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POMEGRANATE WINE Ingredients: 10 pomegranates 1 lemon ½ lb. barley Yeast and nutrient 3 lb.

sugar 1 gallon water Method: Take all the seeds out of the pomegranates and meanwhile bring the water to the boil, with the barley in it. Simmer for about five minutes; then strain on to th e inside of the pomegranates, the sugar, and the juice of the lemon. Stir well. When cool ad d the nutrient and yeast. Ferment, closely covered, on the pulp for five days, then st rain into fermenting jar. Bottle the wine when it clears. An excellent medium table wine.

Pomegranate Wine Recipe (3 gallon) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------I really got the urge to brew a wine (my first, except for a mead), and strangel y enough I was determined to do a pomegranate wine. Unfortunately there aren't m any recipes out there (online), so I compiled what I could and that's what we've got here! (-1. Make yeast starter from H2O, POM juice, and sugar) (0. Sanitize everything) 1. Bring 1 gallon of water with 1 lb flaked barley to a boil, and boil for 5 min utes. 2. Strain the hot liquid from the barley into 3 gallon carboy. 3. Added 6 quarts 100% pomegranate juice (thanks costco!) 4. Added pectic enzyme, wine tannin, acid blend 5. Added more water to make just under 3 gallons 6. Added sugar (table sugar) to OG 1.098 and MIX WELL (also aerates the must) -about 4.5 pounds of sugar. 7. Pitched a proven mix of White Labs Cabernet liquid yeast, and also a packet o f Lalvin RC 212 (see below) 8. Added yeast nutrient 9. Install blowoff tube, away we go. NOTES: I'm not sure why, but the recipe I did find online called for doing the b arley boil. I figured it would add some body and nice undertones to what will li kely end up being a pretty tangy wine. Not too sure at this point if I want to m ake it a sweeter wine, or keep it more dry. We will have to see in a few months. The White Labs yeast was well past expiration, and would not get started after 2 4 hours. So, I just pitched the packet of RC 212 into the same starter, and it w as off and running after 30 minutes! I just pitched both yeasts into the wort, a nd it was fermenting vigorously within 12 hours! This might be a good strain to keep going for the next batch. I appreciate comments or criticisms, especially on the pitching of 2 yeast stain s?

Pomegranate Wine

Pomegranates are used to make Granadine. If you use 6 large fruit you will have a f uller-bodied wine than if you used 6 smaller fruit. The wine made with smaller f ruit will not take as long to age. Bottle.095. being careful to exclude the pith and ski n.Rox POMEGRANATE . rack at three weeks. and place back into secondary fermentor. Siphon into secondary fermentor and attach airlock. -. Sprinkle yeast over the mixt ure and stir. Add 12 cups of water and all other ingredients except the ye ast. Add 1/2 cup sugar dissolved in 1 cup wine .090 and 1. Stir well to dissolve sugar. Stir daily for five or six days. Specific gravity should be between 1. For a dry wine. and every three months for one year. Stir gently. For a sweet wine.Recipe file created October 31.050. Crush the fruit. Remove seeds. Rack ever y three months until one year old. or it will be bitter and will take years to age. Repeat process every six weeks until fermentation does not restart with the addition of sugar. Let sit overnight. Make sure none of the skin or pith get into the wine. 2000. The wine is best if you can refrain from drinking it for one full year from the date it was started. rack in three weeks. until specific gravity is 1. Ingredients Pomegranate Pomegranate and Malt 6 pomegranates 1 pound raisins 4 cups granulated sugar 2 teaspoon acid blend 1 tsp pectic enzyme 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient 1 campden tablet 1 package wine yeast water 8 pomegranates 1 pound raisins 1 cup Dry malt extract 4 1/2 cups granulated sugar 2 teaspoons acid blend 1 teaspoon pectic enzyme 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient 1 campden tablet 1 package wine yeast water Split open pomegranates. Bottle . Strain the must and squeeze the juice out lightly so not too much tannin escapes from the seeds. NOTE: Pomegranates come in different sizes.

