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Speaks the Nightbird by Robert R McCammon - Great Historical Fiction From a Great Writer

Speaks the Nightbird by Robert R McCammon - Great Historical Fiction From a Great Writer

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Published by: sallyi889 on Oct 24, 2011
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Speaks the Nightbird by Robert R.



New York Times bestselling author Robert McCammon continues his triumphant return with the conclusion of an epic tale of suspense that reinstates him as one of the great storytellers of our time.... The Carolinas, 1699: After hearing damning testimony from the townspeople of Fount Royal, magistrate Isaac Woodward sentences the accused witch, Rachel Howarth, to death by burning. Now, Woodwards young clerk, Matthew, begins his own investigation. Piecing together the truth, he sees he has no choice but to vanquish a force more evil than witchcraft in order to exonerate a virtuous woman and free Fount Royal from the menace claiming the lives of its citizens. I didn't know Robert McCammon was writing historical fiction until I reviewed Gone South on DailyReadz a couple of months ago, and his webmaster contacted me to tell me about his new work. And it's great! Speaks the Nightbird is the story of a Carolina settlement in 1699 which is struggling to stay alive. Several residents have been murdered, houses have been burned, and many settlers have left with everything they own, fleeing for their lives. The source of all this misery? An accused witch. Matthew Corbett is a young clerk with an insatiable curiosity and travels with his master, Magistrate Isaac Woodward, to investigate the accused and pronounce sentence. The evidence against her is overwhelming (by 1699 standards) in the form of horrific events witnessed by three different townspeople. But Matthew is not convinced, and sets out to prove her innocence. Interesting plot twists and adventure, featuring a monstrous unkillable bear named One-Eyed Jack, a tribe of Native Americans, and pirates with Spanish gold. I also love McCammon's lyrical style - the book begins "Came the time when the two travellers knew night would catch them, and shelter must be found." There are more books featuring Corbett, so I am adding them to my To-Read list immediately!

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