naked"; then they lost touch with the higher self, they saw only the person, and the docile creature of Jehovah was soon transformed to a savage and a brute under the impulses of the Lucifer spirits, the Hierarchy of Mars. But by their promptings man learned to conquer material obstacles, to build outwardly and become architect of the world. To counteract the unmitigated selfishness bred by the Martian angels and to make mankind humane, our Elder Brothers from Mercury, human like ourselves, whose high state of evolution required the high vibration generated and prevailing in close proximity to the Sun, were required to invest the spinal cord of mankind also, and through their labors civilization has taken on a different form. Mankind is again beginning to look inward, and when the mercurial ray meets the ray of Neptune in the spinal canal, man finds again his higher self—the Christ is born within. Thus you see the connection between the Moon, Mercury, and Neptune. Those who come in touch with Neptune through the Moon become irresponsible mediums, victims of obsession, etc., but where Mercury is the gate, reason and understanding guide the aspiring spirit. An afflicted Mercury may sometimes tempt seekers to enter by the wrong door, and mental trouble may result. If aware of the danger, however, continual care and persistence usually unlock the door of the Temple, for the good forces are in ascendancy now and grow stronger as time passes.

1] In the horoscope we are considering, which of the two gates do you think the boy is likely to choose, the Moon or Mercury? Why?

Senior Astrology Course


Senior Lesson No. 10
Dear Friend, In the majority of horoscopes Saturn appears as afflicted, and through him come most of our heartaches. His position in Taurus and the house of friends is unfortunate in the respects indicated in Lesson No. 3, but his elevation and powerfully good aspects to the Sun, Venus, and Uranus bring out the best qualities of this planet. Mercury is in Virgo, the sign of its exaltation, in conjunction with the Sun, and separating from a trine of Saturn. When a planet having a certain orbital velocity comes into aspect with another heavenly body that is slower and more ponderous, the swifter planet is said to "apply" to the trine, square, or other aspect as the case may be, from the time it comes within "orb" until the aspect is exact. Then it begins to "separate" and though it is in aspect while within the orb of six degrees or a little more, its influence is not nearly so strong as while it is applying. Take as an illustration the relation of Saturn and Mercury in the present horoscope. Saturn is in Taurus 20:09, and Mercury in Virgo 13:13, retrograde. As Mercury travels around the Sun in 88 days, and Saturn requires more than 29 years to complete its circle, it is obvious that Mercury makes and breaks every aspect with Saturn (and indeed with all the other planets except the Moon), repeatedly. Mercury is getting nearly beyond orb of a trine to Saturn in this horoscope. It is "separating" due to its retrograde motion, but nevertheless its force will be noticeable in the boy's make-up. It will give persistence and balance to the mind which may save him from the affliction of Neptune. Mercury also goes before the Sun. The revolution of the earth upon its axis makes the planets seem to rise and set, and a planet in Virgo 13 (as Mercury) naturally rises before another in Virgo 18 (as the Sun). In that position Mercury, the mystic "light bearer" of the Gods, goes ahead of the spirit, signified by the Sun, with the lamp of reason and intelligence. This is a position much to be preferred to that where the Sun rises first and Mercury follows, for there the mystic light is behind the spirit and it requires a greater struggle to attain illumination than where Mercury precedes. The sextile of Mercury to Jupiter, the planet of "benevolence," further attests to the inherent nobility of mind and strengthens the influence of Mercury in the horoscope. The Moon is in the highest elevation and in Taurus, the sign of its exaltation, but it is applying to an opposition of Jupiter. Its influence in the horoscope is therefore less than that of Mercury; hence there is every reason to expect that this boy will escape the snares of mediumship and some day knock at the door of the Temple.

Work for the Student:
1] I would like to make sure that you understand the principle of "application" and "separation" of planets as explained; also about Mercury preceding or following the Sun. In our horoscope is Saturn applying to a trine to Uranus or is he separating? 2] When the Sun is in Cancer 28 and Mercury is in Leo 25, does Mercury rise before or after the Sun?