15 are required for 3 -4 inch diameters. but improves at one year. When wine clears. the wine will be expensive. [Adapted from C. May taste in six months. while mature leaves are a deep glossy green. bring the water to boil with the barley in it. "Albescens" is a white-flowerin g variety. but the battle will be worth it if you can secure 10-15 fruit for yo ur use. dozens of red. Stir well.J. depending on their size.J. You may have to fight with your wife. In between. it is both a good ornamental shrub or tree and a delightful taste tre at. although drought will retard the size of the fruit. typically 3-4 inches in diameter but I've seen them as large as 1 0 inches. If you (or a neighb or) have a couple of trees. Meanwhile. Ten fruit are sufficient if 5-6 inches in diameter. native to Europe and Asia. They tolerate any soil and are quite drought tol erant as well. These are packed with hundreds of juicy seeds layered between a white. Berry's First Steps in Winemaking] My sincerest thanks to Kelvin Cortis of Malta for this request. POMEGRANATE WINE 10-15 ripe pomegranates 1/2 lb. then strain onto the pomegranate seeds. When cool (70-75 degrees F. Cover and allow to ferment vigorously five days. New leaves are bronze colored. the rest is jus t routine. who undoubtedly knows of the supurb jelly they make. Once you've done that. grows to 15 feet in height. and lemo n juice in the primary fermentation vessel.The lowly pomegranate. add the activated yeast and nutrient. The variety "Wonderful " is quite popular in Texas and a good producer. the treat is there for the taking and well worth it. barley 3 lb. juiced 1 gallon water wine yeast and nutrient Peel the fruit and remove the seed-juice sacs from the bitter white membrane div iders. thick-skinn ed fruit grow. narrow and glossy. then strain into secondary fermentation jar and fit with fermentatio n trap. A deciduous tree. rack and bottle. Sim mer for about 5 minutes. It also makes an excellent medium wine. Once just a curiosity in Easter n gardens. was introduced to America as a landscaping curiosity rather than a fruit tree. pithy membrane. it sports orange-to-red flowers in the spring and the leaves turn a bright yellow in the fall. How To Make Pomegranate Wine (Pomegranate Wine Recipe) . and for this you'd be smart to we ar latex gloves (the stain is insidious). The hard part is peeling them and liberating th e hundreds of seeds without damaging too many. granulated sugar 1 lemon.). sugar. Punica granatum. They produce best in full sun and tolerate our heat without a problem. If you have to buy pomegranates.

Pomegranate Wine (one gallon) Ingredients: 12 Pomegranates 250g Barley (8. as this can cause the wine to taste bitter. Add the activated wine yeast to the pomegranate wine mixture and stir two or thr ee times each day. 7. stir and wait 24 hours. Mix thoroughly and allow the pomegra nate wine mixture to stand for several hours. 6. Stir the mixture well.5 pints) 1 tsp. until room temperature. onto the chopped Pomegranates in a pri mary fermenting bin.5 litres water (9. put a lid or cover on the bin and allow to cool to roo m temperature or about 6-8 hours. Strain the water. After 24 hours prepare yeast and add to must. and then again at roughly four months and seven months.Winemaking Ingredients: Pomegranate Wine . 3. add nutrient. 4.5 kilos Sugar (3. for around five days in total.75 oz) 1. Be sure not to in clude any of the pomegranate's pith or skin.Wine Making Guides Cut pomegranates into half and remove all of the fruity seeds. except for the wine yeast. 5. Clean and sterilize all of your equipment. Rack the wine for the firs t time at one month.3 lbs) 2 tsp. . Crush the pomegranate seeds well and add to winemaking fermentation con tainer. Add the sugar and the Citric acid. Citric acid (2 teaspoons) 4. Stain the fermenting pomegrana te wine 'must' into a clear demijohn and fit airlock. Bring the water with the barley in it to a boil and simmer for 6 minutes. After cooling. Clean the outer skins of the pomegranates and then finely chop. removing the barley. 2.Wine Making Guides 6 pomegranates 1 lb / 450 grams raisins 2 lbs / 900 grams granulated sugar 2 teaspoon acid blend 1 teaspoon pectic enzyme Wine yeast 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient / energiser 1 campden tablet 8 pints / 1 gallon water Winemaking Method: Pomegranate Wine . allow the wine to stan d for up to one year. Bot tle the pomegranate wine at one year old and if possible. together with all of the additional pomegranate w ine ingredients. 8. Nutrient (1 teaspoon) One pack of Yeast (good for up to 5 gallons) (K1V-1116 or Montrachet) or MAYBE a Champagne yeast for some "kick"! Method: 1. Pour on boiling water.

11.9. Ferment the pulp for about 5 . strain the liquid into secondary fermenter and attach airl ock. 13. Further racking before bottli ng will help to clear wine if needed. 12. 10. Rack after 30 days and again attach airlock.7 days gentley stirring once a day. After 5 . Bottle the wine when fermentation has stopped. (may be ready in 6) Enjoy! Back to Recipe Page . Age 12 months.7 days.

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