York Mills Collegiate Institute, 490 York Mills Road, Toronto, Ontario, m3b 1w6. Born: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 1995.


Yuhui Liang is a student currently attending high school in Toronto. He moved from China to Denver, Colorado in 2006, when he was 11; then to Madison, Wisconsin a year later; and after residing in Madison for 4 years, he relocated again to Toronto, Ontario. He is now into his second year of studying in Toronto.


Community Volunteer instructor, Blackhawk ski club; Volunteer work with Madison West rocket club; Volunteer, S.A.I.N.T.S. Toronto. Career Translator for Michael Bergmann; Neighborhood jobs, e.g. weed removal, snow shoveling, lawn mowing. Education Hamilton Middle school, Madison West high school, York Mills Collegiate Institute(attending). Role models Halldor Helgason, snowboarder; Travis Pastrana, dirt biker, rally driver, bmx rider, NASCAR driver, stunt man. Motto 2039: Yuhui Liang is the chief engineer for Lamborghini Automobiles. After Graduating from MIT, a prestigious institution that specializes in science and technology, he got into the automobile industry by becoming an employee at the R&D department of General Motors in 2018. After Numerous transfers and promotions within the industry, he was hired in 2029 by Lamborghini to be a technical director. Since 2031, he has been

.in the position of chief engineer.

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