Senior Astrology Course

Senior Lesson No. 11
Dear Friend, For some time I have suspected that many students receiving the Senior Lessons know little of aspects, Standard Time, retrogradation, and kindred matters. Those who are well versed in these subjects are not caught in the trap which has snared so many Senior students attempting to answer Senior Lesson No. 10. I would advise those not well grounded in the beginnings of this science to review the lessons of the Junior Course. If you start systematically from the beginning, you will lay a sure foundation, and will not overlook the important points involved in retrogradation of planets. Saturn and Uranus are retrograde and a curious case results. To make the matter clear I refer to Junior Lesson No. 8. When you have studied retrogradation there, you will see by examination of the positions given in the ephemeris for the 12th, 13th, and 14th of September that both Saturn and Uranus are retrograding at the rate of one minute per day; thus they maintain the same distance from each other, and therefore they are neither applying nor separating. As I believe homeopathic doses are best for beginners, I did not explain to the Junior Class that because of retrogradation a slow-moving planet may apply to one which is more swift. Thus in the present case, had Saturn been direct and Uranus retrograde both would have been applying. When that is the case their rays are most powerfully focused, and the effect is greatest. It is well worthwhile to keep these points in mind, and to be sure, when inserting the planets in a horoscope, to designate with appropriate marks those that are retrograde, for when not thus marked, astrologers assume that all are direct, and a reading based on such a misconception must necessarily be misleading. In the present case, for instance, the uniform retrogradation of both planets weakens their influence for good, and increases their so-called "evil" tendencies. Saturn in the 11th house obstructs the boy's hopes and wishes; his friends fail him, and the retrogradation of Uranus makes it difficult for him to guard against these mishaps, although the trine between Saturn and Uranus will mitigate this to a considerable extent. Were both Saturn and Uranus direct, Saturn would apply to the trine of Uranus, and the intuitive faculty of the latter planet would impart more wisdom and forestall to a greater degree the saturnine tendencies. During a period in any horoscope when Saturn is direct and meets a retrograde Uranus by progression in a good aspect they bring out the very highest of their respective virtues’ potential in the native; but if they meet thus in an evil configuration, they inevitably force any hidden evil to the surface, for remember, the planets inaugurate neither good nor ill, they only stir into activity tendencies which are latent within.

Work for the Student:
1] You will notice that during boyhood Mercury is R, but later becomes direct, and at about nineteen years after birth it forms a trine with Saturn. Tell me what will be the result, but briefly, please, for as an astrologer you should cultivate conciseness. Too many words are confusing to those for whom you read.

Senior Astrology Course


Senior Lesson No. 12
Dear Friend, Having considered the spiritual phase of our horoscope and the rocks to be avoided, let us see what weak points in the physical casement require care that health may be preserved. Saturn is the planet of obstruction, no matter how he may be aspected. The point where his ray falls is always weak, susceptible with respect to cold, and consequently liable to contraction. In our horoscope, Saturn is placed in a fixed sign, Taurus; his elevation gives him great power, and we may judge that the boy will be liable to colds, also that the throat will at times seem to contract and produce a sense of strangulation. As a planet exercises a subsidiary effect in the opposite sign from that in which it is placed, we may judge that Jupiter in Scorpio will also exert an influence in the throat. The general nature of this planet tends to produce portliness wherever it has dominion, and we may look for enlargement of the tonsils from this configuration. You know the sympathetic connection between the organs of sex and speech, how the boy's voice changes at puberty, and you will readily realize what is likely to happen to this boy. At that age the throat is naturally sensitive, and when Jupiter expands the tonsils and Saturn contracts the orifice of the throat, a painful condition will probably result. Without the knowledge of Astrology the majority cannot judge the passing nature of this condition, and those who are ignorant of the occult danger of removing the tonsils usually proceed to have the operation performed. Puberty occurs about the time when the Moon by progression passes in opposition to its natal place. In this horoscope there are about 16 degrees between the radical Moon and Saturn. The usual motion of the progressed Moon is about one degree per month. During the 16 months while she passes in opposition to her radical place, the conjunction to Jupiter, and the opposition to Saturn the above mentioned condition of the throat will be worse. Once the critical period is past, relief will come naturally without aid from the knife. Regarding the effect of removing the tonsils: these are ruled by Taurus, one of the signs of Venus. There is great sympathy between signs ruled by the same planet. Libra, the other Venus sign, rules the kidneys. Removal of the tonsils from the Taurus region affects secretion of urine in the Libra region. Therefore when we remove the tonsils from a child we create a tendency to gout and rheumatism in later years. This is an important point of great value to parents and astro-health adjusters which we hope will save the coming generation much suffering. Yours in fellowship, Max Heindel

