W O R D S I \ 4 U S IB Y F R A N K O E S S E R & C L @.6"1q"y91tg4S, U4J 6onl -//om,6orVmdm, il,(n. Qarua1 tSZî, UV .qilâ - lfaa, Qufimta:m. @rllulzd A atlnuatuul $r -LlCl'6inmani'atùmr -/tbru|ay'. ,4//@gfuiquaxL .Vntmaaoaa/4ofrya/lt, leu€L


TlEt\4cle rçal'-ly can't stay sim-ply must go TtEWd l. But Ba-by It's Cold 2. But Ba-bv It's Cold Out - side!' Out - side! I've The got to go 'way, ans-wer is No!

But B a - b y I t ' s C o l d But B a - b y I t ' s C o l d -

- l r

This eve - ning has been The wel - come has been


so so

ve nice


Out - side! Out - side! -

Been hop - ing that you'd How luck - y that you -


er will be pac . may . your liPs look fath . Please' don't Gosh.ten to Waves a trop .My moth-er will My sis .on the fi . what's Your de Gosh.ful.ti . your liPs are de Pour' Put some re .ter real .ic-al just a ci . may .en aunt's mind is Lis .ga-rette more more Beau .be just a half a drink -I'd maid .ti - ful.pic-ious - And My hold your handsI'll Look ouI the win TheY'rejust like at thal dow tce stofrn -- Beau .ter will start be wor-ry to sus .er such a 35 .ing the be there at the floor door So My bet .cords on while I bliz-zard be-fore Nev .er will broth .

lend me a comb ba .neigh-borsmight think get home got to Say' What's in this drink? Say. it's bad ba .ly been grand lo btt break the don't you out out Your eyes are like I thrill when you s'!ar touch - r I ought to to sa) b€ "No. to Ill How your you your this hair thing 36 . talk'd freeze out out No lt's cabs to be had to your kneesup wish I knew how I You've real

ing my prideyou câught pneu-mo . don't hold er that old - out. doubt.plied Mind Think i f I of my move ln life . Get by.long What's the sense of hurt . B a say that I there will be plen . Ieast At least tried I'm gon . It's B a .by.At. It's Cold Cold - Out Out 37 .nia and died If stay stay : out out oh.ty im .

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