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How To Install LTSP - Ubuntu 11.

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How To Install LTSP Ubuntu 11.04

Posted on May 20, 2011 by Alex

How To Install LTSP on Ubuntu 11.04 This how to/tutorial covers installing Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) on Ubuntu 11.04. This tutorial is also applicable to Edubuntu 11.04 and other derivatives of the Ubuntu Linux Distribution. LTSP creates a Linux Terminal Server chroot environment within the Ubuntu Linux installation. It allows you to network boot thin clients and run a virtual Ubuntu desktop. How To Install LTSP on Ubuntu 11.04 Tutorial Pre-requisites This tutorial assumes the following: Ubuntu 11.04 Base Operating System is Installed Ubuntu 11.04 is Updated LTSP Server with Two Network Interfaces Step 1: Install LTSP Server Standalone Type command apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone sudo/root access required

Step 2: Configure Network Interfaces Edit /etc/network/interfaces with your favorite editor Configure Network Interfaces eth0 and eth1 eth0 Static Address for LTSP Network eth1 Dynamic Address via DHCP

Step 3: Configure DHCP for LTSP Server Edit /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf with your favorite editor. The third octet xxx ( of your IP addresses must match eth0 from the network interfaces file as configured in Step 2.


How To Install LTSP - Ubuntu 11.04 | The Candid Root

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In this example: xxx = 254

Step 4: Restart Networking & DHCP Server First Command sudo service networking restart Restart Networking Second Command sudo service isc-dhcp-server restart Restart DHCP Server Step 5: Build the LTSP Client Image Type command sudo ltsp-build-client arch i386 Step 6: Restart Server & Boot First Thin Client Reboot your server! If your network is configured properly, Thin Clients will now boot from the Ubuntu server.
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