This Lesson Ends the Senior Astrology Course

We congratulate you for having completed The Rosicrucian Fellowship Senior Astrology Course. We invite you to continue your studies with our Senior Extension Astrology Course. In order to receive the Senior Extension Astrology Course, please do the following: 1) Take the horoscope you calculated at the end of the Junior Astrology Course (25 Oct 1911, 7:54 AM Standard Time, 93 West, 38 North see page 25 for data needed), lessons 1 - 9 and 10 - 19, and progress this chart for 30, 50, and 70 years. Tell us about the relationship between the progressed MC and the progressed Ascendant at each of these times and what might be indicated; 2) What planet rules in this person’s chart, and why?; 3) Please give us your advice to the parents of this person based on what you see in the horoscope; 4) Based on the progression of the MC, what periods in this person’s life might be the most dangerous?


Senior Astrology Course

Answers to Lesson No. 1

Senior Astrology Course



Senior Astrology Course

Answers to Lesson No. 2
Cusps progressed 45 years to October 27, 1911:
S.T. Noon previous to birth (October 26): Correction for 122° W. Long: Interval from previous noon to prog. birth: Correction for interval: 14-14-00 01-21 12-42-00 02-07 26-59-28 -24-00-00 02-59-28 02-58-07 Leo 26.42 Cancer 24.33 32.09 Taurus 17.00 Aries 01.00 46.00 32.09 13.51

S.T. on progressed birthday: Nearest S.T. in Tables of Houses: Progressed Asc: Radical ASC: Travel of Asc: Progressed MC: Radical MC: Travel of MC: Travel of Asc:

Since the MC has moved almost 3/2 over the Asc (MC moves almost three degrees to every two traveled by the Asc), it is evident that opportunities for soul growth will be presented, whether the native takes advantage of them or not. Note: Ruler of the Chart for Senior Lesson No. 2 (September 12, 1911). Reference, The Message of the Stars, pp. 419-421. In most cases the ruler of the Asc is the ruler of the chart; but, when by aspect, the planet ruling the Asc is weak, receives no support, and another planet shows greater strength, then another planet may become ruler of the chart. In every case the ruler of the Asc is important (especially in Medical Astrology), though not always the ruling planet. In Senior Lesson No. 2 the Sun is ruler of the chart— see the aspects to the Sun and Mercury showing the strength of the Virgo planets (Sun in particular). Note, the Moon has no supporting aspects and in relation to either Moon or Mercury, both need an avenue of expression as they have no basic nature of their own, but take on the conditions of a sign, house and aspect (see The Message of the Stars, p. 193 and 219). Therefore, strength of will manifests (Sun and Mercury) and the Sun is Ruler of the Chart.

Answers to Lesson No. 3
"Advice to Parents"
The parents of this child should, first of all, try to make his early environment as pleasant and uplifting as possible. With Neptune on the Asc, the native is very sensitive to conditions about him, and as the early years are so important in developing proper ideals and habits, he should be carefully protected from unwholesome influences. An effort should be made to encourage initiative (to overcome an unaspected Mars) and the problem of diet will need careful attention. A tendency to excess must be avoided (Moon opposing

Senior Astrology Course


Jupiter). Not being of very robust health, he should be taught early to form a taste for simple, nourishing food, and the habit of moderate exercise. Kindness, understanding, and reason in matters of discipline will always accomplish the desired end. As this child has unusual mental and spiritual tendencies, the parents should endeavor to provide him with the best possible opportunities for developing his inner faculties. Education along literary and dramatic lines should be stressed, as the boy has much talent for both writing and acting. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Virgo, in the third house, well aspected to Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn would give him a wonderful ability to express, perhaps better through writing, as Neptune in Cancer on the Asc would cause a reticence at times before the public. This last configuration would also give him much understanding of spiritual truth, and the planets in Virgo would indicate a desire to serve or write for the benefit of humanity. Jupiter in the 5th house would favor publication. As Neptune and Uranus are in opposition, the child should be trained along positive lines, and taught the dangers of negative spiritual development. The sextile and trine of Saturn, Sun and Venus to the two mystery planets, Uranus and Neptune, should give sufficient ability to withstand any negative influences, provided the will and individuality are developed. Development of will power should be given an important place in his training. The progression of the angles reveals that there is little difference in the gain of the MC over the Asc during the periods covered. Therefore, opportunities for spiritual growth will be about the same in all decanate (10 year) periods of life up to forty years.

Progressed 20 years to October 2, 1911:
S.T. for October 1: Correction: Interval: Correction: Nearest S.T.: MC Aries 22:00 Aries 01:00 21:00 12-36-00 1-21 12-42-00 2-07 1-21-28 1-21-20 Asc Leo 09:03 Cancer 24:33 14:30

20 years: Birth: Travel:

In the first 20 years the MC moves 21 degrees and the Asc 14:30 deg. The MC/Asc ratio (21/14:30) = 1.45

Progressed 30 years to October 12, 1911:
S.T. for October 11: Correction: Interval: Correction: Nearest S.T.: MC Taurus 02:00 Aries 22:00 10:00 13-15-00 1-21 12-42-00 2-07 2-00-28 1-59-17 Asc Leo 16:00 Leo 09:03 06:57

30 years: 20 years: Travel:


Senior Astrology Course In the next 10 years the MC advances 10 degrees and the Asc 6:57. The MC/Asc ratio (10/6:57) = 1.44

Progressed 40 years to October 22, 1911:
S.T. for October 21: Correction: Interval: Correction: Nearest S.T.: MC Taurus 13:00 Taurus 02:00 11:00 13-55-00 1-21 12-42-00 2-07 2-40-28 2-42-10 Asc Leo 23:48 Leo 16:00 07:48

40 years: 30 years: Travel:

In the next 10 years the MC advances 11 degrees and the Asc 7:48. The MC/Asc ratio (11/7:48) = 1.41. The ratio of motion of MC/Asc is about constant in all three periods, with the MC moving faster. When the ratio is 1.5 which is 3 to 2, it seems to be regarded as an indication for great intellectual and spiritual opportunity. Thus, each period offers about the same proportion of greater opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth.

Answers to Lesson No. 4
The native will be 21 years of age when the progressed MC squares Neptune. This period indicates a time when there may be temptations to attempt spiritual development or awareness through undesirable means. Problems may present themselves wherein the native must learn to distinguish between the true and the false, or illusory, in spiritual matters. Positive spiritual growth can be realized during this period by overcoming temptations through the use of Will Power and by striving to develop a clear understanding concerning the true nature of spiritual matters so as not to be misled by deceptive appearances. Working of question: 21 years gives October 3rd. Noon previous is October 2nd. S.T. for Oct. 2nd: Correction: Interval: Correction: 12-40-00 1-21 12-42-00 2-07 25-25-28 or 1-25-28 1-25-06 Aries 23:00 Leo 06:34

Nearest S.T.: MC: Asc:

Senior Astrology Course


Answers to Lesson No. 5
When a planet is located in the upper part of the 12th house its influence is confined mainly to that house, and if the planet is very near to the 12th house cusp (but in the 11th house) it will tend to exert some overlapping influence into the 12th house also. The 12th house alone indicates such things as opportunities for self-sacrifice, potential sources of self-undoing, and secret sorrows, also those things which we keep hidden within ourselves. When a planet is in the 12th house, but close to the Asc it acquires dominion over the physical body and personality as well.

Answers to Lesson No. 6
If Neptune had been in the 7th house squared by the progressed MC, the native would have been subject to temptations and deceptions from all 7th house affairs: the public in general, competitors, partners, opponents in litigation, and rivals.

Answers to Lesson No. 7
The keywords of Venus are coalition, harmony, and beauty. It is the planet of attraction and personal love; the love for one's mate and family, and for all that is beautiful in life. The keyword of Uranus is altruism. It is the planet of universality, signifying that all-embracing love and compassion which Christ Jesus felt. When the Venus love, through disappointment and sorrow has become selfless, it has been transmuted into the sublime altruism of Uranus, knowing no race, creed, or family. Thus we may say that Uranus is the higher octave of Venus. Physiologically, also, there is a connection between the two planets. Venus rules the thymus gland, while Uranus rules the pituitary body. Both, though in different ways, are glands of nutrition and growth. Pituitary extract is given to women to artificially stimulate the labor pains, thus shortening the suffering attendant at childbirth. Surely it points to a connection between the two planets that the pains of birth—partly due to the Venusian qualities of attraction and coalition—are so greatly helped by an extract of the gland which is ruled by her higher octave, Uranus.

Answers to Lesson No. 8
Mercury is associated with reason and intelligence; to him is ascribed rule over the cerebro-spinal system, which is the medium of transmission between the embodied spirit and the world without. He is a focus through which the faculty of reason finds expression in the human being as a brake upon the lower nature, bringing responsibility and individualized consciousness. Neptune signifies the sub and superhuman intelligences who live and move in the spiritual realms of the universe, but who work with and upon us. A cosmic consciousness is developed under the ray of Neptune, and genius is expressed. From Mercury to Neptune is the path of Divinity. Under reason we practice the art of self-mastery. Neptune rewards us with a crown of wisdom. Mercury makes us independent of the group and race spirits, while Neptune unites us in fellowship with the gods. We may therefore say that Neptune is the higher octave of Mercury.

Answers to Lesson No. 9
The gateway which our subject will choose is not likely to be the Moon, or emotion, but Mercury, or reason. The Moon, ruler of the Asc, is elevated and in the sign of her exaltation, Taurus. She also


Senior Astrology Course

has a sextile to Pluto and a parallel to Jupiter. The conjunction with the Dragon's Head is not of much importance. A weak opposition to Jupiter tends to lessen her strength. In contrast to the above, we find Mercury strong and in its own exaltation sign, Virgo, in the 3rd house, that of Gemini, which it also rules, and in conjunction with the Sun (ruler of the chart), and rising before him. Furthermore, Mercury is sextile to Jupiter, the ruler of the higher mind, which is in the occult sign Scorpio, and in the house of Leo, that of the heart. These positions will give him an intellectual, analytical, and brilliant mind, of an expansive nature, naturally drawn to the higher teachings wherein the heart is centered. Thus he will combine the head with the heart.

Answers to Lesson No. 10
A] In the horoscope Saturn is neither applying to nor separating from Uranus. Both Planets are retrograde at the rate of one minute per day. Thus they maintain the same distance from each other. Saturn Taurus 20.09 Taurus 20.08 Taurus 20.07 Uranus Capricorn 25.38 Capricorn 25.37 Capricorn 25.36

September 12 September 13 September 14

As the month progresses note the retrograding movement of Uranus begins to slow down in comparison with Saturn which begins to speed up. Consequently, Saturn begins to separate from the trine with Uranus. Saturn Taurus 20.09 Taurus 19.53 00.16 Uranus Capricorn 25.38 Capricorn 25.29 00.09

September 12 September 22 Movement in 10 days

B] Mercury rises after the Sun (Cancer rises before Leo).

Answers to Lesson No. 11
The faculties of Mercury—analysis, reason, discrimination, and literary ability, as directed by sign and aspects—will be held in abeyance until that planet becomes direct. When Mercury comes to the trine with Saturn, the planet of depth and concentration, the conditions for success are present in any line of thought that the native is likely to take up. Saturn is in the harmonious sign of Taurus, sextile to Neptune, and trine to Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. Thus, to Mercury, when making this aspect, will be given strength and power, inspiration, and beauty. Although the mind will tend to material things, so many of the planets being in earthy signs, yet the well-aspected Neptune in Cancer on the Asc, and Pisces on the cusp of the 9th house, will indicate a strong natural love for the occult which will doubtless be accentuated by the progression of Mercury to a trine with the radical Saturn.

Information for Senior Astrology Course Final Exam
Lat. = 38 11H 11H 11H 11H 11H 11H 11H 12H 12H 37M 41M 45M 48M 52M 56M 59M 03M 07M 58S 38S 18S 59S 40S 19S 59S 40S 20S 10¸¸ ¸¸ 11¸¸ ¸¸ 12¸¸ ¸¸ 1¸¸ ¸¸ 2¸¸ ¸¸ 3 24Å00 23Æ50 17Ç41 08È10 10É38 17Ê53 25Å00 24Æ42 18Ç28 08È55 11É32 18Ê55 26Å00 25Æ35 19Ç15 09È41 12É26 19Ê56 27Å00 26Æ28 20Ç02 10È27 13É20 20Ê58 28Å00 27Æ21 20Ç49 11È12 14É14 22Ê00 29Å00 28Æ13 21Ç36 11È58 15É09 23Ê03 00Æ00 29Æ06 22Ç23 12È44 16É04 24Ê05 01Æ00 29Æ58 23Ç10 13È30 16É59 25Ê08 02Æ00 00Ç50 23Ç57 14È17 17É55 26Ê11 17Æ00 13Ç49 05È46 26È16 02Ê38 12Ë30 18Æ00 14Ç41 06È34 27È06 03Ê41 13Ë38 13H 13H 13H 13H 13H 14H 14H 14H 14H 14H 14H 10M 13M 17M 21M 25M 18M 22M 26M 30M 34M 38M 08S 51S 36S 21S 06S 38S 32S 26S 22S 17S 14S Lat. = 38 10¸¸ ¸¸ 11¸¸ ¸¸ 12¸¸ ¸¸ 1¸¸ ¸¸ 2¸¸ ¸¸ 3 19Æ00 15Ç32 07È22 27È56 04Ê44 14Ë45 20Æ00 16Ç24 08È10 28È47 05Ê48 15Ë53 21Æ00 17Ç16 08È58 29È38 06Ê52 17Ë01 22Æ00 18Ç08 09È47 00É30 07Ê57 18Ë10 23Æ00 18Ç59 10È35 01É22 09Ê03 19Ë19 07Ç00 08Ç00 09Ç00 10Ç00 11Ç00 12Ç00 01È10 02È03 02È55 03È48 04È42 05È35 22È17 23È10 24È02 24È55 25È48 26È41 14É23 15É24 16É25 17É26 18É29 19É32 25Ê27 26Ê42 27Ê58 29Ê14 00Ë32 01Ë50 05À43 06À55 08À07 09À19 10À31 11À43

13H 02M 40S 13H 06M 23S

Tropical Ephemeris - Tuesday, 24 Oct 1911 at noon, Greenwich Long. -----24 Oct 25 Oct 26 Oct 21 22 23 24 25 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 31 01 02 03 04 05 Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Sidereal Time ------------h m s 14 07 00.0 14 11 00.0 14 14 00.0 15 16 16 16 16 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 18 18 18 18 18 18 57 01 05 09 13 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 35 39 43 47 50 54 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 Sun -------º ’ 29Æ58.1 00Ç57.9 01Ç57.8 28Ç04.4 29Ç05.0 00È05.7 01È06.4 02È07.1 17È19.8 18È20.8 19È21.8 20È22.9 21È23.9 22È25.0 23È26.0 08É43.1 09É44.2 10É45.4 11É46.5 12É47.7 13É48.8 Moon -------º ’ 26Ç39.7 08È47.7 20È46.7 05È05.7 17È07.3 29È03.0 10É54.9 22É45.4 18Ä29.8 02Å39.2 16Å22.4 29Å40.7 12Æ37.1 25Æ15.2 07Ç38.9 12Á22.9 26Á40.4 11Â25.7 26Â33.1 11Ã53.7 27Ã16.0 Mercury -------º ’ 00Ç23.6 02Ç02.8 03Ç41.5 13È55.6 15È23.3 16È50.6 18È17.2 19È43.2 07É57.6 08É42.5 09É20.6 09É51.2 10É13.3 10É26.2 10É28.8 25È571 25È157 24È448 24È241 24È134 24È121 Venus -------º ’ 18Å50.3 19Å25.0 20Å01.1 11Æ25.3 12Æ24.2 13Æ23.5 14Æ23.4 15Æ23.6 01Ç13.1 02Ç19.0 03Ç25.1 04Ç31.5 05Ç38.1 06Ç44.9 07Ç52.0 25Ç00.9 26Ç10.7 27Ç20.7 28Ç30.8 29Ç41.1 00È51.4


and beyond

Julian Day = 2419335.0 N. Node -------º ’ 00Á444 00Á412 00Á380 29À154 29À122 29À091 29À059 29À027 28À151 28À119 28À087 28À055 28À024 27À592 27À560 27À083 27À052 27À020 26À588 26À556 26À525

Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------º ’ º ’ º ’ º ’ º ’ º ’ 10Â410 19Ç40.5 18Á035 25É33.1 23Ã47.9 28Â537 10Â350 19Ç53.4 17Á590 25É34.1 23Ã48.0 28Â531 10Â282 20Ç06.3 17Á544 25É35.1 23Ã48.0 28Â526 03Â128 02Â501 02Â275 02Â049 01Â424 26Á483 26Á333 26Á190 26Á054 25Á526 25Á406 25Á294 24Á19.6 24Á21.4 24Á24.0 24Á27.3 24Á31.3 24Á36.1 25Ç49.5 26Ç02.9 26Ç16.2 26Ç29.5 26Ç42.8 00È00.8 00È13.9 00È26.9 00È39.8 00È52.8 01È05.7 01È18.6 04È26.5 04È38.6 04È50.6 05È02.6 05È14.5 05È26.4 15Á497 15Á450 15Á403 15Á357 15Á311 14Á289 14Á252 14Á217 14Á182 14Á148 14Á115 14Á083 13Á315 13Á298 13Á283 13Á269 13Á256 13Á244 26É18.3 26É20.6 26É22.9 26É25.2 26É27.6 27É07.5 27É10.5 27É13.4 27É16.4 27É19.4 27É22.4 27É25.5 28É14.1 28É17.5 28É20.9 28É24.3 28É27.7 28É31.2 23Ã381 23Ã372 23Ã364 23Ã355 23Ã346 23Ã178 23Ã165 23Ã152 23Ã138 23Ã125 23Ã111 23Ã097 22Ã465 22Ã449 22Ã432 22Ã416 22Ã399 22Ã382 28Â316 28Â306 28Â296 28Â285 28Â275 28Â107 28Â095 28Â084 28Â072 28Â060 28Â048 28Â036 27Â458 27Â446 27Â435 27Â423 27Â412 27Â400

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